T-Mobile revives price war in the United States


The concentration in the telecom sector, across the Atlantic, raised fears of a new price agreement. It is not so: T-Mobile, which has taken the habit of shaking the industry, launches a new offensive.

Thursday night, the third US mobile operator has announced that it introduced on the market a package at $ 15 per month, including 2 GB of data. This is half the price of the most affordable package so far, while T-Mobile was already considered the least expensive operator in the country. The average bill for a US customer is $ 73 per month.

Target the most modest households

"T-Mobile Connect" is for the most modest US households, struggling to access the mobile Internet. The operator has also pledged to give them an additional 500 MB of data per year, over the next five years, without raising prices. Another package of 5 GB is offered at $ 25 per month.

T-Mobile has also promised to bring Internet home to 10 million Americans who do not have sufficient connectivity by distributing access points via local communities. Finally, the operator must allow first aid, police, ambulance and firefighters access to the 5G network for free.

All these commitments, however, have one condition: that the
merger of T-Mobile and Sprint approved

   . "We do not want that to be taken as a threat," replied the
T-Mobile's turbulent boss, John Legere

   . But we could not, no one could make such offers without the additional capabilities that we grant this merger. "

5,000 cities in 5G

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved the operation this week, despite the reservations raised by some about its consequences. But the prosecutors of a dozen states have filed lawsuits and a trial must take place from 9 December. "The proposals may be attractive to consumers and regulators, they do not respond to the damage, in terms of competition, that prosecutors have put forward in their complaints," say in a note analysts New Street Research.

T-Mobile US, which has been in the US market since 2001 and the acquisition of a local operator by Deutsche Telekom, has always differed in price. It has long put downward pressure on the market, but has put in brackets, in recent years, its aggressive policy.

With the arrival of 5G, he goes back to the assault. His ambitions in this area are high. The operator will launch its network on December 6, a few months after those of its competitors, AT & T and Verizon – and that of Sprint. If it does not rely on a technology that allows it to offer optimal speeds (it claims connection speeds 14 times higher than 4G), it ensures coverage of 5,000 cities and more than 200 million Americans, with presence in some rural areas. And he promises that, again, the merger with Sprint, could speed up the movement …


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