“House of Money” Season 4: Hups, they have already taken hostages again

LAuter beautiful cities, Tokyo and Rio, Helsinki, Oslo and Nairobi, Moscow and Denver – and of course Berlin. They are closely related, even if they are geographically far apart. And not only are they fun-loving, spirited and exuberant, they’re also pretty dangerous, sometimes trigger-happy. Because behind the names of these metropolises are criminals, computer hackers, […]

A festival dies of Corona every day

Rilke always goes. “Lord, it’s time. The summer was very big. ”How we would have loved to have sighed in October 2020. As every year, exhausted, tired, overflowing with impressions, but happy. Because our festival summer was again a big one, at least a rich one. Will it happen this fall? Rather not. The Bayreuth […]

Krzysztof Penderecki is dead: obituary for an eternal non-conformist

Ein free spirit. This is one who goes his own way, who is not impressed by fashions and isms. An even freer mind is, of course, someone who changes the path once taken, who admits to a mistake of his own, who consistently contradicts himself, and who also endures the irritation that his former allies […]

Classic and Corona: Maybe the whole thing has something good in the end

Es is passion time – in the truest sense. Normally, like in the run-up to Christmas, the free singers, musicians and baroque orchestras would have to do something especially in anticipation of Easter. Here a cantata, there an oratorio. The death of Jesus is a profitable music business. Instead of singing suffering arias, there are […]

Obituary: The US dramatist Terrence McNally died of the corona virus

Schwule on stage. For far too long these were just the flashy sidekicks, the best friends and butlers, always good for a quick, cheap laugh about those warm brothers, pink males, sissies, prissies, fagots. And if you once played the leading roles as an outsider, it immediately became a gruesome cliché – as in Charles […]

Corona victim Ersan Mondtag: “Shakespeare is only paper with ink on it”

“I’m through with theater, now comes opera.” Sounds like a plan. Ersan Mondtag, the 33-year-old drama director, actually Ersan Aygün, a genuine Neuköllner, with blue glasses and artist name, but actually not an artificial figure, has flirted with performance, installation and music. Now he wants to change the genre again. In Ghent and Antwerp (both […]

Classic in the livestream: As we see classic without going to the concert

OLive performances and orchestral programs as live performances via the Internet and a ghost concert in the empty hall, the advancing corona restrictions no longer allow accumulations, the theaters all had to even stop rehearsing. Now is the time for canned streaming. And the mini-group initiative, in other words: chamber music. In addition to a […]

In the empty theater I felt a bit like 1944

Exceptionally, the critics clap here – there is nobody else. Our author was at an opera premiere in front of an almost empty house in Dortmund and felt like in very dark times. Also because he almost only met soldiers on the train. .

The handwriting of a genius

Beethoven was as he wrote. How he put his notes on the lines, wrote his letters down, reveals his character. The Berlin State Library is showing more than 100 manuscripts for its 250th birthday. You never got so close to Titan. .

Culture and Corona: The fear of coughing neighbors and spitting singers

Jona’s merchant is ill, no, nothing bad, but he canceled “Fidelio” in London on Monday evening. After all, culture is still running smoothly in England. Elsewhere, however, the lights are out due to Corona. All in Italy, where, for example, the sensational Raphael exhibition in Rome cannot be visited because everything is closed. Little is […]