Eat up against the Covid-19: nuggets with my teen

The teen is confined. More than ever, he subscribes to the two main pillars of his existence: junk food and screens. And we must admit that in the fourth week of Mitard, we really let go of the trapeze of parental authority on the subject. What good is it to rebel against the dictatorship of the Schokobons and the Rocket League when we ourselves are addicted to the Chocolate Taste Prince of LU and all the fighting movies on Netflix. It was that or we pecked at the pastis while reviewing the blockbusters by Max Pécas, for the record We calm down and drink fresh in Saint-Tropez (1987) or Clutch clutch, it smokes (1978). But the medical school advised against the second option, arguing that the turnip anisette mixture could be worse than the coronavirus. The teen approved by swallowing his twenty-fourth pack of Schokobons since the start of containment.

Victor Hugo

Exit therefore the great flights on the five fruits and vegetables per day. Forgotten reading notes on Victor Hugo or George Orwell. Now it’s four cheese pizza and PS4 on all floors of the containment. Go and teach a lesson to the reclusive but rather Zen teenager when at his age we beat the countryside without a license on an old bike. Being 15 at the age of the coronavirus, it is already a life lesson bitch that calls for indulgence. So the other night when he was about to fry a bucket of industrial chicken sleeves, he was offered to fry poultry at home with chef Grégory Cuilleron’s attractive “crispy chicken and spicy carrot mousseline” recipe. the book What are we eating tonight ? (1) is very precious in these times when you have to cook twice a day between four walls. The teenager said yes, surely to please us because, of the two of us, he is probably the great sage in the era of containment.

For the chicken nuggets (4 people), you will need: 4 chicken fillets; 100 g unsweetened cornflakes; 8 heaped tablespoons of flour; 2 eggs ; grapeseed oil; salt and freshly ground pepper. For the muslin: one kilo of carrots, 1 pinch of coarse salt; 1 cardamom pod; 2 teaspoons of turmeric; 10 cl of white vinegar; half a teaspoon of cane sugar; 2 teaspoons chopped or powdered fresh ginger; 75 g of butter.

Prepare the muslin: wash and peel the carrots, cut them into rings and place them in a pan of cold water with the coarse salt. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat and cook until the carrots are cooked. In a saucepan, dry the cardamom seeds and the turmeric to dry; deglaze with the vinegar and add the sugar and ginger. Let steep off the heat. Mix the drained carrots and add the butter and the infused vinegar. Blend until you get a fine, smooth mash. Adjust the seasoning and keep warm in the pan.

Prepare the chicken nuggets: roughly mix the corn flakes and put them in a deep plate. Pour the flour into another deep plate. Break the eggs by separating the whites from the yolks. Beat the yolks and pour them into a third plate.

Cut the chicken fillets into strips, salt them and pepper them. Roll them in the flour, pat them to remove the excess, then dip them in the egg yolk. Drain and bread them in the cornflakes. Fry in a pan in grape seed oil at 160 degrees. Place them on paper towels and serve them with muslin.

(1) What are we eating tonight ? 80 menus for the days of the week by Grégory Cuilleron (ed. Hachette, 2018, 14.95 euros)

Jacky durand


Gobble Up Life Against Covid-19: Guy Savoy’s Lentil Curry

In these times of generalized confinement, we have an old family legend about lentils, peddled from generation to generation. That of a grandfather lost somewhere between the Meuse and the Somme during the First World War. Imagine, survival in the mud and shit of the trenches. Another form of containment. We pulled the bayonet out of the barrel, under the machine gun, to expose ourselves to another kind of deadly virus. In the family story, our furry young grandfather had been stranded for days under a bus storm when a ladle of lentils was thrown into his bowl and he lapped up without paying attention to this ragougnasse. Up to the spoon too much, when a nasty piece of junk was stuck in one of his ratiches, causing him terrible pain that he had to endure for three days and three nights. “We were in the middle of a pipe breaker, he said. Me, it was nothing, my tooth, next to the comrades who had their holes drilled. But if you knew what I tasted … “


One day, he told us that he may have survived this steel storm because he had “The rage that you treat your tooth”. He had kept from this painful episode a holy scare of lentils, which made him say when he was served: “You trilled them well, didn’t you?” Are there more stones or scrap? ”

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Not only is the lentil today, most of the time, well sorted but it is above all a precious vegetable protein and a universal legume in all cuisines of the world. In France alone, there is a slew of varieties to delight all the simmerings: we think of green lentils from Puy, Berry but also the blonde from Saint-Flour and lentil from Champagne.

Multi-star chef

We borrowed its lentil curry from multi-star chef Guy Savoy in his amazing book Gourmet vegetables (1). You need 100 g of carrots; 100 g onions; 200 g lentils; a teaspoon of curry powder; 15 cl of fresh cream; a tomato; a knob of butter; salt and pepper.

Wash the lentils several times in plenty of water and soak them for 45 minutes, then drain them.

Peel onions and carrots and cut them into small dice four millimeters per side. Put these in a frying pan over a low heat with a knob of butter, just long enough to let them return their vegetable water. Then add the lentils and twice their volume of water. Put a lid and cook over low heat 45 minutes. In the meantime, check from time to time that there is enough liquid in the pan so that it does not stick and, if necessary, add a little water.

After 45 minutes of cooking, add 15 cl of fresh cream and a teaspoon of curry powder. The cream will first liquefy, then when the boiling begins, it will start to reduce.

Meanwhile, world a tomato. Start by cutting a cone around the tail with a small pointed knife in order to remove the slightly hard part of the flesh at the same time. To peel the tomato, cut a small cross at the base of the fruit then immerse it for twelve seconds in a saucepan of boiling water, and then fifteen seconds in cold water. The skin then withdraws on its own.

Cut the tomato crosswise and, using the knife, remove the seeds and the pulp to keep only the flesh. Then cut the tomato into small dice.

Pour the lentils into a baking dish. Add the diced tomatoes and place in the oven for three minutes, enough time to heat the tomato.

(1) Gourmet vegetables by Guy Savoy with Guy Langlois (ed. Plon, 1985)

Jacky durand