The case of money laundering aimed at the Bulgarian premier arrives in Europe

The case of the alleged international money laundering plot in Barcelona that points to Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borisov, revealed by EL PERIÓDICO, will reach the European Commission. The Mossos d’Esquadra and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office have been investigating the injection of more than five million euros to two companies based in Barcelona that would have served to install in a villa in Esplugues de Llobregat and put in front of a luxury clothing store on Paseo de Gracia to the exmodel Borislava Yovcheva, whose possible relationship with Borisov is being analyzed.

Georgi Georgiev, the president of the Bulgarian oenegé MC BUUP, who denounced the case, explains to THE NEWSPAPER: “We have sent a letter to both the European Commission and the European Attorney General against Fraud, Laura Kövesi, and we hope to meet with them in Brussels to give them all the data and documents of the Barcelona Case. “

After THE NEWSPAPER reported on the open investigations in Catalonia, the Bulgarian Attorney General’s Office announced that it will also open an investigation. But the complainants do not just rely on the justice of their country, which was already aware of those events a year ago by a complaint of the Socialist MEP Elena Yoncheva.

Denunciation to Strasbourg

Yoncheva says that, until now, not only had he not received an answer, but also, since he revealed the case he has suffered a “persecution” that he has also denounced: “In January 2019, the prosecutor opened an investigation against me. I reported a political persecution and now my case has just been admitted to the Court of Human Rights, in Strasbourg“, he says in statements to this newspaper.

The European Commission, in its 2016 report on Bulgaria, has already recommended an independent investigation of the case, as a result of recordings between Judge Vladimira Yaneva and another magistrate that mentioned the existence of a “house” in Barcelona “that Prime Minister Borisov would have bought to install” a lover “. Finally, nothing was done.


Georgi Georgiev insists: “We have demanded that the prime minister be removed from office until the investigation is completed, so that it cannot affect the process.” Something that has been rejected. The leader of the Oengé who took the case to the Catalan police has just reported to the French police that these days he has received threats against him and his family through several Messenger messages.

Georgiev, who is in France with his wife, where she has received a kidney transplant, says in her complaint, which has been accessed by THE NEWSPAPER, that someone sent her a message that warned her: “We know where she is recovering your wife and is an easy prey. Stop the activity of your association or we will do it “.

Before the agents of the central police station in Grenoble, Georgiev explained that the threats had come after learning about the investigation opened by the Mossos d’Esquadra and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office in Spain, which was published by EL PERIÓDICO on February 21. The NGO leader attributed the threats to the “environment” of the Bulgarian prime minister.

Speaking to this newspaper from France, Georgiev explains: “One of the threats I have received says they will kidnap my wife. Our children are in Bulgaria and my friends from the NGO take care of them and keep them safe. We are used to threats and blows. They can’t stop us. We will continue to fight against the mafia and corruption. I believe that citizens and the free press are stronger than the mafia“.

The store already has an owner

Borisov denied his relationship with the plot and denied ownership of the Esplugues de Llobregat house where the Borislava Yovcheva and his family model was installed. The Bulgarian ‘premier’ attributed the information from EL PERIÓDICO and the open investigation in Spain to maneuvers of the Russian secret services.

As this newspaper already reported, the same day of publication, the clothing store investigated in the alleged money laundering network, an Ermanno Scervino franchise located on Paseo de Gracia, threw the closure Surprisingly Last Wednesday, the real estate agency that manages the rental of the premises, in which, according to Mossos reports, the ex-model that would have benefited from the plot has been exercising “management and control”, confirmed to THE PERIODIC that the establishment already It has a new owner.


The director of Tec de Lerdo is separated due to improper use of the public year

Gómez Palacio, Durango.- The director of the Tecnológico de ciudad Lerdo, Israel “N” was separated from his position due to the improper use of the public exercise, said the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Héctor García Rodríguez.

He said that the criminal judge decided to link this official to the process, attending to the complaints of teachers and the union of that campus.

“We of course reproach the conduct of the educational official after not complying with the requirements to hold the charge, all this provided and sanctioned in article 326 of the Criminal Code of the State of Durango and therefore shortly will be officially disabled so that later be subject to a conviction, ”said the prosecutor.

“Then, it has been linked to the process since last Monday, so the Public Prosecutor of this Prosecutor’s Office has already requested the measures of separation of office, as a precautionary measure, starting the criminal process and waiting for the sentence to end.”

On the other hand, García Rodríguez, who set up a table of complaints at the Lerdo city restaurant “Sabor a Mi”, showed a schedule from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.