INFO CLOSED. Gaspard Gantzer: why he joined Cyril Hanouna

He who officiated in political circles, Gaspard Gantzer decided to write a new chapter in his life, to become a TV columnist. Since the start of the 2020 school year, the former candidate for Paris mayor joined Cyril Hanouna, in his program Balance your post! It must be said that it is a whole new kind of adventure, for this 41-year-old enarque who was notably one of François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron’s trusted men. This new adventure precisely, Gaspard Gantzer returned to it in the columns of your magazine Closer, which you can find at your newsagents this Friday, September 25.

In all transparency, Gaspard Gantzer explained thathe hadn’t planned at all to become a columnist on the C8 program, after his failure in the municipal elections in Paris. He hadn’t even thought about what he would do after his election campaign. “I had planned to take a long vacation, to enjoy my children, then to start teaching again, because it is one of my real passions“, he explained. Then, one day at the beginning of July, Gaspard Gantzer received a phone call by Cyril Hanouna. Immediately, the father of the family found the presenter “as warm and friendly on the phone as it can be on the air“.

Pleasant TV beginnings

But then why did the troublemaker of C8 want Gaspard Gantzer to join his team of columnists? “He wanted me for my experience of exercising high-level statehood, so that I could decipher how power works from behind the scenes. “, explained the new recruit of C8. In the process, Gaspard Gantzer added that he takes “a lot of pleasure“his television debut. The former candidate for mayor of Paris had”not afraid“to damage his image of enarch, graduate of Science Po. On the other hand, he confided, still in the columns of Closer, having received several “nasty messages“from the political world. It must be said that it is not easy to reconcile television and politics. Last year, we remember in particular Laurence Sailliet, who had resigned from his post as spokesperson for the Republicans, to join Balance your post !, as a columnist and columnist.

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Jean-Michel Maire, Benjamin Castaldi … The columnists of TPMP confide in the threats they have received

It’s not easy every day to be a public figure. The chroniclers of Don’t touch my phone have suffered from it on several occasions. Like many stars, they have also been the target of threats. Nathalie Marquay first recounted what had happened to her in 2013 when she and her husband were on a list of names where people had to be slaughtered. “TF1 put us under police protection for more than three months, 24 hours a day. They were constantly in front of our house and followed us everywhere.“She said. Bernard Montiel, for his part, once in a broadcast that he was against hunting.”My house was tagged for a year, almost every day.”

I had been threatened when I wrote the biography of Manuel Valls who was the Minister of the Interior at the time. I had received threatening letters directly at home. So the person knew my address. I had been at the police station (…) when I received the third letter, we opened it with enormous precautions because we wondered if it was not hiding toxic products“, in turn confided Gilles Verdez. Benjamin Castaldi then spoke by revealing a chilling anecdote. He assured that during the years when he presented the Loft Story, he had received a very scary package. “I received a coffin with a bullet“.

Cyril Hanouna does not remember having been threatened dangerously

Against all expectations, the troublemaker of C8 has no memory of having received such dangerous threats. “I don’t remember being the target of very serious threats. After that I am protected and of course that we have received threats on social networks like all the people exposed. Some moments have been a little hotter than others but so far I haven’t had any big stories“, he assured. Finally, currently, it is Jean Michel (…)


Next time I’ll aim for the heart: is the film based on a true story?

In the movie Next time I will aim for the heart by Cédric Anger, broadcast this Thursday, September 24 on France 3, Guillaume Canet plays Franck Neuhart, a shy young man who leads a double life between his job as a policeman and his madness as a serial killer. On the occasion of the broadcast of this film released in 2014, Télé Star invites you to discover what terrible news item is adapted from Cédric Anger’s feature film.

In the 1970s, the department of Oise became the playground of a serial killer who killed a total of eight women. The latter was arrested in December 1976. It is about Marcel barbeault, nicknamed the “shadow killer”. But 18 months later, in July 1978, a new young woman was attacked in the region. In November, two other women are shot. The author of these acts taunts the police by claiming the facts in handwritten letters. In one of these letters, he states: “next time I will aim for the heart” then it runs, on December 1, by shooting Yolande Raszewski, a 19-year-old hitchhiker. In total, it is one assassination and five attempted assassinations that are to his credit.

