“Either we make brave decisions or we will make the mistakes of 2008”

You have been one of those affected by coronavirus. First of all, how do you find it? All the symptoms are gone and I feel much better. Unemployment data have been released, and figures for ERTOs have not been included, although the ministry said it would. Did you want to make up your data? As […]

Sánchez rectifies with new measures for the self-employed and families

On the first day of the closure of non-essential activities, the Sanchez government issued new responses to alleviate the coronavirus crisis. The Spanish executive approved a decree yesterday with 50 measures aimed mainly at people who have been temporarily unemployed, but also at companies and self-employed. Despite the malaise in some sectors, the central government […]

Competition, threatened by air confinement

After two weeks of a covid-19 crisis, there is no doubt that the European aviation sector will undergo a transformation. It is believed that carriers will be able to survive two to three months on average, depending on the cash they have, and that the crisis will lead to a smaller sector with the death […]

Who can work with the tightening of confinement?

The state allows teleworking and restricts the mobility of workers to essential services, but the measure does not affect the self-employed 3 min Barcelona 3/30/2020 01:05 AM The tightening of the confinement decreed by the Spanish government restricts the mobility of the workers to the maximum. Telecommuting is permitted in all activities where this is […]

The crisis breaks taboos and states are already paying wages to private workers

Different governments respond to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Countries like Denmark, Germany or the United Kingdom have begun to pay their wages directly from the state, in different percentages, while others, such as the United States, have chosen to deposit money directly into their checking accounts. of the citizens. In Spain, […]

Italy and Spain stand for lack of solidarity within the EU (Júlia Manresa Nogueras)

The cracks from the previous decade’s financial crisis were not sealed, and the coronavirus has found room to widen. With the added technical difficulties of video conferencing, the leaders of the European Union were unable to agree on a joint economic response plan for coronavirus yesterday. And before finishing empty-handed, they decided to give themselves […]

Austerity supporters limit action against the virus to rescue fund credits

“Of course Spain does not plan to activate any extraordinary mechanism at this time. We are in a very positive financial situation.” With this assurance, Economic Vice President Nadia Calviño on Tuesday rejected the possibility that Spain would need to resort to the European Rescue Fund (MEDE) to fund the coronavirus crisis response, a possibility […]

“I’m afraid of the future, air conditioning is a luxury device”

“Of course, no one wants you in their home to mount an air conditioner.” Edgar Picazo is a freelancer and has been a refrigerator for 18 years. He has seen him in all colors for almost two decades, but never had a crisis of this magnitude occurred. On Friday, March 13, when the president of […]

what we have learned and what we have not

It has started as a supply crisis but is already affecting demand. It is linked to the development of a pandemic that has so far overwhelmed most governments in advanced countries. No vaccine yet. For the exponential evolution of victims and infections, it is a true headline factory: first cotagi, first death, first company with […]

More than 260 flights hit El Prat by Trump’s airblock

New shake in airlines for coronavirus. Donald Trump’s blockade of flights from Europe to the United States will affect a total of 262 flights from El Prat airport, according to UOC professor Pere Suau-Sánchez’s calculations, based on OAG data. The airline most touched by the measure is American Airlines, which will have to stop operating […]