the show of the annular eclipse of the Sun

Annular Solar Eclipse © NASA

The region of ABRUZZO. After the penumbral lunar eclipse of last June 5 and is coming in another show, that we guarantee you will leave more than someone to “open mouth”: the annular eclipse of the Sun on June 21.

It is an astronomical event that occurs when the Moon is in apogee, its point of maximum distance from the planet, and given that the disk of the moon and that of the sun have seemingly very similar as seen from the Earth, when the Moon will pass in front of the Sun will not be able to completely shut down the disk, which is obscured only in the central part.

Result? A charming ring of fire in the firmament, which will begin at 5.45 on June 21 and will arrive in the phase of maximum splendour 8.40, unfortunately, the magic will fade at around 11.34.

It will be visible in its entirety only in a narrow band that crosses Central Africa, some Asian region (Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, and China), and ended at sunset in the North Pacific Ocean and in Australia.

In Italy, weather permitting, you can enjoy a solar eclipse partial, early in the morning only from the Centre-South (all of the regions that are below the 43° of latitude) but not the northern ones.

To be able to observe the eclipse will be activated for the direct streaming, among which the one of the Virtual Telescope Project, or by clicking on the link “Annular Solar Eclipse”.

Therefore, being very careful to protect eyes by wearing the appropriate protective eyewear, all with the nose upwards to admire a really exciting show that will welcome summer with a ring of fire in the sky.


«No particular health problems are assumed»

5G mobile telephony © n.c.

The report on 5G technology has been published in recent days by ARPA Puglia. The regional councilor Borraccino reports that “according to current knowledge, transmission technology does not change, be it 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Radio and TV, and would not have different impacts on the health of the exposed population” .

“Italy – explains the commissioner in a note – is preparing for what is called the” revolution of 5G “, the new generation technology for mobile communication. The” fifth generation “, which follows the previous 2G, 3G and 4G, is the connection technology that we will use with our smartphones but also and above all with the many wireless devices, such as appliances, cars, traffic lights, street lamps, clocks, security systems, medical equipment that will communicate with each other (IoT , Internet of things) thanks to these innovative processes One of the main characteristics of this network is, in fact, precisely that of allowing many more connections at the same time, with a higher speed and much faster response times.

Among the municipalities to say “stop” to the testing and installation of 5G antennas also the municipality of Santeramo in Colle.

The stop to 5G in Santeramo – as stated in the Mayor’s order of 17 April – derives from the so-called “general precautionary principle” (sanctioned by Community law) in order to face “the threat of serious and irreversible damage for citizens , and to take every measure and caution aimed at significantly reducing electromagnetic pollution and the emissions produced and health risks “.

The “Conscious Citizens Committee” of Santeramo had appealed to the same principles (that of the “general precautionary principle” as well as that of awaiting updated European data on the subject), which a few days before the issue of the union ordinance had registered a request for 5G “moratorium” in Santeramo for the attention of the mayor Baldassarre.

With the advent of 5G, new scenarios could open up in many sectors: from the possibility of driving a vehicle remotely to innovative applications in medicine. In fact, this technology will allow superior performance especially in terms of latency, i.e. response times to the command given to the connected object, which will be much faster and more personalized. For example, if we think about connected cars, it is the time that elapses between when a sensor transmits the command to stop to the car and the moment when the car actually stops. This response time will drop to 1-10 milliseconds, about 10 times less than the current 50-100 milliseconds of 4G and this represents one of the aspects considered most important for the new digital services that are expected to be developed.

The fact that much of the work, in 5G networks, is done by the system of antennas and not by the hardware of the smartphone, could also result in significant energy savings, with a longer battery life of the devices. The real changes for people, however, will not only be related to the speed and performance of their devices, they will be linked above all to potential new possible services that can increase the quality of life.

The 5G network makes use of highly technological elements that allow high performance with different spatial and temporal variability of emissions compared to 4G, but in substance of the same size. The technology sees the use of directional electromagnetic wave beams that directly reach the connected devices unlike 4G technology that generates a large cone of electromagnetic field.

