“Vivarium”, a chick suburb

Lorcan Finnegan films a young couple trapped in an agonizing housing estate that evokes suburban boredom, but the satire falls flat. .

Alberto Giacometti, plasters to reshape

Is it to know that they have disappeared? In the photos, the works are reminiscent of the silent relics of an extinct civilization. A conical volume decorated with two eyes and a navel, which stands like a totem in the middle of a deserted workshop (1 + 1 = 3, 1934). A puzzle of geometric […]

“White nights”, the in-between dream – Culture / Next

Sometimes it only takes a few things for a film to haunt cinephile imaginations: a slamming title like an oxymoron shrouded in mystery, a silhouette of a woman lost in the mist, her spectral presence captured in the compactness of the void around her of her, a man whom this mad solitude imperiously attracts because […]

OM: the phoenix feeds on its ashes

Bloodless last season but solid second in L1 after their victory (1-0) Saturday against Toulouse, the Marseillais led by André Villas-Boas take pleasure in sharing the adventure this year despite the will of the club to sell its stars as soon as possible . With two locomotives: Dimitri Payet and Steve Mandanda. .