Baader Bank dissolves parts of the fund for general banking risks

Euro bills Baader Bank has partially dissolved its fund for general banking risks. (Photo: dpa) Munich The Baader Bank last year partially canceled its fund for general banking risks and thereby achieved a slightly positive result. “The fund is intended to compensate for volatility in earnings,” said CEO Nico Baader in an interview with Bloomberg […]

Dax group Wirecard: Clarification in installments

Frankfurt / Munich Markus Braun can breathe a sigh of relief, at least for the time being. The KPMG special test has Wirecard relieved in large parts. Clarification is still pending in other areas. It is therefore quite possible that the CEO of the payment service provider from Aschheim near Munich will have to answer […]

Dax builds on the previous day’s rally

Dusseldorf Despite the weak guidelines from the USA, the leading German index continues its rally of the previous day. In morning trading, the DAX rises by one percent to 12,104 points. Today’s Wednesday and other trading days this week, the Frankfurt benchmark should answer an important question: Has the sell-off of the previous week finally […]

Why the corona panic will continue in the markets

Frankfurt “Bad awakening” for the financial markets, “uncertainty rules worldwide”: Claudio Borio, chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel, sums up the mood of international investors. Like many strategists, the BIS expert, who is also known as the “central bank of central banks”, initially anticipates further price fluctuations due to the […]

Corona virus strains the stock markets – investors hope for central banks

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) wants to react to the possible risks of the virus epidemic – if necessary – with suitable measures. The American economy remains fundamentally strong, said central bank president Jerome Powell. Nevertheless, the new type of corona virus poses an emerging risk to economic activity in the United States. The Fed […]

Coronavirus weighs on equity markets – Dax closes below 13,000 points

“The corona virus shows the vulnerabilities of a globalized economy and could lead to companies possibly producing more at local levels in the future,” says Philippe Waechter, chief economist of the French investment company Ostrum Asset Management. Against this background, the virus could prove to be a “game changer” in the long term. The economic […]

Coronavirus is messing up the financial markets – Dax is slipping significantly

Dusseldorf The spread of the corona virus and concerns about the consequences for the global economy have the stock exchanges under control. Since Dax-All-time high of 13,795 points on February 17, sales of the stock market dominate the action. The rapid spread of the corona virus outside of China unsettles investors and has an impact […]