The possibility of long-term health risks related to exposures to radio frequency electromagnetic fields at levels lower than those recommended by international protection standards has been, and continues to be, the subject of numerous scientific studies, both directly observational on humans (epidemiological studies), both experimental on animals in vivo and on cells in vitro.

As stated in a disclosure document of the ISS (Higher Institute of Health), the set of available studies has been examined by several national and international expert commissions, over the years, in order to assess whether exposure to the fields electromagnetic products cause damage to human health. In particular, among others, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) also assessed the radio frequency electromagnetic fields emitted by the various devices and concluded that the studies examined do not support the hypothesis of carcinogenicity of electromagnetic fields.

In conclusion, based on current knowledge, the available data, analyzed by the National Center for Radiation Protection and Computational Physics of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, do not suggest particular problems for the health of the population related to the introduction of 5G.

However, it is important that the introduction of this technology is accompanied by careful monitoring of exposure levels (as indeed is already the case for current mobile phone technologies) and that research into possible long-term effects continues.

In this regard, Arpa confirms that this new technology already has protocols for installations that are based on instrumental checks and preventive checks on the measurement of electric fields. The authorization process for systems that use 5G is the same as for the installation of any new existing system and must comply with the parameters set by 4G.

Arpa Puglia on the basis of national legislation (Legislative Decree 259/03 smi), regional one (L.R.n.5/03 smi and R.R.n.16 / 06) and L.G. recently issued by the National System for the Prevention of the Environment (SNPA) during preliminary assessments of the specific and innovative technical characteristics of 5G, it issues a preventive opinion which ascertains the electromagnetic field levels due to both the emissions of the new plant and those of all other plants already present in that area.

Italian legislation, among the most restrictive in Europe, sets attention limits / values ​​for electromagnetic field levels in the frequency range between 100kHz – 300GHz, also here, regardless of the network technology used, and the three frequency bands used by the 5G (700 MHz, 3.7 GHz and 26 GHz) fall within the aforementioned range.

According to current knowledge, therefore, the transmission technology does not change, be it 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Radio and TV, and would not have different impacts on the health of the exposed population “.


The place of mass reproduction of coronavirus in the body was found

The place of mass reproduction of coronavirus in the body was found

Scientists have found out why many patients have an upset gastrointestinal tract.

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, causing COVID-19, can infect intestinal cells and multiply in it. This was found out by a group of Dutch scientists using modern models of cell culture of the human intestine. Researchers propagated the virus in vitro and observed the response of cells to it.

A new study showed that there is now clear evidence that SARS-CoV-2 can multiply in the cells of the gastrointestinal tract.

According to PM, the data obtained are consistent with the fact that many patients with COVID-19 showed an upset gastrointestinal tract, and the virus was found in the stool in those of them who had the disease without respiratory symptoms. This suggests that, perhaps, analyzes should be taken not only with smears from the nose and throat, but also rectal smears.

22:13, May 6, 2020, Wednesday / 3979






A bright period in life begins: a new horoscope by Pavel Globa

A bright period in life begins: a new horoscope by Pavel Globa

The famous astrologer made a forecast for the first decade of May. Pavel Globa is one of the most popular astrologers in Russia. His horoscope will help you gain luck.


Stars and planets will be in disharmony, so great importance should be given to the beginning of the day. If the day from the very beginning goes the wrong way, you can use the plots-pinch for good luck. They will help to stay afloat and not lose confidence, even if everything went awry. Starting from Wednesday for Aries, all doors will slowly begin to open. There will be more opportunities in all areas of life. Since May 6, you need to be active in business, openly flirt and get to know each other, devote more time to your soulmate and family. It does not hurt to have fun in the company of friends.


The financial sector will be paramount, but only from Thursday. At this time, the stars want Taurus to spend money on important things, do creative work, try to devote more time to work. To become richer and more successful, you can follow the ten rules of success. Taurus need a scheme, a plan that would give them confidence. At the weekend, you can go shopping or devote yourself to work if you have the strength and enthusiasm.


