from July taxes down to 16 million workers

Roberto Gualtieri considers him to be the first form of the reduction of the taxes. The tax reform relied on more and more loudly. From the first of July will enter into force on the cutting tax wedge decided by the government at the end of last year with the budget. For incomes of up to 26 thousand euro, the bonus Renzi will go from 80 to 100 euro. For incomes between 26 thousand and 28 thousand euros, previously excluded from the old bonus, there will be 100 more per month in payroll. For income from 28 thousand to 40 thousand euro, there will be a tax deduction on the work that will result in a monthly benefit of decreasing from 80 euro to zero, in fact, to 40 thousand euro of income.

“We have reduced taxes to 16 million workers, and from the first of July the salaries will increase to 16 million people,” he explained Gualtieri. “4.5 million”, the minister added, “will increase 100-80 euro net per month, for 11 million old 80 euro will come to 100 euros, a significant increase, there are seven billion tax cut in a permanent manner, a first step of a broader reform of the personal income Tax”.

Grant, Walter: almost 1 million questions

The redundancy fund, the reform only in 2021: incentives for the employment of young people and women

It is not a mystery that Originated in his tax reform, he would like to continue on this road. Strengthen that is, a tax cut for the middle class, reducing the third tax rate, that of the 38%, in order to strengthen the cutting of the wedge and increase the net income that workers receive in the paycheck. As the minister is pushing for a strategy to awaken the system of production, from the double dose of anesthetic administered during the lockdown: the Cash integration for all the block of the layoffs. The strategy of Gualtieri is to vitalize the labor market by ensuring a contributions to time for those who assume workers without sack them for at least 24 months, in addition to a suspension that is longer than a decree of dignity by eliminating up to the end of the year the obligation of a reason for fixed-term contracts.

But the summit, the majority of two days ago, has returned a government that is divided, split. To the recipes of the minister of the Economy, the The Five Star Movement opposed to their, which provide for the extension throughout the year of the Case, a derogation related to the Covid and block the layoffs. With a new variable, the proposals of the head of the government Giuseppe Conte. Its the idea of reducing, immediately and temporarily the Vat rate to boost consumption as made in Germany. Proposal accepted coldly by the Dem and by the minister of the economy for the effects uncertain, but the consequences are certain, i.e. the absorption of a share proportion of the 20 billion of new deficits that the government is going to vote for dab, once again, the economic emergency.

As well as Count he put on the carpet the hypothesis of defiscalizzare the cost of labour for businesses which give up to Cash integration-related Covid. The impression is that the doctors gathered around the bed of the patient have the diagnosis and cure too much different between them. But the problem is also another. The scarcity of funds could also affect on the measures of revival. It is the case of theEcobonus 110% for restructuring energy and seismic of the buildings, the only true measure of revival entered in the decree that even the word “revival” has in its title. The ecobonus will not start on the first of July as provided by the decree. Before issuing the decrees of the measure, the government will wait for the conversion into law of decree that will arrive in mid-July. Many other expectations of ecobonus are likely to be disappointed. The measure will be extended to second homes, but with the limit of a single dwelling an additional. And the maximum amount agevolabile will come down probably 60 to 40 thousand euro per housing unit. Also the extension to 2022 to complete the work hangs in the balance.

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Case the integration is extended until the end of the year, but only to tourism, restaurants and car

As the days go by the pressures on the Treasury to raise the bar of the new deviation from the deficit that the government is preparing to ask Parliament to become more intense. Roberto Gualtieri try to resist to avoid that, you replicate what occurred in the first two slippages earlier, that of march and may. The first was started by 3 billion, to get to the end in 20 billion. The second was started from 25 billion to rise, at the end, up to 55 billion. This time, the departure request is 10 billion, but we are already talking about to get at least a 15. Requests continue to be deposited on the desk of the minister, as well as the lowering of the temporary Vat asked directly by the chairman of the Board Giuseppe Conte, and that alone would cost at least 10 billion euros. So, in these days the Treasury is trying to put in a row of those you could define “non-deferrable expenditures”.

Cash integration, Tridico (Inps): “25 thousand without a Cig. But the other 130 thousand are waiting”

The first concerns the question of Cash integration which is inextricably bound to the expiry of the August 17, block dismissals. The fear of the government is the 18th of August, the day after, may turn into a “firing day”, a day of layoffs. Companies without the block and probably no longer the Case the integration linked to the Covid could send home hundreds of thousands of people. An eventuality that the government wanted to avoid. Already in the decree to Relaunch the government has tried to put a first patch introducing an amendment that allows companies to use the other 4 weeks of Cig in derogation without having to wait until the first of September.

