Paul Priluchny said, who comforted him after his divorce from muceniece

Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchny got an official divorce. In an interview Youtube-project “together” the 32-year-old actor told how he has built his life after breaking up with his wife. In April, Agatha gathered her things, took the kids and moved to owned by spouses of the Moscow apartment. Paul was left alone in their suburban home. On weekends, the children visit with him, but then again they go to the mom and Priluchny there is one. According to the artist, he does not tolerate loneliness, so I tried to solve this problem. To cope with the feeling of emptiness to help him Pets.

I can’t be alone. Even when I work. I need someone walking around, talking. I have two dogs, cats, fish. I solved this problem, – said the actor.

Paul said that in his childhood scarred by tragedy – the death of his father (he died when the future actor was 13 years old). Therefore he is most afraid of loneliness. This is what prompted him to create a large family: Priluchnogo muceniece and there are two children, 7-year-old Timothy and 4-year-old MIA.

By the way, on the eve of the divorce, Agatha suddenly confessed she still loves her ex-husband and doesn’t want to hurt him. Youtube-an interview with Ksenia Sobchak 31-year-old actress, broke up with her husband because of domestic violence, said not to say bad things about him.

– I love this man, and in any case do not want to show it in a bad light. What else can you do? To kill a human being? People get lost, she said.

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Divorce Priluchnogo and muceniece was relatively peaceful. The actor left his wife and children apartment Moscow. Custody they are divided equally: although the children live with the mother, they can see dad when he wants to.

Previously, Agata explained why their marriage has cracked. According to the actress, she and her husband no longer understand each other.

Our Alliance came to the conclusion that we need to leave. We ceased to understand each other. It does not bring as much happiness as before. For me this is – said muceniece. – He doesn’t understand me. I don’t understand it. We can’t find a common language. We decided that it would be right to go, to be normal parents for their children.

However, fans suspect that the culprit is not just mutual misunderstanding, but also the passion of Paul by alcohol. Just a few weeks after muceniece announced the divorce, she has published in Instagram shocking video. In it, the actress said that during isolation in a country house husband picked up on it hand and was brought to tears children. The quarrel between the spouses began after Priluchny, according to Agatha, drink ten days in a row.

– He brought the children to tears, he raised a hand to me, he is not adequate, – says the actress in the video with tears in his eyes. – He during a pandemic throws us out of the house. So tomorrow we’ll go to the apartment. But I can’t upload because I have no other weapons, except as publicity. Just know that here is a man Paul, you know?


Dog VS Priluchny – 3: 0 … Muceniece spoke about the ideal man

The offended actress considered that a “real” man should, like a dog, be faithful and faithful.

The rapid end of relations and the collapse of a strong Priluchny couple still haunts neither Agatha Muceniece, nor Pavel, nor attentive fans who still believe in the renewal of the union. Previously, happy spouses are now seriously depressed, although they try not to show this by publishing rainbow shots from their lives. However, at times, nevertheless, the tart remarks of a disappointed Agatha slip.

Last night, the actress tried to escape from obsessive thoughts about the impending divorce. However, even squeezing a dog, Agatha could not do without discussing the qualities of an ideal man.

“My love! My sweet That should be a man, right? Faithful, faithful and loving me to madness, ”Agatha said on social networks, comparing the“ real ”man with a dog.

You do not need to be an expert to understand these obvious hints of a woman who has left the family nest. In all three respects, according to Agatha, her ex-husband Priluchny loses. We never had to talk about fidelity and devotion in a relationship: Paul was surrounded by rumors, and sometimes even semi-official statements, about betrayal throughout his family life.

And the actor showed his “love to madness” to the whole country when he came home intoxicated and, as Agatha reported, hit her and drove her out with the children, taking even the phone.

Comparing a real man with a dog, Agatha seemed to mean Paul. In the battle, Dog VS Paul defeated the first in the “dry” – 3-0, showing both his love and his loyalty to the mistress. People are not animals, however, and they are sometimes capable of “animal” actions.


Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers

In an interview with Laura Juglia, the actress expressed her position on social networks.

One of the most high-profile divorces in the last month was the divorce of Pasha Priluchny and Muceniece. The week before, the actress laughed and happily told the journalist how happy she was that they could finally put an end to their relationship with her husband.