This is the perfect time to plan. It also does not hurt to dream about the future, do planning, make a wish. The energy of stars and planets is perfect for rituals and rituals to fulfill a desire. Everything is now aimed at helping these people become happier and get rid of obsessive thoughts about the negative. A week is perfect for both work and romance. You can succeed in anything. For this, you do not need to divide the days into categories: one for work, another for relaxation. It is necessary to act on inspiration. The supply of strength will be large, so there will be enough energy for entertainment and ambition. You can even help loved ones with their tasks.


The financial and working spheres will become the most important and at the same time problematic for Rakov. Money and luck can be attracted by the power of thought, just believing in ourselves and in what we do, but Cancer needs to go a little further. They should show maximum efficiency and responsibility. Have to raise rates. In the love sphere, the thaw begins. Disputes and conflicts are likely to go away, leaving time and place for warmth, kindness and pleasures. This week, Crayfish will be able to get closer to their relatives. This is the perfect time to ask for forgiveness or finally grant it to someone who is desperately asking for it.


Lviv begins a period of great success in the love sphere, but do not think. that work and finances will be left overboard. Stars and planets will give the Lions the opportunity to prove themselves in this direction. If something goes wrong, then you can use simple ways to attract good luck. It is also helpful to rely on the help of loved ones and colleagues. Any good that others will do for Lviv should not remain unanswered. A simple “thank you” in most cases should be enough for a person to feel gratitude, but sometimes you have to do something more. Lions should be more respectful to those who love them.


Virgo needs to communicate as little as possible with the conflicting and rude Signs of the Zodiac. Such people can make Dev feel negative, sad and the whole spectrum of negative emotions. Such communication will unsettle them and force them to go the wrong way. This does not mean that you need to spend more time in solitude. On the contrary, this week there will be an occasion to be closer to best friends, soulmate, relatives. It is necessary to be more selective in communication, not to strive so far for new acquaintances. The best rest will be relaxation in a homely atmosphere, reading books, watching movies. The energy of stars is almost at zero, so it’s better not to overwork yourself with sports.


Libra begins a very bright and positive period in life. This week, stars and planets will help these people succeed in a wide variety of spheres and areas of life. The most important thing for Libra is to follow the main spiritual principles of a happy life. These instructions will help you find harmony and understand where true happiness is hidden. Good luck will equally help Libra in love and in deeds. It is possible that Libra will receive new offers from employers this week. They may have new ideas for business. Creativity and creative life will also go up. Do not be afraid of mistakes and small risks. The time of success and good luck begins.


Scorpions are waiting for stagnation of energy, which can negatively affect their mood. If you feel discouraged and sad, it will mean that the time has come to cheer up. You can change the atmosphere at home, make furniture rearrangement according to the rules of Feng Shui. It is believed that this helps to solve such problems. Scorpions may have a desire to shut themselves off from everything and from everyone, but do not follow this impulse. It will only lead into a trap. We need to communicate more with people, as they will come from the correct and positive energy, which will help to gather strength for some new beginnings.


This week, the energy of stars and planets can provoke an exacerbation of the most terrible habits of the Zodiac Signs.At the center of this influence will be Sagittarius, which should remain inside the comfort zone. Risks and adventures that end negatively can make these people lose their temper, stop believing in their future success. Sagittarius should devote more time to loved ones and rest. No need to overwork at work or agree to business trips. The period begins when it is better to be closer to home, to warmth and comfort. Also, stars are advised to listen and keep an eye on everything that happens. Attention to detail is very important now.


Capricorns belong to the Signs of the Zodiac, which never forgive insults. This week they have to get rid of this craving for negativity and rancor. The time has come to let go of this, to forgive loved ones and casual acquaintances. It is necessary to do this within yourself, and then make it clear to the person that the period of coolness is over. It will be a great time for intellectual work, for acquiring new knowledge and experience, preparing for exams. The most important thing is not to look for those guilty of their mistakes, so as not to alienate others. Capricorn is not easy to make new friends, so it is important not to lose those who respect them and who value them.


