Big layoffs, huge hires, strong market swings

The rapid spread of coronavirus since it was first reported in China has caused unprecedented shock to the global economy. Following are the business developments related to the epidemic as governments try to stabilize their economies, companies struggle to cope and millions of people face job losses and interruptions in the supply of goods and […]

Singapore Airlines reduces capacity by 96%

Singapore Airlines reduces capacity by 96% The tanks of air transport demand over the virus A Singapore Airlines plane sits on the tarmac of Changi Airport on March 11, 2020. (Photo by Reuters) SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines (SIA) said Monday that it will cut 96% of its capacity as air transport demand evaporates due to movement […]

Still traveling in the middle of the Coronavirus

Frequent flyers quickly became frequent hand washing machines. And despite everything, some are still cleaning their tray tables and still flying. International travel bans are in effect and warnings against non-essential travel are in place. Companies have issued edicts to scrape travel and cancellations of almost all events and meetings have left few trips in […]

Airlines alter the routes San Jose, Oakland

SAN JOSE – The nervousness of the coronavirus and restrictions on air travel in the United States to England and Ireland have triggered the loss of some Bay Area flights to Europe and Asia, but the region is also gaining flights to California. British Airways canceled its service between San Jose International Airport and London […]

Coronavirus Infection Prevention: What is Social Distancing and How Can I Do It?

updated March 15, 2020 12:36:26 Photo: Self-isolation in Hubei province in China was one of the few measures that helped slow down infection rates. (AP: Kin Cheung) Related story: Ardern reveals “unprecedented” travel restrictions, whereby all travelers to New Zealand isolate themselves Related story: A sore throat is not proof that you have coronavirus here […]

What are airlines doing on coronavirus? A list of cancellation policies.

Text size Photograph by Stephen Brashear / Getty Images This article has been updated with new information on cancellation policies. Airline inventories declined on Monday, the morning after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended older adults and those with underlying health problems to avoid long air travel and crowded spaces in the […]