on the beach 5 meters, 2 from the barber. Our life at a safe distance

Just tune in to a foreign TV to understand that abroad, even in France where only the state “commands” but which is divided into two areas with different health rules, there is a huge confusion about the rules with which to deal with the reopening. In Britain, for example, it is not even clear whether a mask is mandatory on the underground.
In this context, Italy could not fail to distinguish itself. We are slipping into a gigantic tangle of state, regional and municipal macro-laws and micro-ordinances which risks aggravating the damage caused by the Covid.

The emblem of this phase – ridden by politics, categories and the media – is likely to be the “meter war”. By now we all know that everywhere – even in factories – we must respect the distance between people. Inail, however, transferring this standard to restaurants, spoke of 4 square meters for each customer. It is one meter on each side, which means that between two occupied tables there can only be two meters away. It’s math. But this prescription is considered unacceptable by regional politicians and restaurateurs.
The chaos is aggravated if you think that the distance between two armchairs of one barbary they must be 2. The goal is to allow two operators to cut the hair of customers safely but not everyone understands it.


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If you then move on to beaches chaos is total. Because for Inail the space between the umbrellas must be 5 meters but for some Regions of 4 and for others of 3. And then there is the case of masses. For religious services, the precautionary principle has pushed epidemiologists to foresee an even different distance for the faithful: one and a half meters from each other. The logic is understandable because, however large and sanitized, the Churches are closed places and people stay close for a long time. But the avalanche of different rules helps neither citizens nor those who will have to control. Sin. Also because a rule the Italians have already shown that they have given it: return to live free and to have fun but with common sense, without endangering their own safety and that of the community.

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Calabria Ordinance, the TAR accepts the appeal of the Government – Politics

The Tar of Catanzaro accepted the appeal lodged by the Council of Ministers through the General Advocacy of the State against the order of the President of the Calabria Region Jole Santelli, dated 29 April, which allowed table service, if outdoors, for bars, restaurants and farmhouse. This is what can be seen from the Tar website after the collegiate hearing, held in the council chamber, held this morning.

Meanwhile the president of Veneto, Luca Zaia, Asks “that the government decides to say something for May 18. It is essential that citizens know: hairdressers, restaurants and so on cannot come to know on the 17th evening that they reopen the next day. Because it doesn’t work like this” . Zaia hopes that the indication “is clear and in a programmed way so that all of us can organize ourselves. We also have a problem that is that of prevention services.” I read somewhere that someone talks about putting a table every four meters : if you put it at your home a table every four meters. But not in restaurants because this means closing them all. One thing is scientific exercise, one speech is real life which is something else “and hoping that” the guidelines are reasonable “.” If the Prime Minister wants advice, I would make a nice Dpcm with one article : ‘the Regions are delegated, following the presentation of a plan, to reopen’. Point. Finished the article. “Zaia” expects that tonight, as always happens on Saturday evening, the Prime Minister will appear and tell us his. It would already be good news that said ‘get ready because on the 18th I no longer write decrees. But do it. “” It seems to me that yesterday – he adds – I had a report from the Scientific and Technical Committee with respect to the trend of the last week, I imagine that the Prime Minister must take up this report and tell the country what he wants to do “.

No early opening of the shops in Sassari. Also on the basis of the index on the infection, the mayor Nanni Campus has chosen the path of prudence. So tomorrow, at least until May 17, the shutters of clothing, footwear, jewelers, perfumeries, hairdressers, beauty salons, tattoo artists will remain lowered. “Having taken note of the provisions of art. 23 of ordinance n.20 of 2 May 2020 adopted by the President of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, with reference to the trend of the spread curve of the Sars Cov 2 virus in the municipal area, they remain closed personal services such as hairdressing salons, beauticians, tattoo artists and the like. Similarly, from the same date commercial activities for the sale of clothing, footwear, jewelers, perfumeries remain closed “wrote the mayor of Sassari in the new ordinance published today, after the Rt index determined at 0.96 for the capital of northern Sardinia, has in fact excluded the possibility of early opening of the commercial establishments.