This week, stars and planets will be in slight discord. In view of this, Aquarius should do housework and clean up. It will be useful to clean according to the rules of Feng Shui, as it will bring new emotions to life. It is also worth getting rid of excess rubbish accumulated over a long time. This will make the life of Aquarius better. In business and work, Aquarius will face some troubles, but in general the period will be extremely successful for business meetings and financial investments. You can go shopping in your free time to cheer yourself up. In love affairs, people of this Sign should rely on their natural charm and not say too much.


Until the middle of the week, stars and planets are in disharmony. Fish need to fight impulsiveness and irritability, rest more. Crossroads Magic help people of this Token get rid of negativity and attract good luck. Closer to the weekend, a favorable time will begin, in which Pisces will have more vitality and energy. You can do housework, or you can devote yourself to work. The main thing is to prioritize correctly.

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will touch the Earth on Wednesday 29 April

Asteroid Or2 1998 © Web

TERMOLI. It is understandable to imagine that many of you will wonder what sense it can have nowadays (and especially now in the situation in which we find ourselves), raise our eyes to the sky and look at the universe.

This is a completely legitimate question in the face of the overwhelming omnipresence of the internet that poses immediate answers to any type of question we can think of, but the answer contains the big problem of technology that pushes us more and more towards static and towards a desk, to understand each other.

But one thing must be clear, and that sitting at a desk cannot build a house, we have understood more than ever that we are experiencing a technological surrogate for our human relationships, due to the limitations that (rightly) there are been imposed.

We understood the importance of a handshake and a hug, and also of how pleasant and extraordinary the time spent with our loved ones can be.

I would like to conclude this parenthesis by quoting an aphorism by Stephen Hawking: «One, always remember to look at the stars, not the feet. Two, don’t give up on work: work gives meaning and purpose to life, which becomes empty without it. Three, if you’re lucky enough to find love, remember it’s there and don’t throw it away. So try to make sense of what you see and ask yourself what it is, that thing that makes the universe live. Be curious ».

So now in light of what has been said so far, look at the sky and imagine how small our problems are in the face of the greatness and mystery of the universe, and think that at this moment an immense rock the size of a mountain is approaching threateningly to our little beautiful planet.

The large celestial body will pass at the point closest to the earth on April 29 at 11.56 Italian time and is already making a lot of talk on the web, in fact it has also been photographed by Italy, thanks to the astrophysicist Gianluca Masi, head of the Virtual Telescope.

It’s called Or2 1998, it was discovered by NASA in 1998, which classified the celestial body as a potentially dangerous object, due to its size comparable to that of Mount Everest and also due to the tendency to periodically approach the Earth’s orbit.

We must also reflect on the fact that if unfortunately these hit our planet it would not only have devastating effects at the point of impact comparable to thousands of nuclear warheads, but that due to the huge amount of dust that would inevitably accumulate in the atmosphere, the Earth’s climate it would be irremediably modified for many years.

No fear, however, will only touch us, so to speak, moving to 6.3 million kilometers from Earth, therefore more than 16 times the Earth-Moon distance.

It will have a brightness of 10.9 magnitudes and should also be visible with small telescopes, but not with the naked eye as NASA clarifies, although it will not be easy to observe it as it will be very low on the horizon from 19 to 23 U.

We just have to work a little imagination and imagination to be able to see it, but anyway for those who want to see it seriously just connect to the live web of the

We conclude by making a little reflection and we look to the sky and to tomorrow because life is not a flat path, it is a continuous ups and downs, we use the climbs to look up, we enjoy the descent with our eyes closed.


What is the best selling sports car in the world

While celebrating one more year of life, it revalidates its title of leader among the most powerful and fastest models that generate pleasure when driving.

In the midst of celebrating 56 years of life, the American pony car, the Ford Mustang, also celebrates that it retains the title of sports best seller in the world.

The unmistakable model, with its prominent trunk and short tail, remains the number one although in recent years several rivals joined who could not with him. Thus, it is already five years in which the Mustang stays with the position.

