20 minutes – Lenker (35) is caught at 209 km / h on A1

A car driver drove at 209 km / h on Saturday evening on the A1 motorway near Spreitenbach. The cantonal police in Aargau pulled the 35-year-old driver out of circulation and temporarily arrested him. After deducting the legal tolerance, a punishable exceedance of 82 km / h remains, as the canton police announced on Monday. […]

20 minutes – Police now pay at private barbecues

Celebrating at a table with more than five people in a private pergola – this is forbidden and is now being punished: Because the police also enforce the ban on the meeting on private grounds. Christian Bertschi, spokesman for the Lucerne police, confirmed a corresponding report by the SRF regional journals in Central Switzerland. Police […]

20 minutes – police seize two speed vehicles

At the weekend, the police in H√§gendorf SO and Hauteville FR had three speeders on the net. In two cases, the drivers’ vehicles were confiscated, all three had to hand in their driver’s license. A car flashed at a speed of 144 kilometers per hour in Freiburg on Sunday afternoon in Hauteville on the cantonal […]

20 minutes – climber (27) suffers from back injuries when falling

A 27-year-old man sustained back injuries in a fall in the Sonnenpl√§ttli climbing garden in Gersau SZ on Sunday afternoon. The climber had rolled down several meters of sloping terrain shortly after 3:30 p.m. after a misstep, the police wrote. He had to be flown to a non-cantonal hospital with a rescue helicopter, as the […]

20 minutes – emergency patients avoid hospitals because of corona

Because of the rampant coronavirus pandemic, people with medical emergencies are apparently staying at home. According to emergency services, around a third fewer patients are currently arriving in Swiss emergency rooms than before the pandemic. survey Have you had medical treatment recently for a medical problem? The Swiss Society for Emergency and Rescue Medicine (SGNOR) […]

20 minutes – antibodies from healed people could save lives

Malaria medicine, Ebola preparation and rheumatism therapy – as long as it is neither a vaccine there is still a specific drug against Covid-19, doctors around the world go to great lengths to alleviate the symptoms of their patients and, at best, to save them from death. This also includes transfusing blood plasma from those […]

20 minutes – This is how the police monitor us on weekends

The upcoming weekend with bright spring weather will be the dress rehearsal for Easter. The big question is: Do the Swiss still adhere to the Corona rules of conduct and stay at home? In order to control the public spaces, the cantonal police in Aargau use surveillance cameras: With a special regulation, the government council […]

20 minutes – This isolated village in Spain is corona free

The mayor of the southern Spanish municipality of Zahara de la Sierra has decided to completely isolate his city from the outside world. For this purpose, four of the five access roads were blocked, making it impossible to get through. The reason for this is that so far there has not been a single Corona […]

20 minutes – sub-tenant strangled, then passed to corpse

It was an unusual case that the Zurich District Court had to deal with a year and a half ago: not only had the suspect claimed that he was led by an “upper power”, but he had also sexually assaulted the body after the crime. Now the 36-year-old French-speaking Switzerland has also been sentenced by […]