Mallorca, a ‘cage’ for more than 20,000 tourists in ‘shock’

The airport fills up with foreigners looking for a flight: “We are in limbo”

Tourists with masks in the departure terminal of the airport of ...

Tourists with masks in the departure terminal of Palma airport.

I work with refugees and have lived through epidemics inAfrica. But this is something else. I have not seen anything like it. We are all in limbo without knowing what to do.Hade, fromGermany, he was going to spend his 60th birthday inMajorca. I landed last Tuesday with a sunny week ahead and eager to rest. 24 hours later it was another story, the German explained yesterday to this newspaper at the airport inPalm.

The climate of tension and uncertainty caused by the new coronavirus invaded the entire island. And it also frustrated the holidays of the approximately 25,000 tourists who were estimated to have been inBalearics. They canceled my return flight and I had to buy another one. The travel agency warned me that there is the possibility of being confined at the airport if they closed the air space. Hotels no longer receive reservations and this Saturday they will all be closed. Me and many foreigners were very nervous. We didn’t know what was going to happen and we wanted to go home, Hade added shortly before entering the departure lounge.

Last Monday 62 flights were canceled at Palma airports,IbizaYMahn. Yesterday the screens with the flight information revealed a similar situation. Hundreds of foreigners sat waiting whether their plane would leave or not. Around one o’clock in the afternoon the president of the Balearic Government,Francina Armengol, the ministerial order on the practically total closure of ports and airports advanced. Balearic Islands, confined by air and sea.

Adrin, fromBarcelona, it was wave that this was going to happen. Yesterday I was walking uneasily through the departure terminal ofThey are Sant Joanwaiting to get on his plane. I landed in Mallorca on Monday to start a new job as an administrative officer and in less than 24 hours I was back at the airport. I thought they could close the air space and I have no suitcase because yesterday they lost it. I am without clothes and there are no stores open. If by quarantine I already felt locked up, imagine yourself on an island, the Catalan confessed.

The same fear passedSchmidt, a German couple who bought up to three flights to ensure a return home. Yesterday they arrived at the airport well in advance. Hours and hours of waiting with no coffeemakers to go to. Only a few vending machines.Kevin Winsterand two friends return at last toUnited Kingdomafter spending two days in quarantine in an apartment in Mallorca. They did it on an emergency flight from the Easyjet airline after learning that the plane they had planned to take would not leave.


Most of the people who walked through the airport left, only a few arrived despite the fact that after leaving it would be a difficult task. I could have stayed inNetherlands, but I live here. I know it won’t be easy, confessed Jun Jer, a Dutchman who had just arrived from a cruise shipBarbados.

A similar tension climate was breathed among the aerodrome workers. Civil guards and Aena employees walked through Son Sant Joan practically without any protective material against COVID-19. Only a few had gloves. The masks, the most privileged. The situation is much worse than I thought. We are totally overwhelmed. For having, we have nothing, declared a worker ofAenawho preferred to remain anonymous.

An employee of the TUI tour operator entered the airport pharmacy looking for that asset so precious to many in full alarm. Protect your mouth with a scarf. We have been without masks since Saturday, he confessedMalek, an airport pharmacist. When the state of alarm became official this was chaotic. Many people came in asking for masks and gloves, but we didn’t even have alcohol. I have a hard time with people. My job is to give a remedy, and I can’t. The same powerlessness was felt by an Aena worker who offers information to tourists. I keep receiving calls from nervous people asking if they are going to cancel their flight or if their daughter can return home. Neither I nor anyone else can do anything.

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Calima and wind complicate fires and paralyze the areo traffic in the Canary Islands

TheGran Canaria airport,The one that has presented the most complications this weekend, began operating early on Sunday night. Even so, there are passengers whose flights were canceled during the day and who have had to sleep tonight in hotels on the island, and others for whom no room has been found, have slept in the aerodrome facilities, as well as the Saturday night. At two o’clock in the morning on Monday, all the airports in the Canary Islands, except for the one in Tenerife South, had restarted operations. In total, 822 flights have been affected in the Islands.

From the Cabildo de Gran Canaria they confirm that the forest fire of Tasarte, in the area of ​​Inagua, continues active but does not progress. In this nucleus there are four houses affected by fire. The Consortium of Firefighters of the island review the town of Tasarte in the next few hours to authorize the progressive return of evacuated neighbors. Also. it is estimated that the residents of the Tasartico nuclei, evicted since Saturday afternoon, will be able to return home tomorrow.

High winds, high temperatures and lack of visibility due to the calima complicate this Sunday the fight against fires in the Canary Islands and the traffic in the islands has been suspended. The situation is very complicated throughout the archipelago and has affected one of its seas of identity and tourist hook: Carnival.

The strong wind, of up to 163 kilometers on the summits of Tenerife, according to the Aemet data, and the dense calm that affects the island and the entire Canary Islands prevent the sandy areas from acting in the different active foci in several islands. Strong gusts of wind have caused the flames to spread rapidly. Wind gusts of more than 100 kilometers per hour have been recorded in 24 municipalities in the Canary Islands.

The forecast of the Meteorological Institute is that the wind blows strongly in the next few hours, so the Canary Islands Government has decidedsuspend classes on Monday.