The Mustang was born in 1964, has six generations, and the one released in 2015 alone accumulates 633,000 units sold in 146 countries.

The best thing about the Mustang’s history is that its numbers do nothing but keep growing. According to IHS Markit data, sales of the Mustang in Germany grew by 33% in 2019, 50% in Poland and practically doubled in France. In the European global calculation, sales of the Ford Mustang grew 3% with a total of 9,900 units. The more Mustangs are sold, the more Mustang the market wants.

Mustang trajectory

With over 10 million units produced, the pony car has become more than a vehicle to drive over the years. If influence reaches the culture, and it has changed the way in which people experience the feeling of driving.

With deep roots in youth culture, he was the inspiration for renowned rock musicians, art creators and sports benchmarks. So much so that Ford’s pony car has participated in hundreds of films, some highly recognized, such as Bullitt (1968), Misery (1990), Point Break (1991), 60 seconds (2000), Soy Leyenda (2007), El diary of a princess (2001), among others.

The Mustang was also a great inspiration for art and sports such as surfing and golf because the new vehicle captured the essence and lifestyle of the 1960s. In this context, where people began to think differently, to have new ideas and developing, the Mustang began to develop differently and was a boost, even for sports.

In Argentina the arrival of Mustang It became an event and became an icon for the reference musicians of national rock. Juanse, leader of the Paranoid Mice, created a song, Mustang Roll (2018), with a video that shows the singer driving a Mustang on the road.

New Mustang, new story

In 2016, Ford Argentina presented the iconic pony car at the Oscar and Juan Gálvez racetrack in the City of Buenos Aires. The unmistakable and unique roar of the Mustang GT’s engine has been in the market for more than three years.

With more than 300 units sold in the country, Mustang continues to be a benchmark in its category for its long history, history and to be an icon of culture for more than half a century.

In the framework of its third anniversary of the pony car in Argentina, in 2019 Ford presented the New 2020 Mustang, a model recognized for its avant-garde design with classic proportions and aggressive lines, and with an intact and unmistakable personality.

The unique front design is assembled with a sharp profile, to end with a fastback roof drop. In addition, it maintains the DNA that identifies the Mustang in all its generations: its three-bar taillights, in this case with LED technology. It also has adaptive full LED headlights, 19 “alloy wheels, air diffuser and quad chrome exhaust outlet.

Its interior design is inspired by aviation commands, striking a balance between high-quality materials, digital commands, buttons and knobs. The New Mustang features a fully digital, driver-customizable dashboard.

The new Mustang has a 5.0L V8 engine, which delivers a maximum power of 466HP and a maximum torque of 569NM, and is sold from the Pacheco plant, through the direct sales scheme.

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AFIP enabled data upload for the program that helps pay salaries

The AFIP published in the web service “Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production”, the information it requires from taxpayers

The AFIP has published in the web service “Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production – ATP”, lto information that requires taxpayers to supply in order to carry out the evaluations provided for by article 5 of Decree 332/2020 and determine the benefits that correspond to them.

Information It must be supplied between April 13 and 15, 2020, inclusive.

As it appears from the following screen, when entering the service with the tax code, the taxpayer is requested to provide the following information:

  • Sales and / or similar, accrued from 03/12/2019 to 04/12/2019.
  • Sales and / or similar, accrued from 03/12/2020 to 04/12/2020.

Also, they are requested to attach a file (.xls, .xlsx, .ods, .cvs or .pdf format) with the detail of all the vouchers that make up the indicated figures.

As an orientation guide for making the file, it allows you to download an Excel file with the following columns:

It also allows downloading an example with data:

Below we will make some comments regarding the information requested and some of the situations that may arise:

As we have indicated, the AFIP has requested information on sales from 12/3 to 4/10 of the year 2019 and the year 2020 but it is not known how those data will be compared.

We understand that objective data and comparison methodology should be known to taxpayers prior to their analysis in order to determine the benefits that correspond to them.

What is the parameter that determines the substantial decrease in sales?

Decree 332/2020 establishes that employers can qualify for benefits if they meet one or more of the three criteria it indicates.

