Allianz supervisory boards want a huge increase in salaries

Munich In the middle of the corona crisis, the supervisory board of the alliance with the demand for a 20 percent higher fixed remuneration. The twelve-member committee wants to have it approved at the Annual General Meeting on May 6. This is clear from the insurer’s agenda. Item 6 of the otherwise rather unspectacular agenda […]

1000 TL aid to 2 million households

Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk shared the details of an additional 2 billion lira resource transfer for cash assistance to families in need. Selçuk said, “All of the 2 million households that are in need of regular support from our ministry will benefit from cash support of 1,000 TL.” Stating that citizens do not need to […]

Ex-boss Bill McDermott receives 15 million euros in remuneration

Dusseldorf In November Bill McDermott is from SAP to Service Now changed, to the surprise of most employees, customers and shareholders. Nevertheless, the long-time boss of the software manufacturer received compensation of 15.18 million euros for the past year, an increase of 55 percent. On the one hand, this results from high bonuses in recent […]