Gabi Delgado, death of a provocative agent

“I am a fanatic of the verb. I like the German language. I have always considered it a poetic path in its own right. ” Thus spoke Gabriel Delgado-López alias Gabi Delgado, both driving force and theorist of the electronic duo Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft alias DAF: Robert Görl, his artistic half, announced his death on […]

“Steve Jobs”, alone at Apple

Steve Jobs, show yourself! And who are you, first of all, you who changed our lives? The cool quadra who fits his sweater in his faded jeans during his keynotes, or the thirsty capitalist of control who wants to enslave the world at the yoke of his neuroses? The novelist and playwright Alban Lefranc, who […]

OM: the phoenix feeds on its ashes

Bloodless last season but solid second in L1 after their victory (1-0) Saturday against Toulouse, the Marseillais led by André Villas-Boas take pleasure in sharing the adventure this year despite the will of the club to sell its stars as soon as possible . With two locomotives: Dimitri Payet and Steve Mandanda. .