France will open the border for EU citizens June 15 :: Society :: RBC

France from June 15th opens borders to travellers from EU countries and some other European countries, according to a joint communique of heads the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country.

“Given the positive development of the sanitary situation in France and in Europe, and in accordance with the recommendations presented yesterday by the European Commission, France takes from 00:00 on 15 June, all restrictions on crossing its internal European borders (land, air and sea), introduced to combat the pandemic COVID-19”, — said in a communique.

Without limitation to France will be able to come the citizens of the member countries of the European Union and Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Saint Martin, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican city. Citizens of these countries do not need to have a certificate of coronavirus, or go on a 14-day quarantine.

The European Union will begin to open the borders to foreigners from July 1

The restrictions on entry are saved for those coming from Spain and the UK. Spain has maintained the restrictions until June 21, and ordered arriving in the country to undergo a 14 day quarantine. So coming from Spain also will be required to spend two weeks in isolation on arrival in France.


The media learned about the plans of the Federal Tax Service to launch new online services for paying taxes :: Economy :: RBC

The tax service expects that additional digital projects will reach hundreds of thousands of people and will save billions of rubles in business

The Federal Tax Service (FTS) has prepared a project to launch new digital products that will simplify the payment of taxes. In particular, we are talking about the development of a certification center (CA) for issuing qualified electronic signature certificates to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and notaries, Kommersant reports.

The Federal Tax Service expects that already in 2022 the center will process 100% of the relevant requests, and the business will be able to save about RUB144 billion on this. In addition, the centralization of the issuance of a qualified electronic signature will make it easier for tax officials to maintain a unified and up-to-date register of electronic signatures.

The ministry estimated that the creation of a CA infrastructure on the basis of the Federal Tax Service data centers would cost $ 280 million, and the development of interactive services for the service under the project would cost $ 60 million.

The next project is the service of a simplified procedure for the deduction of personal income tax through the personal account of the taxpayer. It is estimated that in 2021 about 900 thousand people will be covered by this service (about 10% of the number of applicants minus a year). Kommersant points out that due to various problematic issues (insufficient number of employees of the Federal Tax Service and lack of readiness of banks for electronic information cooperation), it is only supposed to work out practice until 2022 without expanding the deduction system itself.

The third draft – a simplified procedure for registering individual entrepreneurs – will require amendments to the relevant paragraph of the law. It is planned that in December about 10 thousand individuals will be able to register through the mobile application of the online service “Personal Account of the Taxpayer for Individuals”, and next year this figure will increase to 150 thousand.


What investors should know about certificates in the derivatives market

Risky curves: DAX chart on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Image: Wolfgang Eilmes

Contrary to prejudice, the artificial papers serve not only for speculation, but also for protection. However, they are only suitable for experienced users.

Dhe market turmoil in the wake of the corona epidemic has brought huge losses to many investors. As a result, the focus is also on structured financial products such as certificates, which critics describe as particularly risky. During the financial market crisis in 2008, these certificates of the bankrupt Lehman Bank, which were also sold to German private investors, were remembered collectively. Does this diverse asset class rightly bear its bad reputation – and what should investors know about these financial products?

Mark Fehr

Certificates are artificial financial products and make sense for investors who pursue strategies that cannot be achieved by buying securities directly. An important function of certificates is that investors can bet not only on rising prices, but also on falling prices. This creates a level playing field with professional investors who speculate on market slumps with short sales. Retail investors cannot borrow stocks for short selling, but they can buy certificates that move in the opposite direction like a stock or other underlying. Such “puts” protect the portfolio from losses, so they are often used to hedge and not to speculate. Levers can be used to increase the impact of fluctuations in the price of the underlying on your portfolio.


Who are exempt from processing the Single Certificate – News

The following is the list of cases excepted from compliance with the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation ordered by the Government following the pandemic of coronavirus, who are the ones who should not process the “Unique Enabling Certificate for Traffic”:

These workers will need the letter of accreditation from their employer and / or the certificate of their district, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Transport.

1. Health Personnel, Security Forces, Armed Forces, migratory activity, national meteorological service, firefighters and air traffic control.

two. Higher authorities of the national, provincial, municipal and Autonomous City governments of Buenos Aires Workers of the national, provincial, municipal public sector and of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, summoned to guarantee essential activities required by the respective authorities.

3. Personnel of the justice services on duty, as established by the competent authorities.

Four. Foreign diplomatic and consular personnel accredited to the Argentine government, within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and the staff of international organizations accredited to the Argentine government, of the Red Cross and White Helmets.

5. People who must assist others with disabilities; family members needing assistance; older people; to boys, girls and adolescents.