Judged criminally irresponsible for his crimes

Each time, the perpetrator voluntarily leaves clues and the robot portraits multiply. Finally, Alain Lamare, a shy young gendarme who has been investigating these cases from the start, is suspected by his superiors. He was arrested on April 8, 1979. During his trial, Alain Lamare was tried criminally irresponsible for his crimes because suffering from a rare form of schizophrenia. Until 2011, he was interned in Moselle before joining a public mental health establishment in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

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Opposition demands public clarification from those involved and an urgent investigation

The chief of staff of the President of the Republic, as reported by the Portuguese television station, received millions of dollars of unknown origin, but with allegedly illicit connections to the company EMFC.

“If it is true, it is a very worrying situation. We hope that the competent authorities urgently make an inquiry to ascertain the veracity of the facts,” UNITA deputy Alcides Sakala told Novo Novo, stressing that the diversion of the purse, corruption and nepotism affects the rulers of the ruling party in a way that must be stopped urgently.

“For greater credibility in the fight against corruption, nepotism and the diversion of the public purse, the Government must accept submitting to inspection actions, submitting to audits and the parliament allowing the creation of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commissions to gauge the seriousness of this fight “, declared Sakala.

According to the deputy, for this fight to be effective, “there has to be a real separation of powers so that the judiciary does not suffer political pressure from the Executive to avoid subordinating to the interests of the Government and the President of the Republic in particular. “.

“One is left with the impression that there is indeed some promiscuity between the judicial and the Executive, with regard to issues related to the fight against corruption”, he added.

The member of the presidential college of CASA-CE, Manuel Fernandes, explained that in view of these complaints, those involved must make a public clarification for the good of their images.

“The investigation of Portuguese television, TVI 24, revealed Edeltrudes Costa’s business in important public contracts that allegedly earned him millions in euros. It is now up to those involved to make some public statement,” said Manuel Fernandes.

Manuel Fernandes said that corruption and nepotism must be combated in order to “prevent the state from becoming a monarchy”.

“The fight against corruption and nepotism requires judicial intervention and from all social classes, as it is a crime in the Constitution’s suits. It is very complicated to always hear these complaints that involve prominent figures in the country,” he added.

For the political analyst, Gilberto Guilhermino Jamba, “this complaint that the Angolan Government would be favoring the Edeltrudes Costa Office, head of the Office of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services , comes to show that addictions continue “.

“In the former and the current Executive, these vices continue. It is time for the Attorney General’s Office to start taking action now, because Angolans cannot continue to observe these successive scandals in silence”, he pleaded, lamenting that corruption in Angola affects fundamental rights.

For the analyst “the abuse of public office for personal gain ends people’s confidence in the Government and institutions, reduces the effectiveness of justice in public policies and diverts taxpayers’ money”.

Isabel dos Santos, businesswoman and daughter of ex-President José Eduardo dos Santos, also came to the public to comment on Twitter on this subject, writing: “Edeltrudes Costa will have sent money to Panama, using a branch of the then Banco Espírito Santo (BES) in the Madeira free zone. Since João Lourenço took power, Edeltrudes Costa has been his right hand “.

Novo Jornal tried unsuccessfully to hear the MPLA on this matter.

Revelations of TVI 24

A TVI 24 report reported that the Angolan government was favoring Chief of Staff Edeltrudes Costa through public contracts with the company EMFC for the provision of various services.

According to TVI 24, among other situations denounced, this is a contract that was signed in early 2019 to modernize Angolan airports. In the documentation presented by the report, President João Lourenço would authorize the hiring of the Portuguese company Roland Berger and the immediate subcontracting of EMFC.

The resource acquired by the contract signed in February 2019 ended up in Portugal and would have been used to purchase luxury properties in several Portuguese locations, such as Sintra and Cascais.

Positions do not match fortune

Edeltrudes Costa was secretary general of José Eduardo dos Santos with the function of minister of state and head of the Civil House. TVI24 reports that it had access to bank statements that show that it would have, in Portuguese banks, the equivalent of 20 million euros, despite never having officially held positions that earned it great fortunes.

The fortune would have been used to buy the house in Cascais worth 2.5 million euros – which is in the name of Costa’s ex-wife and chairman of the Board of Directors of EMFC.

João Lourenço’s chief of staff also bought a 130,000-euro tour boat in Portugal and a luxury apartment on a property owned by US President Donald Trump in Panama.

