Bertelsmann is gearing up against Corona employees on short-time work

Bertelsmann boss Thomas Rabe The media crisis is preparing for the consequences of the corona epidemic. (Photo: AFP) Berlin The media giant Bertelsmann sees itself armed with a record profit in the back to cushion the consequences of the coronavirus crisis. “Bertelsmann is well prepared,” said CEO Thomas Rabe on Tuesday. With the broad positioning […]

A third of all managers struggle with their own leadership role

Dusseldorf German companies have a problem in their management levels – and it is the managers themselves. Or more precisely: their attitude and their level of confidence. Because almost a third of all managers struggle massively with themselves and their own role. Young managers in particular are plagued by great self-doubt. This is shown by […]

This is how expensive climate neutrality is for companies in Europe

Dusseldorf For the freshly chosen BP-Chef Bernard Looney was the first public appearance in his new position a breeze. After months of demonstrations by angry activists outside the company’s headquarters in London, the oil company’s former downstream manager was allowed to say things that his predecessor Bob Dudley would never have said. “We have to […]