One of them is the substantial reduction in its sales after March 20, 2020.

For example, in Spain it was established that freelancers could ask for benefits if their sales had decreased by at least 75% in relation to the average turnover of the previous semester.

We do not yet know the parameter that will be used to define when the substantial decrease in sales is verified.

Billing does not mean charging

Decree 332/2020 refers to the substantial decrease in sales and does not contemplate the substantial decrease in collections.

A company may have invoiced from 02/12/2020 to 04/12/2020 but have not charged anything since 03/20/2020.

And that company may need the benefits of Decree 332/2020 regarding employer contributions and assistance for the payment of wages.

However, since the Decree does not contemplate it, the AFIP is not requesting information on collections.

We understand that this will generate many freelancers, monotributistas and SMEs can be left out of the benefits.

In our opinion, Decree 332/2020 should be modified to also consider the substantial decrease in collections as a condition to be able to enter the Program and obtain benefits.

Will the 2019 data be adjusted for inflation to compare with 2020?

We understand that to buy sales for both periods, one of the indices prepared by INDEC that reflect inflation between those months, of around 50%, must be applied.

Let’s look at these examples:

  • 12-month inflation: 50%
  • 2019 Sales: $ 1,000,000
  • 2020 Sales: $ 350,000

If you compare the normal sales, It is concluded that sales decreased by 65%.

On the other hand, if 2019 sales are adjusted for inflation, a decrease in sales of 76.67% would be verified.

  • 2019 Sales: $ 1,500,000 ($ 1,000,000 x 1.50)
  • 2020 Sales: $ 350,000

What happens if the taxpayer cannot access the information to upload the data to the AFIP service?

It may happen that taxpayers do not have access to information that they must supply for analysis.

For example, those who make sales using old-technology tax controllers, may need to access them to extract sales information from 3/12 to 3/19/2020.

Accordingly, we understand that a reasonably estimated amount of sales could be allowed to be reported.

Otherwise, this situation would have to be considered as an exception to social, preventive and mandatory isolation so that they can contact the company to release the information.

Sebastián M. Domínguez
Partner of SDC Asesores Tributarios

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iPhone and Android seek to warn if you approach someone infected with coronavirus

Both technology companies signed an agreement for their respective mobiles to help us in these protection tasks through a tracking service

Some of the big technology firms want to help the population to cope better with the quarantine and the coronavirus pandemic, something to which two giants like Apple or Google join.

One of the main measures being taken is home confinement. This avoids contact, as far as possible, with those affected by the pandemic, said the Adslzone site.

But that does not mean that in our homes we can not continue using our smart phones, Smart TVs, game consoles, etc. But these products will not only help us to pass the time, but firms such as the aforementioned Apple or Google want mobiles to also be of help in this fight. All this, of course, through their corresponding iOS operating systems on the iPhone, and Android.

For all this, both technology giants have signed an agreement for their respective mobiles to help us in these protection tasks. Basically what is going to be done for all this is to launch some APIs that certain application and platform developers can use in their projects. These will be valid for both Android and iOS and thanks to the Bluetooth of the devices, they can notify users if they have come into contact with someone affected by COVID-19.

Here you want to meet several priority objectives, on the one hand the speed in creating the APIs. Furthermore, they also want them to be as effective as possible, and another extremely important aspect will be the privacy of those affected. From what is being known now, these applications would be available in the two official stores of Apple and Google.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the launch will not take place until next May with the arrival of the first APIs. From that moment, something that will take place over the next few months, both firms will develop a contact tracking service in order to tell you about it.

In this way, those users who have privately registered on the new platform, either on Android or iOS, will obtain non-personal identifiers. These will be used to notify the rest, all thanks to Bluetooth technology, if they have come into contact with a person who has or has had the virus. Of course, no personal data of the affected person will be revealed here, since privacy in this regard will be very important.

Furthermore, all of this may be used by governments that wish to launch their own and official applications in order to take this extra precautionary measure against COVID-19.