According to the report, the funds used for this latest acquisition would have passed through Banco Espírito Santo, in the Madeira free zone, which is the element that Isabel dos Santos chose to highlight in her tweet.

The Portuguese central bank would have investigated the transfers involving Costa’s company, based on “serious failures in the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism”, according to TVI 24.

TVI 24 also refers to a provision of services to the National Electoral Commission in the last election held in Angola. The deal earned Costa a million euros to provide material for the ballot won by João Lourenço.


Enrico Macias confides in the difficult months that followed his hospitalization

After being confined for long weeks to limit the spread of the coronavirus, which he himself contracted, Enrico Macias couldn’t wait to get out of his home when the government decided to lift the lockdown. So, at the end of May 2020, he decided to leave his home to find the streets of Paris. Only, the ride did not go as planned at all. “I started to leave my house, happy to finally come back to life, to find this Paris which took me in its arms. I missed a step on a sidewalk. I fell heavily and I broke my femoral neck. I was operated on the same evening and then spent two months in a hospital room“, he confided in the columns of Evening Mag. No sooner was his freedom regained than he again became a prisoner of a place, this time: the hospital.

A new confinement that was very difficult for the singer, 81 years old. Even though he admits that the nurses were his little help, he suffered a lot. “I slept a lot, but badly, because I was woken up early in the morning for treatment. I was so exhausted that I couldn’t even watch TV. To be honest, I have also had moments of deep depression“, he said again. Enrico Macias was therefore in low spirits. Fortunately, today he was able to leave the hospital and is in great shape.

Enrico Macias had contracted the coronavirus

The last few months have not been kind to the singer. Just before he was the victim of his accident, he had contracted the coronavirus. Although he did not have the common symptoms at all, he was in great pain. “I did not have a fever, I was not coughing but I had terrible abdominal pain“, he explained. If he did not need to be hospitalized, he was still very scared and very tired.

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Prince Andrew “sex addict”: these embarrassing revelations of a former conquest

Prince Andrew takes more for his rank. Mixed up with the Epstein affair for having taken advantage of the billionaire’s sexual network, and for being also accused of sexual assault, the son of Elizabeth II was definitively put aside by the British royal family, which is trying more than ever to suffocate the scandal of which the Duke of York is the subject. However, a book which will appear soon, will not leave much respite to the prince, so much the revelations which it contains are likely to make a lot of noise.

In Sex, Lies and Dirty Money Across the World the Powerful Elite, relayed by Page Six, the author Ian Halperin has collected the testimonies of no less than twelve ancient conquests of prince Andrew, who did not hesitate to reveal the face of the father of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice in the bedroom. “Most of the women described Andrew as the perfect man and said it was consensual”, reports the author, who specifies that one of these conquests had even described him as a “very daring lover”. “There were no limits. She said to me, ‘Andrew rocked my world in the bedroom’, but she felt disappointed because after that she didn’t hear from him again.”, precise Ian Halperin.

He “felt special” when he had “beautiful women in his bed”

Also described as a “sex addict”, the author specifies that this dependence on carnal pleasure would result from a real inferiority complex in Prince Andrew, he who since his birth has been considered number 2, behind his older brother prince charles, “considered a royal material”, while he was often seen as a “bad boy”. “It drove his playboy lifestyle. He didn’t attract attention, it made him feel special to have these beautiful women in his bed.”, states the author, who adds that prince andrew has an obsession … for redheads

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“We are on the right path” / Italy / AC Milan /

With the blessing of the idol.

Absent from the Champions League since the 2013-2014 season and in difficulty in recent years, AC Milan seems to be doing better since confinement. “We are on the right track. Finally, there is cohesion and sharing with the leaders, welcomed Arrigo Sacchi in the Gazzetta dello Sport two days after the inaugural victory against Bologna. I am happy that Paolo Maldini, a great elder and a person of great quality, has stayed. I hope we will let him sign new young players to make the team even more competitive. ”

“I’ve always thought that the club, with its history, skills and style, came before the team. Gazidis wanted to hire Rangnick, a good coach, but he would have lost Paolo (Maldini) and Pioli, who achieved excellent results. He changed his mind, like a smart person, he congratulated himself. And in parallel, he extended Zlatan Ibrahimović: in each young team there is a “old”, which is not only there to bring experience and personality, but also extraordinary quality. Congratulations Ibra, real Superman. ”

Since when did he wear a cape, Benjamin Button ?


