Corona virus restrictions could last all year – B.Z. Berlin

B.Z./ots April 3, 2020             09:34 Updated                                             11:30 Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), assumes that the distance regulations due to the corona pandemic could continue all year round. It is about “slowing the rate of infection so that we do not overload the health system and prevent conditions such as in Spain or […]

2777 corona infected people in Berlin – B.Z. Berlin

B.Z. March 31, 2020             20:40 Updated                                             21:31 The number of Berliners infected with the novel corona virus has increased again. And unfortunately there are more deaths to complain about. The Corona virus has been raging in Berlin for four weeks, has since infected 2777 Berliners and claimed 15 lives. This emerges from the current figures […]

Dead woman (53) found in the hallway – murder commission determined! – B.Z. Berlin

Berlin-Marzahn March 31, 2020             12:44 Updated                                             12:47 Cruel discovery early Tuesday morning in Marzahn! Around 5.45 a.m., a dead 53-year-old was found in the hallway of an apartment building on Borkheider Strasse. The police assume a homicide. This would be indicated by the circumstances and the location of the discovery. She should be autopsied on […]

How Berlin prepares curfews because of Corona – B.Z. Berlin

Does the capital stumble upon the curfew? Berlin’s Senate is still arguing, the left is braking – but according to B.Z. information, supermarkets AND authorities are already messing with their heads. They are preparing for a curfew. The Job Center Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg announces in a letter: In the next few days, all employees will receive a […]

For fear of corona virus! Michael Müller in self-quarantine – B.Z. Berlin

B.Z. March 18, 2020             19:41 Updated                                             20:32 The corona virus also reaches politicians in Berlin. The House of Representatives has to pause by visiting a diplomat who has tested positive. The Governing Mayor was also present at the meeting. Berlin’s Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) has after the Coronavirus diagnosis by the Israeli ambassador According to […]

Corona virus causes yawning empty spaces in Berlin – B.Z. Berlin

Boris Dombrowski March 12, 2020             22:09 Updated                                             10:40 p.m. There are 137 corona infected people in Berlin. There are hardly any tourists on the street. All theaters, museums and opera houses have closed for the time being. The Robert Koch Institute reported 137 infected people in Berlin. Orphaned squares, empty pedestrian zones, less traffic jams […]

Thousands of rents in Berlin are already descending! – B.Z. Berlin

Hildburg Bruns Rents are now moving in reverse in Berlin. Up a few months ago, down now! After the new rental cover comes into force, landlords are now sending the first reductions. In this early phase, however, only Berliners are affected who have had an increase in the mailbox since last summer (cut-off date June […]

Two more infected people in Berlin – number of corona cases increases to 15 – B.Z. Berlin

B.Z. March 5, 2020             19:52 Updated                                             20:01 The number of people infected with corona in the capital rose to 15. As the “rbb” announced on Thursday evening, the health administration had confirmed that of the “evening show”. The authorities have not yet given any details as to whether the new cases are related to the […]