“The openings – is the position of the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti – they will be in complete safety. They will be decided only and exclusively on the basis of scientific evaluation. It is the only form we have to give security to citizens and citizens. “” I think it is wrong to reopen with the doubt of too high a percentage of risk – explained Zingaretti – it is also a form of protection of our production system. The theme is obviously to reopen but to do it with a sufficient level of safety, aware that without a vaccine zero risk does not exist, but we can still do a lot. Regional ordinances will be the effect of scientific assessments made day by day “.

“On May 18 hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, beauty salons will reopen” in Puglia “everyone, regularly as expected”, reiterates the president of Puglia region, Michele Emiliano, after the controversy of the opposition parties that accused him of making fun of these categories promising them that they could reopen. The controversies came after a note in which Emiliano explained that the reopening ordinance “will unfold its effects from May 18 in accordance with the national measures that will be adopted in the coming days and, above all, in full compliance with the protocols for the safety”. “Evidently – says Emiliano today – someone has tried to unleash the government on Puglia, making him understand that we were doing an imprudent thing. Instead it is not so, because the rules of the ordinance that allows these activities to resume 18 instead of first of June as was initially foreseen, these are rules that have been studied by Professor Lopalco and all my technicians, together with the professionals, even with inspections within each of the structures “. “And we have identified security criteria – he adds – which are and will also be useful for the national government to reopen sooner, I hope everywhere, all these categories”. “So on the 18th, you see my hair – says Emiliano ironically on his hairstyle – all at the barber, at the hairdresser, by the beauticians, at doing the massages. all the prescriptions I gave you in the ordinance. Good job to all of you. “

The finally, governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti in an interview with Repubblica, he claims that “in difficult times for the country, headshots and forcing must be avoided in every possible way, but I believe that on May 18, when the last Conte government decree expires, the regions they have to go back to exercising their prerogatives and to decide on reopening. I think the time for prohibitions is over and that of citizens’ responsibility has arrived “. “We are not asking to act on our own, but that the government gives us guidelines and let the regions apply them according to the socio-economic needs of their respective territories,” explains Toti. Regarding the warning from scientists on possible relapses, “I have the utmost respect for scientists, who rightly warn us, but politics must summarize and calculate risk, considering the very heavy economic situation”, underlines Toti. “A country that loses ten points of GDP would not even be able to face a second epidemic wave. It is not enough to speak of indebtedness to the country, then this debt must be spent.”


Phase 2: Puglia, hairdressers open from 5/18 – Last Hour – ANSA Agency

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Dog salons must also remain closed

NAfter his decision on shops with more than 800 square meters, with which he rejected an urgent application by the Karstadt chain for the entire opening of the branches, the Hessian Administrative Court has again confirmed the state of Hesse’s line in terms of corona requirements. The judges rejected the request from the operator of a dog salon and a dog school to allow her to operate again. The judges also commented on the question of whether restaurants in currently closed department stores are allowed to reopen.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

According to the Administrative Court, it “did not suspend the temporary ban on the operation of dog schools and dog salons” and rejected the woman’s application for an interim order. In his decision, he refers to the fourth ordinance to combat the coronavirus of the State of Hesse. As follows from this regulation, dog salons and dog schools, among others, must remain closed. The same applies to hairdressing salons.

“Intervention proportional”

According to the explanations of the court, the woman sees herself circumcised in her constitutionally guaranteed free professional practice. However, due to the so-called summary examination offered in the urgent procedure, the regulation that it contested did not prove to be manifestly illegal. The competent senate of the court also does not consider it necessary to overturn the rule in the light of the consequences.

The requirement to close the dog school and the dog salon therefore represents a not inconsiderable encroachment on the freedom to exercise one’s profession. However, the encroachment is “justified by reasonable considerations of the common good and in particular proportionate”. It serves the legitimate purpose of protecting the health of the population and, in particular, of preventing the overloading of the health system.

Do not tempt customers to linger

The decision of the Hessian Administrative Court is uncontested. However, the time in which the applicant still has to be patient is manageable. The regulation she criticized applies until May 3 inclusive. After that, hairdressing salons can also reopen to people.

