The PP + Cs coalition stops Vox in the Basque Country

If the Basque regional elections scheduled for April 5 were held today, the PNV would reissue its victory. The absolute majority in the sum with the PSE depends on the parties ratifying the highest number of seats assigned by the NC Report survey for LA RAZÓN. The absolute majority in the Basque Parliament is in […]

The five-seat survey that triggered the fall of Alonso

The Basque PP is temporarily in the hands of what until yesterday was the “two” of the party, Amaya Fernández, after Alfonso Alonso formally announced the resignation of the position for not having the confidence of the national leadership. The resignation was the reaction to the decision of Pablo Casado to execute his termination as […]

Carlos Iturgaiz debuts as a candidate extending his hand to Vox

First statements to the media of the new PP candidate in the next Basque elections scheduled for April 5 and the truth is that Carlos Iturgaiz has left nothing to the interpretation being clearly clear in his plantations. “I have always been an Aznarist, a rajoist and now I am a casadist,” he said shortly […]