That’s because you can not use Alexa to call 911

The set of Amazon hardware products that are powered by your Alexa virtual assistant are used for everything from playing music to controlling different aspects of the home connected to a user, counting the time and more. Amazon and third-party developers are also adding new "skills" all the time to Alexa's already impressive library. But […]

The change of Google Chrome launches firestorm with “serious implications for privacy and trust”

Chrome's latest Chrome release has set the main privacy alarms. In a blog post over the weekend, the cryptographer and professor at John Hopkins University, Matthew Green, wrote a scathing blog post about the new version of Chrome that announces, above the title, that it is completely done with Chrome . The reason? "A few […]

7 paid iPhone applications that you can download for free on September 3

If you're relaxed, shop for offers or go for a BBQ for Work Day, you should continue giving it a couple of moments to see our summary of the best iPhone and iPad applications for sale for free. We have seven solid applications for you to see on Monday, but any or all of these […]