FRR-Ligue, the eternal return of the chefs’ fight – Top 14

ANALYSIS – Bernard Laporte tries to take advantage of the crisis situation to advance his pawns. But Paul Goze has no intention of letting him do it. One would have thought that the dramatic situation that France is going through, its heavy economic repercussions to come on world and hexagonal rugby, were going to push […]

Experts recommend 25% drop in player salaries – News Feed – Top 14

Professional rugby urgently needs to reduce the burdens on their budgets during this period of inactivity. A meeting on the subject of player wages is scheduled for this Monday afternoon with representatives of all parties (clubs, coaches, players). The League asked DNACG experts to assess the financial damage from this crisis and what measures should […]

Laporte wants to create, with World Rugby, a Club World Cup

In the columns of “Midi Olympique”, the president of the FFR announces that he wants to create, under the aegis of the International Federation, a Club World Cup. A proposal that will cringe… While world rugby is at a standstill and in great financial difficulty due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bernard Laporte has just thrown […]

Jannie du Plessis ready to fight against the coronavirus. – Info thread

At 37, and after a career notably marked by 70 selections with South Africa and a World Cup won in 2007, Jannie du Plessis currently plays for the Lions. But also a medical graduate, he said he was ready to help in the face of the coronavirus pandemic as he explained to IOL Sport. “If […]

Eddie Jones to extend England XV coach contract

The British Federation will announce this Thursday that the Australian will continue his mission as head of the XV de la Rose until the 2023 World Cup in France. The Telegraph unconditional ad. This Thursday, the RFU, the English federation, will formalize the two-year extension of Eddie Jones’ contract. The Australian coach will therefore continue […]

Coronavirus: Welsh people also cut wages – News Feed – 6 Nations

Like the Scottish federation earlier today, the Welsh rugby federation announced wage cuts in order to deal with the economic crisis linked to the coronavirus. Staff of the senior men’s national team have seen their salaries cut 25%, including Wayne Pivac, the manager. The rest of the staff of the federation could also see their […]