Anger about Riexinger: The left is its own worst enemy

Eespecially Kappl is angry. “We tear our asses open and each of you is so shit,” said the Bavarian local politician on Twitter. Kappl is a member of the Left Party, and her anger is directed at party ideologist Sahra Wagenknecht, Bodo Ramelow, Prime Minister of Thuringia, who was just celebrated as a figure of […]

“As of today, the ‘F’ in FDP stands for cowardly”

Relief from the Thuringian coalitioners – explanations by the FDP and CDU – harsh words from the AfD. These are the reactions after the election of Bodo Ramelow in Erfurt. In the second attempt it has for Bodo Ramelow worked out: The left-wing politician is on Wednesday for another term of prime minister of Thuringia […]

Ramelow denies Höcke the handshake after the election

Bodo Ramelow has been re-elected Prime Minister of Thuringia. In the third ballot, he received the necessary simple majority. There was an incident in the plenary. All information in the news blog. The state parliament in Thuringia elected Bodo Ramelow as prime minister in the second attempt. In the third ballot, the votes of the […]

The Left Party cannot govern

Left Party chairman Bernd Riexinger Riexinger reacted “somewhat unhappily”, it says. (Photo: AP) Berlin You can’t believe it. Just on the day when the Left Party politician Bodo Ramelow wants to be elected Prime Minister again in Thuringia, a video goes around that only allows one conclusion: The Left Party is unelectable – and should […]

Thuringia: Déjà-vu in Erfurt

A Prime Minister will be elected again this Wednesday in the Thuringian Landtag. And not even the corona virus could stop the choice. ,

If corona is suspected, the election is postponed

The second attempt at a prime minister election in Thuringia threatens to burst before it begins. There is a suspected corona case in the CDU parliamentary group. If he confirms, the choice is postponed. All information in the news blog. On Wednesday, the state parliament in Thuringia makes a new attempt to elect a prime […]

Junge Union requests CDU in Thuringia to be absent | TIME ONLINE

The head of the Young Union, Tilman Kuban, has the Thuringian CDU state parliamentarians asked to leave the plenary hall when the Prime Minister was elected. “Our decision does not allow cooperation with the AfD or the Left Party – nor indirect one,” said Kuban to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “Therefore, the […]

Thuringian turmoil: The double Ramelow

Bodo Ramelow in the Erfurt state parliament on February 21, 2020 Picture: dpa Bodo Ramelow does not want to call the GDR “wrongful state”. For this he speaks of “human annihilation” in a “wrongful system”. How the left manages to appeal to the bourgeoisie and former Stasi people at the same time. NAfter talking to […]

Party leadership rejects Bodo Ramelow election with CDU votes | TIME ONLINE

content Read on one page content page 1 –Party leadership rejects Bodo Ramelow election with CDU votes Page 2 –Ramelow expects an absolute majority Thuringia – “Cooperation with these two parties is not possible” CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak rejected Bodo Ramelow’s election with CDU votes. Nevertheless, the left is not comparable to the AfD. […]