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Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 on offer to buy it from home

The truth is that without being the most powerful tablet on the market, it does offer complete enough hardware to be able to enjoy all the applications that exist in the store Play Store. There is only one limitation: games with 3D graphics that are more demanding, these are a bit choking on the device we are talking about. In addition, it is what has to do with the design, this is a quite striking model, since its finish is in aluminum and in the case of the device in color offer negro. This achieves, among other things, that your weight is quite low, only 469 grams, which agrees perfectly with its dimensions: 245.2 x 149.4 x 7.5 millimeters.

In what has to do with the main hardware that you are going to find in this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet, it should be noted that inside there is a eight core processor that work at a maximum frequency of 1.8 GHz. Regarding memory, it also includes everything you need so that you do not have problems when using the Android operating system like most of the apps that are common (such as browsers or messaging applications). The fact is that the RAM is 2GB, while the storage reaches 32 gigs, but in the latter case it is possible to expand them by using high-capacity microSD cards.

A good autonomy in this device

We say this because all the components that are inside the equipment we are talking about are not especially demanding in energy consumption If to this is added what is the charge that the integrated battery has, which reaches the 6.150 mAh, get up eight hours of habitual use without having restrictions in the operation of the tablet is completely possible.

Lateral del tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

It is also important to comment that this tablet does not lack additional options, such as that the main and rear cameras have a resolution of 8 Mpx. In addition, the front of five megapixels allows videoconferences with a more than acceptable resolution. We also want to highlight that, apart from the usual connections WiFi, USB and Bluetooth 5.0, this model that is on sale has access to 4G mobile data networks.

The offer for the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Well, there is excellent news when it comes to taking advantage of it, since among other things you do not have to pay anything in terms of shipping costs if it does not take long to take advantage of the promotion that is available on eBay. With a 16% discount Regarding the price it usually has, what you have to pay to get this device is 209.99 euros. The truth is that it is a very possibility to buy a large screen tablet.

We do not want to finish without indicating that the screen is what you are going to find on this computer is more than enough to be able to enjoy multimedia content such as those that are on platforms such as YouTube. Their 10.1 inch and resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, makes it very clear that this is so.

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