Conte: Cig in simplified derogation already in relaunch – Economy

“The government wants to overcome the challenge of administrative simplification and the reduction of bureaucratic obligations. For this reason, already in the next decree-law supporting the economy, we will introduce a simplified mechanism for the disbursement of the Cassa Integrazione Guadagni in derogation, fundamental for large categories of workers – but – more generally – we are working on a package of courageous interventions, to reduce the time required for the construction of public works, especially the infrastructural ones, and to cut the bureaucracy “. Giuseppe Conte explains it in an interview with Euractiv.

In the meantime, the requests for layoffs in derogation determined by the individual regions and sent to INPS for payment authorization, are 305,434. Of these, 206,904 were authorized by the social security institution and 57,833 were paid, corresponding to an audience of 121,756 beneficiaries. It can be read on the INPS website with reference to the data until 7 May. As of May 3, applications from the regions were 173,565, of which 85,046 authorized by INPS and 29,600 paid to an audience of 57,975 beneficiaries.

The appeal of the unions – “We believe it is necessary to intervene to overcome the delays that are accumulating both for the disbursement of redundancy payments and for the disbursement of advances by the banking system and for the action of the Regions with reference to the cash in derogation”. Giuseppe Conte, the secretaries of CGIL, CISL and UIL, Maurizio Landini, Annamaria Furlan and Carmelo Barbagallo write it in a letter to the Prime Minister. “This situation – say the secretaries general of the three unions – risks weakening the effects of all the important measures you are preparing both in terms of income and labor support and the business system. Matters on which we have had, in the days last, a first opportunity for discussion. On the whole of these issues we turn to you – concludes the letter – so that it is possible to meet and define the necessary actions (including specific insights / meetings) to overcome the current difficulties and delays in the interest of the whole country. ” The letter was also sent for information to the Minister of Labor Catalfo, to the Minister of the Economy Gualtieri, to the Minister of Economic Development Patuanelli, to the President of the Conference of the Bonaccini Regions to the President of Inps Tridico and to the general manager of the ABI Sabatini.