However, she obviously did something in vain! Mutseniets came across a mockery of sobbing bloggers.

Agatha was so impressed as some show business stars that shed tears on the camera that she spoke in their direction even with profanity. She said that she never understood and will not understand such people who play pain on camera. In her opinion, such a hysterical “performance” is possible only for public relations and to attract the public.

But, as time showed, what Agatha laughed at, she got it! Just a few days later, all of her fans saw her complaining about life with a bruised and sometimes broken face. The actress, with tears in her eyes and trembling lips, tried to explain the situation and complain about her husband, with the hope of protection from the people around her, friends and relatives.

Can the words of Muceniece itself be attributed to this situation? Probably not. Her appeal was completely sincere. Only one moment left a negative sediment about the unfortunate wife and mother. Her statement about those people who cry live, because the situations are different. Probably, she herself understood that you should not laugh at the actions of people in a situation that you did not find yourself in.


Unexpected details of the divorce of Priluchny and Muceniece became known.

The unexpected details of the divorce of Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece became known. Gossips say that problems in the marriage of actors began a long time ago. According to rumors, the star of “Major” allegedly five years ago was looking for a replacement for his wife.

Pavel Priluchny is a popular and very popular actor. Endless shooting exhausted the artist. Returning home, he, tired of the cameras at work, dreamed of only one thing – just being yourselfwrite “7 Days”.

However, Agatha Muceniece, as you know, led her vlog about family life. And, according to rumors, Paul was annoyed by the fact that he had no peace at home either. Like, his wife followed him on the heels and took off.

Surrounded by couples also say that Major star was not shy about flirting on set. “Priluchny on the set made me feel welcome. I was pushed from him. I knew very well that Agatha and Pasha had a serious crisis for a long time,” says costume designer Gela Migulova.

Be that as it may, now Agatha and Paul are preparing divorce papers. Spouses peacefully settled all financial issues. Muceniece does not interfere with the husband’s communication with children: son Timothy and daughter Mia. The actress two weeks ago moved out of a country house and settled in a luxurious apartment.

Recall that in February 2020, artists simultaneously in their blogs reported that they filed for divorce. After the announcement of the separation, the couple continued to live under one roof in Moscow region. On April 10, a sobbing actress dazzled the public with recognition – her husband raised her hand and brought the children to tears. She also stated that Paul “does not dry out for ten days.” Muceniece’s recognition that her husband is mocking her and the children was a shock to many fans of the actress.

The beautiful unfinished novel of Priluchny and Muceniece.Pavel Priluchny and Agatha Muceniece are getting divorced. She still loves him. But, probably, there is no strength to be near …


Mutseniets agreed with Priluchny because of his debts

Poverty forced Agatha to continue to “play” with Paul as a family.

A couple of Agatha Muceniece and Pavel Priluchny was involved in a major scandal with a divorce, but this was not a surprise for the couple’s fans. And before that, information appeared that the actress’s husband sometimes behaves like a pig: changes, abuses alcohol, beats Agatha. But then, really unexpected information appeared that even after all this, Mutseniece agreed with Priluchny and they again live in the same house as a family. The actress admitted that they had problems in their couple, told how they tried to solve them with a family psychologist, but she very conveniently kept silent about the fact that she was reunited with Priluchny not so much because of her debts.

Earlier in the public domain, confidential information appeared that Pavel had mortgaged his own expensive car in the amount of 5 million rubles. Immediately there was evidence that Priluchny had huge debts, but in fact there was no confirmation of this. There is debt, but where is the evidence that these are not Muceniece loans? Finding herself in debt like silk, Agatha sold honor and pride and looked through her fingers at Paul’s antics, and only then became agitated when his behavior began to be discussed by the public. Still would! The case when Priluchny got into a strange car drunk and fell asleep there is difficult to ignore.

And now, when the debts have not been paid to conduct the divorce proceedings, to divide property, to engage in the sale of a common house, neither Agatha nor Pavel have the time, energy or money. Damn them, with grievances and betrayals, it would be easy to survive now, – perhaps this is exactly what Muceniece decided and “forgave” Priluchny. And, probably, this family idyll will last until better times: when the debts are paid off, the pandemic will stop, the children will grow up, and Agatha will be able to be completely free even officially.