The fourth regulation also prohibits the operation of restaurants in department stores that are currently not allowed to open completely. Only areas up to 799 square meters are allowed. The operation of such restaurants is prohibited until May 10th. At the moment, restaurants are only allowed to offer food and beverages in out-of-home sales, customers have to pick them up or have them delivered.

From the VGH’s point of view, this rule is also proportionate, which is why it has rejected an urgent application against the regulation. “Restaurants – especially those located in department stores – would regularly invite you to stop shopping or to decide on a meal or a snack together,” it says. The imperative to keep the distance requirement would then not be guaranteed, the judges believe. This decision is also final.

The so-called interpretation instructions for the fourth state regulation can be found here.


A dye and 8 tricks to dye your hair at home and look good on you | Showcase

After a first hint of allowing hairdressers to remain open during the state of alarm with the aim of serving people who cannot wash their hair alone at home, the Government finally decided that only the service of hairdressing at home. So, keep this slogan in mind and remember that you can contact the professionals who are available in your area so they can help you home (always taking extreme precautions).

If, anyway, you alone manage well to comb your hair and what you are looking for is to touch up roots or take a bath of color to renew your hair, do it with the best-rated dye on Amazon and these eight expert tricks that the stylist Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

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hair color

Buy for € 6.70 on Amazon

1. Take an allergy test

Your scalp may be used to the dye used in your beauty salon, so especially if you’ve never dyed at home, start by testing the formula on a single lock in the nape area. “This way you will rule out an allergic reaction and you will also be able to see how it will turn out,” Eduardo explains.

2. Apply to unwashed hair

In this case, cleaning is not a plus: it is preferable that the hair has not been washed that day: “Clean hair makes the dye ‘grip’ less and is more sensitive to possible irritations,” he warns.

3. Prepare everything beforehand

Just like when you paint the walls of a room, there are areas to protect. “Wear old clothes and a towel that you don’t mind stains. Always apply it with gloves and put petroleum jelly on the contour of the face, ears, neck and nape: you will avoid spots and also irritations ”.

4. Choose a lighter shade

“Once applied, it is usually darker than it appeared on the color chart,” highlights Eduardo. “The best thing is to adjust as much as possible to the tone that is currently in the root and always choose a lighter tone.” It is important to appreciate that, normally, the lightest ones usually correspond to numerically superior tones: if the tone closest to your root is 4, you should opt for 5.

The Farmatint tint chosen by Amazon users is available at 10 shades and has gel texture to make it even easier to apply. In addition, it does not contain ammonia, parabens, silicones or paraffins, but a 97% natural plant ingredients top quality and solar filter to protect the hair fibers.

hair color

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5. Respect the times set by the manufacturer

All dyes are accompanied by specific instructions that you must strictly follow. “Although it is often thought that leaving it longer will cover more, this is not the case. After the time that the manufacturer marks, it stops working and you will only be able to irritate the scalp ”, Eduardo warns.

6. Rinse it well

“After the time has elapsed, wash the hair and rinse very well until the water runs clear. Finish with warm or cold water to seal the cuticle and help the color settle, “advises Eduardo.

7. Pamper him more than usual

So that you do not suffer more than usual, follow the steps that your hairdresser would follow. Eduardo explains it: “Wring it out well with the towel and apply a medium mask to the ends, spreading it well with a barbed comb.”

8. Be patient

The results are not always immediate: “The final color is appreciated after a couple of days when the pigments are nuanced.”

Buy for € 6.70 on Amazon

More hair care: The best six masks to improve the health of your hair

* The recommendations so that online order deliveries can be carried out in complete safety for distributors and customers indicate that direct contact between both should be avoided, keep the safety distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 23, 2020.

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10 sporting goods to help you overcome coronavirus

Forecasts predict rain for most of next week. So just to summarize this little pickle that we have in our hands right now: we shouldn’t join the big meetings, or maybe even the little ones. We shouldn’t get on a plane or train. Shopping centers are contraindicated. And now it looks like we won’t be able to leave the house without getting wet.