THE LIMITATIONS But it might not be enough. For this reason, in the decree of July there will be a period of grace up to the end of the year of the Case related to Covid. But this extension may not be generalized. That might not apply to all companies, but only those of the sectors most affected by the crisis: tourism, catering, clothing, cars. The problem is the lack of resources. Every month Cig can cost up to 5 billion euros. Sure, September may be available the european funds of the “Sure” insuring the town against unemployment, which, as he recalled the former minister of the Economy Pier Carlo Padoan, have already been asked by the twelve european Countries. But the truth is that this is money that otherwise they would weigh on debt and deficit, doing maybe save something only in terms of interest. If the line of the Treasury is that an exit, albeit gradual, by the Igc related to the Covid returning to some normality in the economic system, on the other hand there are suprare the resistances of the Five Star Movement. The government team of the grillini would like to extend all of the measures, extending until the end of the year, the state of emergency which expires next July 31. So the idea would be to extend the Igc for all, the blocking of the layoffs, the smart working of the public administration, until the end of the year. The Treasury, supported mainly by Gualtieri and by the deputy minister, Antonio Misiani, would be to instead introduce a social-welfare contributions so that next to the inevitable layoffs even a restart of the assumptions. Also the block of the layoffs will be stretched forever. Another extension there will be, but even in this case it may be selective, limited to only firms in difficulty that will continue to make use of the Cash Covid. The idea is that for companies that are now considered failed and is not exposed, maintain the lock of the layoffs would be a dangerous anaesthetic.

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the table that denies it in live – Time

For the head of the Inps in Half an hour: may 25 without the case. Senator: lie, the graphics, says ben the other

For the president of Inps Pasquale Tridico the people who to the 31st of may had not received the money cash integration were 25 thousand. A fact that does not stand up to the test of the facts and the numbers, argues the senator of Forza Italy Maurizio Gasparri that he returned to the attack what it calls a “enemy of the truth“. The further proof? The numbers shown on tv during the transmission of Rai 3 Half an hour more while the same Tridico snocciolava, not contradicted, its the data.

Lies Inps and Catalfo, no cash, still over a million

“Statements of Tridico, made in a compliant transmission Rai without an adversarial hearing, confirm what I argue and show how the cricket provided at the summit Inps is the enemy of the truth of the numbers,” says Gasparri, in a note. “Does not persist the data cited, or that in may, only 25,000 people had not received the redundancy payment. At the end of may, many must still send applications and the INPS had not yet concluded the authorisation process. How do you talk of only 25 thousand workers are still without the service?”. The gap is shown, but further proof Gasparri cites a table shown in the same broadcast of Lucia Annunziata. And whose “Tridico has avoided talking about, as the same presenter”, and that “confirmation that I am right. In fact, it was written, the source Inpsof 691.000 questions – the famous SR41 – not paid to the 19/6/2020. Each question SR41 for a company obviously involves more people and you will then return to the 1.200.000 Italian without payments while having full-time law, which will sue you for days”.

Here's the truth about cherries Salvini, on the millions of Venezuela and about the lies of Tridico

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service political-economic

For Gasparri those Tridico are “fantasies” that put at risk the personal, the social security administration, “who has done a lot in this period, but is exposed to the anger of the citizens exasperated by the game data. Then the staff had to work, but you have not disproved my statement on the director-general in the past few days on the island Giannutri. To work? Tridico said that the professor is the best job, to return as well to play with the numbers without doing harm to anyone,” is the torpedo the final of the vice-president of the Senate.

Tridico during the transmission of Rai had said that “those who have not received the layoff, at least a performance, we are 25,000 people on the 31st of may. They are positions that we are evaluating because they are difficult, they are wrong, are to be evaluated.” And he had admitted that “4.7 million of benefits were deferred, not paid” by the companies. But the play of numbers no longer holds.


Step 3, ok to the decree on cash integration: extended terms of income, emergency

The Council of ministers, upon the proposal of the Minister of economy and finance Roberto Gualtieri and the Minister of labour and social policies Nunzia Catalfoapproved a decree-law introducing further urgent measures in the matter of the treatment of wage. The text provides that, in derogation to the legislation in force, employers that have benefited from the treatment of wage ordinary, extraordinary, or by way of derogation, for the entire period previously granted, up to a maximum duration of fourteen weeks, to benefit from a further four weeks for periods starting before 1 September 2020.

Cig, Count to the unions: “one of the Other 4 weeks of the igc, the more the smart working and the minimum wage”
The states-General, at the centre of the second day of work and Noon

It remains for a maximum duration of eighteen weeks, considered cumulatively, the treatments recognized. In addition, the decree provides that, regardless of the reference period, employers who have erroneously submitted the application for treatments different from those to which they would have been entitled or otherwise with errors or omissions that have prevented the acceptance, they may submit the application in a proper manner within thirty days from the communication of the error in the previous instance, the administration of reference, on pain of forfeiture, even during the pending revocation of any provision of the concession issued by the competent administration.

Finally, are extended from July 15 to August 15, 2020 the terms for the presentation of the instances of regularisation referred to in art. 103 of the decree-law of 19 may 2020, no. 34, and from 30 June to 31 July 2020 for the submission of applications for the Income of an emergency.

