Bruno Le Maire calls on companies to show responsibility

Those who distribute them will not have access to public aid. By Anne-Hélène Pommier Bruno Le Maire, at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, on March 16. ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA / ROMUALD MEIGNEUX / SIPA Muriel Pénicaud had, so to speak, rang the alarm bell on Friday morning. By announcing on CNews that the […]

In Fort-Bercy, in the coronavirus storm

STORY – How to reconcile confinement and economic continuity? From the smallest details of the supply chain to support plans worth several hundred billion euros, Bruno Le Maire faces an unprecedented challenge. The minister’s office in Bercy has turned into a crisis center HAMILTON / REA / HAMILTON / REA Bruno Le Maire looks tenderly […]

Is the economic crisis that is starting comparable to 1929, as Bruno Le Maire says?

The Minister of the Economy drew a parallel between the foreseeable consequences of the epidemic of Covid-19 and “the great depression of 1929”. Is this comparison really relevant? Bruno Le Maire curiously mentioned the “great depression of 1929”. ERIC PIERMONT / AFP THE QUESTION. “What we are experiencing has no other comparison than the Great […]

truckers want to limit their activity

In the absence of masks and gloves, the drivers oppose their employers who want to continue working. An employee unloads crates of fruit and vegetables from a truck on Tuesday in Versailles. Michel Euler / AP It does not matter that the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, considers transport (of people, goods and […]

what to remember from government announcements

“The number is historic, you have to go back to 1958 to find a previous equivalent“Recalled Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at the end of the Council of Ministers. The latter, meeting this Wednesday in reduced staff, has indeed adopted no less than 25 orders, covering several areas. Eight of these relate to the economy, specifically […]

Europe promises a “limitless” and “united” response

Tensions remain alive in the eurozone, particularly over the idea of ​​common “coronabonds”. Unlike the euro crisis in 2011-2012, Europeans are in the same boat. Jasper Juinen / Bloomberg Week of truth for the European Union. The coronavirus crisis provides a historic opportunity for the euro area to demonstrate the strength and determination it has […]

For the boycott of Amazon! For massive support for the book sector!

Grandstand. On the fourth day of confinement, two ministerial declarations came in turn to reveal the inconsistencies in health policy and the confusion maintained by the government. The Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud, said “Scandalized” that the building craftsmen’s union called to close the construction sites. What is scandalous is that the minister is outraged. […]

Conditions for validating hardened partial unemployment claims

In the space of about 20 days, almost 26,000 companies have applied for partial unemployment. Or 560,000 employees to compensate. Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy. LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP Is the government changing its strategy? After calling heavily on businesses to work short-time working, the executive now appears to qualify this incentive somewhat. […]

Ban speculation on falling prices

AIn light of continued losses on the French stock exchange, the AMF securities regulator in Paris banned all short sales this week. Initially, the ban was only valid for 24 hours and for those 92 values ​​that experienced a price drop of more than 10 percent in one day. However, on Wednesday, the agency extended […]

Expert initiates discussion about stock market closings

Frankfurt Stock Exchange Exchange closings are currently not an issue for Deutsche Börse. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt, New York, Tokyo The US leading index Dow Jones closed just under 13 percent on Monday. In percentage terms, this is the biggest daily loss since 1987 and, according to index points, the biggest loss ever. The unexpected cut […]