6. People who must attend to a situation of force majeure.

7. People affected to the attention of school, community canteens and picnic areas.

8. Personnel working in audiovisual, radio and graphic communication services.

9. Activities related to the production, distribution and commercialization of agriculture and fishing.

10. Telecommunications, fixed and mobile Internet and digital services activities.

eleven. Undeferrable activities related to foreign trade.

12. Collection, transport and treatment of urban solid waste, dangerous and pathogenic.

13. Maintenance of basic services (water, electricity, gas, communications, etc.) and emergency care.

14. Public passenger transportation, transportation of goods, oil, fuels and LPG.

fifteen. Postal and parcel distribution services.

16. I KNOW. Casa de Moneda, ATM services, transportation of flows and all those activities that the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic has essential to guarantee the operation of the payment system.

Likewise, “persons who must move due to cases of overwhelming force, who must prove such extreme “.

Who should process the permit?

Some of those excepted from next Monday must continue exhibiting the Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation.

These are:

1. Personnel affected to public works.

two. Wholesale and retail supermarkets and local retail stores. Pharmacy. Hardware stores. Veterinary. Bottle supply.

3. Food industries, their production chain and supplies; personal hygiene and cleanliness; of medical equipment, medicines, vaccines and other sanitary supplies.

Four. Home delivery of food, medicines, hygiene products, cleaning products and other supplies of need.

5. Laundry services.

6. Essential surveillance, cleaning and guard services.

7. Minimum guards to ensure the operation and maintenance of Oil and Gas Fields, Oil and gas treatment and / or refining plants, transport and distribution of electrical energy, liquid fuels, oil and gas, fuel dispensing stations and electric power generators .


NCTC Cosmetology to Offer Associate Diplomas in Autumn | Local news

The cosmetology department of North Central Texas College has received approval from the Board of Regents to offer an associated cosmetology degree in applied science, which the college announced this week.

Previously, the department offered certification courses that led students to become licensed cosmetologists.

Students who wish to complete their associate’s degree in cosmetology can choose from three courses.

The first track focuses on the entrepreneurial skills needed to own or manage a salon. Students will also learn how to be self-employed with the business background necessary to succeed as an independent contractor. The company path includes courses in business IT applications, small business management, accounting and marketing.

The second track is for students who want to improve their cosmetic skills. The skills track focuses on students who have completed enough hours to become a licensed cosmetologist but want to gain more experience and knowledge in a salon atmosphere before going to work alone. The track will include more advanced techniques and skills that would not normally be included in the certificate.

The third track is for students who wish to become licensed barbers and cosmetologists. After passing the cosmetologist exams, students on the barber track will complete a semester of barber courses in order to take the class A barber exams.

All tracks will take four semesters to complete and the credits will be transferable to a four-year degree.

Students pursuing a cosmetology diploma will also be able to apply for financial help.

Associated degrees in cosmetology will be offered starting this fall.


David Racero requests disciplinary investigation from Consul Claudia Bustamante – Government – Politics

In his Twitter account, the representative to the Chamber for the List of Decency, David Racero, said he requested a disciplinary investigation from the Attorney General’s Office against the director of Human Talent of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lennin Hernández; the former Foreign Minister, and current Minister of Defense, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, and the Consul of Colombia in Orlando, Claudia Bustamante.

In the social network, Racero said that “despite not having any experience in diplomacy, and not even having a professional degree, Chancellor @CarlosHolmesTru gave him the position, in return to the work performed as a twitteress and coordinator of the Uribista winery that met a few weeks ago. ”

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The congressman said that his bachelor’s certification is not valid, since he did not present a duly authenticated degree certificate or his bachelor’s degree, as required by law.

Additionally, Racero warned that “To test the knowledge of the language of the place where he would carry out his work, Mrs. Bustamante went to a notary certification, in which she declared the level of English proficiency she possesses, stating that she speaks English ‘type B1’. “

As can be seen in the photograph published by Racero, the certification is from the Notary’s only of the circle of El Retiro, located in Antioquia, dated April 22, 2019.

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“For more than 20 years I read, speak and write the English language type B2. I studied it in an institute that no longer exists called ‘INLINGUA’, which was located in the municipality of Medellín, Antioquia,” is observed in the photograph published by the congressman.

I studied it in an institute that no longer exists called ‘INLINGUA’

The representative said that a document other than the one “resolution of the Ministry of Education 12730 of 2017, (which) defined the tests applicable to those who intend to certify their level of language proficiency in a foreign language in Colombia“.

In front of her professional experience, Racero published a photograph showing that she has seven years of experience as a marketing director at Marrocar S.A.S.

Claudia María Bustamante Ceballos was appointed Counselor of Foreign Relations with functions of General Consul at the Consulate General of Colombia in Orlando, Florida (United States) and, according to Decree 1598 of September 4, 2019, signed by President Iván Duque. She also serves as head of the Consular Office.