En Direct / Live: Chelsea vs Liverpool, see 3:30 p.m. on SeneNews

Chelsea vs Liverpool, a first shock from the second day of the Premier League! This afternoon (5:30 p.m., follow live on our senenews), Chelsea receives the defending champion Liverpool. For this meeting, the Chelsea Blues should appear in 4-3-3 with Kepa in goal. The defense should be made up of right-left by James, Christensen, Zouma and Azpilicueta. The middle trio will be formed by Jorginho, Mount and Kanté. Finally, in attack, Havertz and Hudson-Odoi will support Werner.

Chelsea vs Liverpool, un duel de coach

For their part, the Reds should also bet on a 4-3-3. And it will be traditional for Jürgen Klopp’s team. Alisson will keep the cages. The 4 defenders should be Alexander-Arnold, Gomez, Van Djik and Robertson. The middle trio will be made up of Fabinho, Hendersen and Wijnaldum. And finally in attack, the three usual attackers with Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Firminho.

The English Championship is the one in which the title is played every day. So that’s to say the importance that this match requires for both teams.


A season at the Zoo: where is the show filmed?

Since 2014, the program A season at the zoo makes France 4 happy. In this documentary series, viewers discover the daily life of animal handlers, veterinarians, accommodation managers, salespeople and gardeners at the Flèche zoo, located in Sarthe. This animal park, created in 1946, has 1,600 animals of 160 species grouped together on 18 hectares of land. Every year, it is visited by 400,000 people, making it one of the most visited sites in the Pays de la Loire region.

Last January, the Flèche zoo experienced a real tragedy. One morning, a fire broke out in one of the buildings in the park. The bat cave but also three terrariums were completely destroyed by the flames. In total, about fifty animals were killed, mainly Egyptian fruit bats and geckos from Madagascar but also an Asian snake or a whip-tail lizard. “The team of caretakers and all the other members of the park are obviously very affected by the loss of our animals but have remained very united and mobilized in the action and in the management of this dramatic event”, could we read on the zoo’s social networks.

A season 12 postponed because of the Covid-19 epidemic

Produced by Banijay and Alexia Laroche-Joubert, Une saison au zoo has been, since 2014, one of the flagship programs of France 4. Bonus event episodes have sometimes come close to one million viewers, a feat for a channel like France 4 Filming for season 12, which was originally scheduled to begin in February, has been postponed this summer, due to the Covid-19 epidemic. This twelfth season has been broadcast every day on France 4 since August 31. It is followed by more than 500,000 viewers.

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Alessandra Sublet as a couple: why the host has formalized with her companion Jordan Deguen

To live happy, live hidden ? Not anymore ! Crazy in love with Jordan Deguen for a year and a half, Alessandra Sublet They don’t care about their age difference. This summer, the flagship host of TF1 has chosen to live her love story in the open, by sharing a few pictures of her vacation with her companion, Jordan Deguen on Instagram. Thus, one can see the couple, accomplice, after a climbing session near Rocchetta Nervina or very much in love under the Italian sun. In legend, the 43-year-old host shared: “We call it love. “Divorced from Clément Miserez, the father of her children, for two years, Alessandra Sublet has indeed turned the page and is radiant!

For TV 7 Days, the pretty brunette explained why she exposed her couple today: “I felt the urge, this summer, to act like someone completely anonymous: to be proud of the person who has shared my life for a year and a half. So I posted a photo of Jordan, my boyfriend, on Instagram. It’s true that I often protect my privacy, but you also have to listen to yourself and feel free.“As Jordan Deguen is only 30 years old, Alessandra Sublet added:”I did not regret my gesture for a single second, even if this publication has caused a lot of ink to flow, because he is thirteen years younger than me. It’s very funny to see the reactions of people, especially in 2020 … But I do what I want, without being influenced by the eyes of others.

“The negative slides over me”

When she shared a first shot on social networks with the young businessman, Alessandra Sublet had received many messages of support, but also less sympathetic comments … We could read: “The age difference is obvious” ; or : “She takes them to the cradle!“Although she reads most of the comments about her, the host is not affected by these messages. TV 7 Days, she explained: “The negative slides over me. I am fascinated by those who subscribe to my account, watch my shows and criticize me. We must have time to waste!

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