Oh, and did you hear that there are no sporting events? I’m sorry, my emphasis may have been a little off. Let me say it again. THERE. WE ARE. NO. SPORTS. EVENTS.

If ever there was a week or a month (or a … no, we don’t go there) to curl up on the sofa and watch some NBA basketball or Giants spring training, or even some SportsCenter highlights , that’s all. But in one of the virus’ most cruel twists, there are no games that distract us.

Before you panic and do something extreme, like committing to spending quality time with your family, I would like to offer some tips for sports people: some movies, books, podcasts, etc. To scratch your sports itch (well, that looked disgusting) while the arena doors are closed.

Here are my 10 recreational tips. My rec.

WHEN HE WAS KING (documentary film): this film, which tells the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” in 1974, is probably my favorite sports document of all time. The setting scenes in Zaire (now Democratic Republic of the Congo) are wild, from ecstatic topless dancers to semi-coherent wanderers by special guest James Brown. The framing of the boxing match is also fantastic, focusing on how Muhammad Ali managed to overcome a terrible situation. The most interesting thing, however, is to see George Foreman, a medium fat reduction pre-lean grill. Now he could be the cuddly uncle of the United States. By 1974, Foreman had not yet learned the fine arts of smiling and public speaking. The man was terrifying.

STEPHEN FLORIDA (book): Gabe Habash’s debut novel in 2017, like most literature, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He is profane and has elements of fantasy, and the main character is a real wacky one. But this rich profile of a college fighter in North Dakota is often hilarious and insightful. I read that Habash is unprecedented in wrestling. He must have done some serious research, because part of what attracted me is how he captured the sport’s obsessiveness and self-destruction.

ALL THE SMOKE (podcast): an interview-style pod hosted by former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes? Yes thanks. I thought it would be frank and fun. All smoking is both of these things, but much more. First of all, Barnes and Jackson have combined 28 years in the league and their reputation, say, keeping them real, gives them incredible access. Just from the new year, their guests have included Kobe Bryant (seriously, January 9th), Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Snoop Dogg. And the interviews are a real blast. What strikes me most is the way in which hosts are able to vary the tone, keep it clean with Curry and become vulgar with DeMarcus Cousins, without looking fake. Warning: don’t listen to this podcast if you don’t like hearing kids talk about getting high.

O.J.: MADE IN AMERICA (documentary series): this five-part, eight-hour series, produced by the group “30 for 30” at ESPN, left me breathless. Like anyone who lived in Los Angeles in 1994-95, I have clear memories of the white pursuit of the Bronco, the “crime of the century” and the trial that has affected everyone for months. But this production explained me a lot – both on O.J. Simpson and the cultural context in which he was arrested and tried. Puzzled about how an African-American majority jury might find Simpson guilty of two murders despite overwhelming evidence? Look at this and you will understand. Oh, and they have almost all the members to talk.


Man accused of a first murder attempt after a barber shootout in East Garfield Park – NBC Chicago

Chicago authorities confirmed Sunday that a suspect was charged in connection with a shooting in early January that injured five people in a barber shop in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood.

Police said 29-year-old Walter Jackson of East Chicago was charged with four first-degree murder attempts for a shootout at Gotcha Faded’s barber, 234 N. Pulaski Rd., On January 16.

Chicago police initially reported that two gunmen fired firearms from the outside and around 30 people, including a child, were inside.

Lorenzo Matthews, 11 years old, and his brother Michael Smith, 12 years old, were among those shot, who were quickly transported to Stroger hospital, officials said.

Matthews was recovering from gunshot wounds to his back, abdomen and arm and underwent at least two surgeries, authorities said.

Three other people in the barbershop were also shot.

The boys’ mother, Cierra Mobley, said she was waiting for her son to call when they were ready to be picked up, but instead received a phone call saying they had been shot.

“I was actually speechless, because this was the first time my kids went to this barber shop, and I hurt myself because of the fact that my kids were injured,” said Mobley.