PolitiFact slaps Biden with a “mostly false” rating for claiming that the United States “refused” WHO coronavirus tests

PolitiFact left-handed fact-checking website elected Democratic presidential candidate and former vice-president Joe Biden with a “mostly false” assessment of a recent claim that the United States “refused” to accept the coronaviruses offered by the World Health Organization. Biden made the request during Sunday evening’s primary presidential democratic debate against Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) In response […]

Gianforte Taps Great Falls Lawyer Kristen Juras for governmental travel companion

Another Montana republican running for the governor has named his travel mate. During a demonstration held on Sunday in Billings, Gianforte said he had chosen Kristen Juras, a lawyer from Great Falls, who helped farmers, breeders and small businesses manage the bureaucracy in Montana. “She will be a partner in the governor’s office as we […]

What is Super Tuesday, when is it, why is it important and which countries vote?

Super Tuesday is the only day when most states organize competitions to choose a presidential candidate, the largest number of voters has the opportunity to go to the polls and the largest number of delegates will be assigned to the candidates. More than a third of all delegates to the Democratic National Convention are at […]