Spatulas, masks, ventilation: companies mobilize themselves

Dusseldorf It was an ad that shook people up. Around seven o’clock on Saturday morning, Arndt Rolfs, founder of the biotechnology company Centogene in Rostock, received the first emails when he called on companies. Because he sees that time is running without a clear concept on the table. He founded Centogene twelve years ago and […]

Suppliers are attacking car manufacturers with the e-platform

“Rolling Chassis” from Bosch and Benteler If you want to survive in the electrical world, you need your own “skateboard”, is the Bosch calculation. (Photo: Bosch) Stuttgart, Munich A small message in early March received little attention. But it could have a big impact on the automotive industry of the future: That Italian design studio […]

Bosch develops a test to diagnose the coronavirus in two and a half hours

YE. MADRID Updated:03/27/2020 16: 24h save Related news The global provider of automotive, technology and services Bosch has developed a quick test to diagnose coronavirus, so that in less than two and a half hours it allows to know if a person is infected with Covid-19, according to the company. “We want the Bosch rapid […]

“This is an entire laboratory in small format”

The Bosch company is causing a sensation with a new rapid test for the new type of corona virus. The device should be able to indicate an infection within two and a half hours. WELT spoke to Jochen Rupp, co-inventor of the analyzer. .

Corona: Bosch promises test result in less than three hours – News / News

It sounds like every doctor’s dream – and of course every patient. You go to the doctor with cold symptoms and less than three hours later you know whether you have a cold or a corona infection. The technology group Bosch has developed just that: an analyzer for rapid corona tests. “Vivalytic” can diagnose ten […]

Online trading is not a sure-fire success even in the corona crisis

Dusseldorf Media Markt and Saturn tried everything. Because they have to close their branches in more and more countries, both companies have focused all sales activities on the online channels. They advertise equipment for the home office in their web shops. But the additional business on the net is not enough. The parent company Ceconomy […]

Bosch decides on short-time work in 35 German plants

Bosch Around 35 locations of the Mobility Solutions division as well as of central functions and areas in Germany are affected by the measures. (Photo: dpa) Stuttgart Bosch will severely restrict the operation of its German locations from next Wednesday – in some cases from Monday – and shut down parts of its production and […]

BMW, Daimler, VW: Corona crisis stops European car production

Volkswagen, AudiSkoda Porsche, PSA, ford, Daimler, Rolls-Royce, Nissan, Toyota and BMW close their factories, BMW even until April 19. The rapid spread of the corona virus in Europe has done what no economic crisis in history has ever done. All the car manufacturers’ belts in Europe stand still. The absolute state of emergency has been […]

Huawei regains top position in patent statistics

Munich, Dusseldorf Initially, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei appeared uncertain when he appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January. The 75-year-old sat motionless on his chair with his hands folded. But when he spoke about the allegations of the US government that his technology company was helping the Chinese government with cyber espionage, […]

Companies need a new AI approach

Dusseldorf When Darnell Gates came out of prison, he didn’t know that from now on, a computer would make a big difference in his life. Whether it is arranging interviews with the probation officer or approving for a few days of vacation: In the background, a system with artificial intelligence continuously assesses the relapse risk […]