Building in Dallas becomes famous because they can’t tear it down

“The Leaning Tower of Dallas,” a building that became famous on social media when the attempt to tear it down by implosion failed, remained untouched on Monday despite repeated onslaught of a wrecking ball.

Dozens of people gathered in the city center of Texas, observing how the crane rammed the structure again and again, once the headquarters of the firm Affiliated Computer Services.

The 11-story building survived on February 16 attempts to demolish it with dynamite and not only that, but it gained fame on the internet, where numerous people created allusive jokes and compared it to the Pisa’s leaning tower.

The company that organized the implosion admitted that some of the explosives did not work. In the following days, a large number of people stood in front of the structure posing for photos as if they were supporting it.

The part that remained standing on Monday resisted attempts to tear it down.

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Lloyd Nabors, owner of the company that carries out the demolition, said that the inclination of the building is at a safe angle and that passers-by are not in any danger.

In this area, it is planned to build a mixed-use project, at a cost of 2,500 million dollars.