Synology releases preview of DSM 7.0 – Computer – News

Synology has released the preview of version 7.0 of its DiskStation Manager software. The manufacturer delayed the release of the test version more than once in order to be able to further develop the new functions of the software.

Synology has sent a message to users who signed up for the testing phase to try the preview of DSM 7.0. The company has put a page online for the release with a link where the software is to download. Users must be logged in and logged in to download. They must also run at least DSM 6.2 for the update. Then they can select the .pat file through their nas’s update function to update the device to version 7.0.

For the time being it is still a preview. This is followed by another beta period, a release candidate and finally a public release. It is not known when DSM 7.0 will be finally available. Synology announced its “biggest update to date” in 2018 and then spoke of a release in the first half of 2019. The company has since delayed the software several times as development took longer. Early this year called Synology a start of the testing phase in the third quarter of 2020 and the company is now living up to that promise.

DSM 7.0 offers many performance improvements and changes from previous releases, including a customized user interface. Storage Manager should give the user a better understanding of their storage systems, with advice on the best size of the SSD cache. With the Active Insight feature, Synology provides a centralized overview of the performance and health of the storage pool. This function can notify the user of problems that may arise. Also new is Photos, a function that combines Photo Station and Moments to manage photos. Mobile apps will be available for Active Insight, Synology Photos and SecureSignIn. The mobile apps for Photo Station and Moments do not work with DSM 7.0.

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