Chancellor question at the Union: Söder overtakes Merz

VOn the possible chancellor candidates of the Union, CSU leader Markus Söder has by far the greatest support among the population. According to a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov on behalf of the German Press Agency, 27 percent of those questioned would like the Bavarian Prime Minister to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) […]

Saxony will gradually open schools on April 20

NEven before Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Ministers discuss the next steps to contain the coronavirus next Wednesday, the government of Saxony has already announced the gradual opening of its schools on April 20. Despite the Corona crisis, the federal state is sticking to the planned examination dates for high school and secondary and […]

Merkel warns of patience in the corona crisis – and expresses cautious hope

Angela Merkel in Berlin Despite cautious hope, the Chancellor warns of taking too much of the easing. (Photo: AFP) Berlin According to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), the corona virus will continue to determine life in Germany for a long time. There is reason to be confident, said Merkel on Thursday in Berlin with regard to […]

How the corona quarantine affects the psyche

The current situation can not only cause loneliness, but can also increase depression. Picture: Picture Alliance The officially ordered insulation protects many people from fatal diseases. But it can also result in severe mental suffering, with long-term aftermath. What can you do about it? WHow is Angela Merkel doing, psychologically? Doesn’t that bother you when […]

Commentary on Corona Bonds: Pandora’s Box

DEU finance ministers can argue like troublemakers even in difficult times. After all, the future of Europe depends on the heads of state and government who, when in doubt, are looking for a compromise to cover their nights. After the failed meeting of finance ministers, especially Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron will […]

How can business and health be reconciled?

The largest automobile plant in the world is dead in the April sun. No worker far and wide. Up to one million vehicles can be manufactured in the Wolfsburg halls every year. At the end of the bridge over the Mittelland Canal, only one of the guards greets you VolkswagenSecurity team. He keeps his distance. […]

Entrepreneur Reinhold Würth fears for Europe

Reinhold Würth The entrepreneur is disappointed with the federal government’s European policy. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf, Stuttgart The entrepreneur Reinhold Würth is concerned about the future of Europe – and disappointed with the grand coalition. “What has happened in Berlin in the past few months and years with regard to Europe is a mega catastrophe,” said […]

in Germany, Angela Merkel rehabilitated by the crisis

breeeeeee the 08/04/2020 at 15:11 French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire believes that a failure of the Eurogroup to find a common and “ambitious” economic response to the coronavirus crisis would be “unthinkable” ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,to put it simply it is a very French habit to charge ants instead of cicadas ,,,,,,,,,,, : the French cicadas […]

Corona: Ministry of Economy coordinates pandemic production

Brussels, Berlin, Dusseldorf The question has arisen again and again in recent weeks – and again and again Minister for Economic Affairs Peter Altmaier avoided it. Pressed by MPs from the Economic Committee, Altmaier referred to the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Health. The CDU politician, of all people, who has staged himself as […]