The meteorology has also affected part of the programming of theCarnival, which was suspended this Sunday in Gran Canaria and in Santa Cruz de TenerifeHe has resumed early in the day.

As for theGran Canaria fire,The mayor of La Aldea de San Nicols has assured EL MUNDO that two other centers have been evacuated from the area as a precaution. Is aboutEl Hoyo and Tocodomn. The neighbors have been transferred to the sports hall of La Aldea. The neighborsTasarte and Tasartico,evicted on Saturday night, they continue outside their homes. Now, the work of extinction is focused on preventing the fire from moving forward through the area ofInagua, where the flames have arrived.

The mayor of La Aldea, Toms Prez, claims to continue “with concern the advance of fire.” Ensures that there is a lot of smoke in the area and that strong wind gusts are still present.


The traffic in the Canary Islands was temporarily suspended due to a phenomenon of Calima,wind with dust on suspension from the Sahara, announced the aviation authorities. Around 21.30 hours, the Gran Canaria airport began to resume its traffic gradually.

From Aena they report that of the more than 1,200 operations planned for Sunday, 822 flights have been affected and thousands of passengers have been grounded. The strong windstorm and calm has worsened in recent hours and visibility is very weak.

It is estimated that more than four thousand people have stayed for the second consecutive night at the airport of Gran Canaria, since all passengers have not been able to relocate to hotels on the Island due to the high occupancy at the time of the Carnival.

One C
A central street of Tenerife.

The Canary Islands is one of the main tourist areas of Spain, with an important influx of visitors from northern Europe at this time of the year, but also Spanish due to the famous carnivals held on the islands.

In addition to the low visibility caused by the calima, strong winds have been recorded on the islands, with a maximum of 163 kilometers per hour on the summits of the island of Tenerife.

The worsening of the meteorology in the Canary Islands has caused that the traffic are not allowed to the airports of the archipelago and the airplanes en route have been diverted to alternative destinations, according to Aena.

The airport of Gran Canaria and Lanzarote did not accept either arrival or departure flights becausethe conditions of calm and visibility do not allow to operate. The latter has begun to resume operations late in the afternoon of this Sunday.

Also, inter-island flights have been suspended and only flights that were close to the islands have been able to land in Fuerteventura and Tenerife South.

The wind in the Canary Islands causes a collision between two ferries/the world is

From Aena passengers are requested not to go to the airports until they confirm the status of their flight with the airline, as there are currently no arrival operations on any island due to the calm and wind.

First it has been the airport of Gran Canaria that has stopped operating while they do so with some normality that of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, but as the hours have passed they have ceased their activity. Traffic are directed to these are being diverted to other airfields such as the Moroccans, where they can land safely.

Winds up to 163 kilometers per hour

The State Meteorological Agency has recorded winds of up to 163 kilometers per hour in theIzaa mountain and 105 kilometers in La Victoria de Acentejo, streaks that will remain until 22:00 today.

The Cabildo de Tenerife reports that Aemet maintains the prediction of strong gusts between 70 and 110 kilometers.

The phenomenon of Calima already affected Saturday at the three main Canary airports (both Tenerife and Gran Canaria), which were closed briefly, whichaffect about 230 flights.

Various fires spread in the Canary Islands due to the calm/the world is


The forest fire ofGran Canaria,in the municipality of La Aldea de San Nicols, it remains active on one of its fronts. More than 500 neighbors, from several nuclei, were evicted from their homes by the nearby llamas. It has been impossible that the sand media could collaborate with the work of extinction due to strong gusts of wind. The fire advances towards the natural site of Inagua, an area of ​​pine forest.

In Tasarte, according to the mayor of La Aldea de San Nicols, Toms Prez,several homes have been affected by fire, like the palm grove of the helmet, although what worries is its evolution in the high part of this municipal term.

The focus led the Cabildo to request the intervention of the Military Emergency Unit (UME), which has allocated27 military and three bombsto the extinguishing device.

Fire in the Orotava/the world is

The one in Tasarte is not the only forest fire that worries in the islands this Sunday.

The Cabildo de Gran Canaria haswarned the neighbors of Tejeda, that are near the Roque Bentayga, where another fire has been declared, that emergency instructions are prepared and followed, before thepossibility of having to evict.

InTenerife, several fires in urban areas of six northern municipalities have caused the eviction of some thousand people and the closure of the north highway of the island. The fires recorded in these six municipalities of Tenerife have been contracted during the afternoon. In total, up to 20 outbreaks have originated, which have forced the evacuation of more than a thousand neighbors who were able to return to their homes after several hours. Some homes have been affected by fire.

This fire affected the road between the municipalities of La Orotava and Los Realejos, and works to prevent the flames from affecting the homes.

The residents of Las Candias, the second conato of fire that affects La Orotava on Sunday, after it has been controlled in what affects the Colombo neighborhood, have been offered to go to the Celestino Mesa pavilion.

A thousand residents of this town in the north of Tenerife have had to be evacuated by the fire that originated at noon on Sunday. The troops are still working in the area but the wind makes it difficult to contain the fire. A detachment of the Military Emergency Unit will add to the work.

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