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The council of ministers extension of the layoff of a further 4 weeks – reuters uk

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Pasquale Tridico, an avalanche on the Inps. “Bales on the Cassa integrazione, a million italians will remain without money” – Free Daily

The scandal of the cash integration delayed sweeps Pasquale Tridico and l’Inps. The senator of Forza Italy Maurizio Gasparri defines the president-in-quota M5s “a liar who deceived the italians, and that he must resign”. “He said that by Friday, all those entitled to the cassa integrazione would have been paid. He lied. I have the tables of official Inps from which it appears that for the the redundancy fund in derogation rightsholders are 2.228.000, while the people who will receive the payment 1.850.000. For the ordinary cig: having the right value 1,840,000, with 1.565.000 paid. For the FIS (supplementary fund solidarity): having the right 1.639.000, paid 1.289.000. The difference, official numbers to hand, is superior to a million people“. A million “new esodati“to commemorate the disaster of the former minister of Welfare Elsa Forneroto which should be added to “numerous other persons whose practices are still in progress,” recalls Gasparri.

Pieces of dry wood are good, to be cremated. Felts, rage against the Inps: pensions, the new scam to the elderly

“Tridico and Catalfo they lied and must resign. While the people suffer, play with the vip in the sumptuous gardens of their Versailles – roman concludes Gasparri referring to The states-general in the course Villa Doria Pamphili -. Grillini and Pd are traitors and enemies of the people. Hunt the liars”.

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Cig and block redundancies, a possible extension at the end of the year

They were left to fend for themselves for three long months. For 419 thousand workers made ginoccio from Covid-19 who are waiting to receive the cash integration for almost a hundred days now snaps to the D-Day: the president of Inps Pasquale Tridico she says that all the questions for the igc remained lying would have been paid by the 12th of June. However, some risks to stay dry.

Coronavirus. Work, technology, tourism: so the Covid will change the world
Inps, of the Igc in slow motion: nearly a million waiting

In the meantime, the ministry of Labour aims to extend to the end of the year, the layoffs and the prohibition of layoffs: the decree Relaunch has resulted in the expiration of this shield for the workers to 17 August. But the road is uphill. In his time the premier Giuseppe Conte had ensured that the nine weeks of social shock absorbers envisaged by the decree Care Italy of march would have been paid by the 15th of April, despite the skepticism of experts. And there are those who even now is ready to bet that well as the maturity of today will be disregarded, and that not all of the 419 thousand workers in anticipation of the layoff will receive the money is up to them.

In short, it is a race against time. For the minister of Labour Nunzia Catalfo, the glass however is half full. So the tenant via Fornovo: “We have entered the scheme, the cassa integrazione has been disbursed to more than 7 million beneficiaries. In the next few days you will get to pay for all those who have sent the data of the workers, because remember that it is the company that book the e cig has to send the data”. This amounted to approximately 2,500 requests irregular been received so far. In more detail, according to the latest data provided by the Inps, the potential beneficiaries a total of the cassa integrazione, in different types provided, are 8 and a half million.

At the beginning of the week, the beneficiaries still to be paid were to be 419.670. To these are added, however, the workers employed by the Inps still does not know the data because the companies have not communicated: to get an idea of how many there are, precisely, it is necessary to look at the data on resources booked by the companies, June 4, corresponded to 8.410.149 workers. In 7.580.347 are being paid. Removed, therefore, about 420 thousand who are to receive today the money of the cassa integrazione, the potential beneficiaries that could still knock on the door of the pension fund, headed by Pasquale Tridico are more or less than 410 thousand, even if it is not said which companies use all the resources booked.

The questions become operational only after the submission of the sr41, the model for direct payments the social security administration, or the complaint monthly Uniemens, through which the companies communicate the actual suspensions and the data of the people involved, Iban code including. So far, the Inps has covered about 40 percent of the payments. In most cases, the companies anticipate the money with the adjustment on the Inps. The pension fund has paid the cash integration of all the different types 3.249.249 workers, businesses 4.331.098.

According to estimates by the Centre for studies and research Itineraries, social security, companies that have anticipated the payments will not be in balance before August. The questions of ordinary redundancy funds received from the companies, always according to the last updated data of the Inps, are 423.737 for over 4.2 million workers, of which appear to have been authorized 407.982 would be to say that 96 per cent. As for the redundancy fund in derogation amounted to 572.718, of which more than 80 thousand from the Lombardia and about 65 thousand from the Lazio region, with 91 per cent, 520.885 questions, they got the green light. To check the ordinary ones have been sent 181.897 for a total of 2.683.841 potential beneficiaries, but in this case the bar than the authorised stands at 82 percent.



1200 euros for babysitter and 12 months cig, comes the relaunch – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 08 – The next will be called “dl Relaunch”
decree on which the government is working to support
the economy – from households to businesses – in the
management of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The different
ministries sent the proposals, which are contained in a
working document of over 770 pages, still in the commissioning phase
to point. They range from the babysitter bonus which rises to 1,200 euros
it would also become expendable in summer centers, at the checkout
supplement renewed for 12 weeks (and no longer 18 as
initially hypothesized). Layoffs could be
still suspended, after the rules of Cura Italia, for another 5 months.

Ministries also ask for reimbursement of bus passes,
metro and trains and a special holiday tax credit, from
modular according to the ISEE, up to a maximum of 500 euros. At the
reopening of schools in September 330 would be allocated
million to ensure the necessary security measures. Almost
1.5 billion would instead strengthen the healthcare offer
and territorial socio-health. (HANDLE).