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the floor will be between three and four and a half million dollars

Carlos Heller, deputy of the Everyone’s Front, gave details about the project to collect taxes in an extraordinary way. What will be the floor

Carlos Heller, deputy of the Front of All, He gave details about the project to collect taxes in an extraordinary way and pointed out that those who will pay will be “the great wealth” and not the “savers or the middle class”.

The objective of the parliamentary initiative is to add resources to strengthen the health system amid the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic in Argentina.

The legislator clarified that they do not yet have the basis on which to start collecting the tax but indicated that they work on “great patrimonies and wealth”.

“When we say big it means a segment of a small percentage of the population that will be reached by this tribute and which is also extraordinary“Heller reported on Miter radio about the project that he will be presenting towards the end of next week.

Despite not detailing the patrimonial amounts that will pay the tribute, Heller dismissed the possibility that savers and the middle classes could be reached by the tax. “Root scrap that is going to go over the middle class, small business, family savings. It is aimed at a segment at the top of the pyramid“said the Kirchner deputy.

“The idea of ​​taxing those who have more than 150,000 dollars, very far from that, was never part of our project, maybe 20 or 30 times that, but I say it by way of example, “said the deputy.

“No one will be less a millionaire after I make this contribution“argued the economist, the person in charge of writing the bill that will promote the block of the Front of All in the Chamber of Deputies.

Besides, the legislator desisted from advancing in a particular tax to those who laundered income during the administration of Mauricio Macri, resisted by the opposition, but clarified that those who entered this benefit must pay the tax for the amount they declared.

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To access the labor subsidy, it is accepted to share wealth data

Those who access the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production must renounce the tax secrecy on their assets

Those who access the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP) and its benefits they must renounce the tax secrecy on their assets.

Sebastián Domínguez, partner of SDC Asesores Tributarios, assured that “the AFIP forces to accept that the data be shared with the Ministry of Labor and with ANSES “.

Real estate, cars, accounts, investments and other assets“says the expert.

“The state of need for taxpayers to obtain extensions and benefits for the coronavirus makes them have to agree to give up tax secrecy “, Domínguez indicated.
“It would be important to explain the measures that these Organizations will take to safeguard the data”, warned the expert.

Economic information

The AFIP will request certain information from companies to be able to access the labor subsidy that will help pay wages and the significant reduction in employer contributions.

According to the information you could access iProfessional, the collection agency will request:

  • Sales detail from 03/12/2019 to 04/10/2019
  • Sales detail from 03/12/2020 to 04/10/2020

The information must be submitted between Monday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 15, according to the termination of CUIT, The sources consulted advanced.


Likewise, the national treasury extended for two months the payment of employer contributions that were due in April. The measure reaches 56% of Argentine companies, which employ more than 3.5 million workers.

The benefit is available to those firms included in the list of activities defined by the Head of Cabinet of Ministers within the framework of the Emergency Assistance Program for Work and Production (ATP).

The only requirement to access that must be met by those included in this list of activities will be that of having registered on the AFIP website. Companies will be able to enroll in the ATP through the web service enabled by the agency between April 9 and 15.

The postponement for two months of the payment of employer contributions to the Argentine Integrated Social Security System (SIPA) that expired in April will be automatically informed to companies once they have enrolled in the ATP.

Deferred payments must be made in June according to the schedule established by the body in General Resolution 4693 that will be published in the Official Gazette. The measure is complementary to the reduction or postponement of up to 95% of the payment of employer contributions to SIPA provided in the ATP.

ATP registration

Between April 9 and 15, both inclusive, companies will be able to access the web service enabled by the agency to enroll in the benefits and tools program created by the national government. The measures aim to cushion the economic impact of social, preventive and compulsory isolation.

The body headed by Mercedes Marcó del Pont ordered that employers must provide the economic information related to their activities that is requested of them. The data is necessary to access the different benefits contemplated in the ATP.

More time to file Form 931

Likewise, the AFIP decided to extend the term for filing the April affidavit corresponding to social security by three days (Form 931). Companies, both the beneficiaries of the postponement and those who do not have access to this mechanism, will thus have until April 16 to make their payments.

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