The GOP once again succumbs to the brain of the Tea Party

As far as I know, none of the major streaming services currently offer Planet of the Apes. I wish it wasn’t, not because I need to watch the movie, which I have seen more times than it can count, but because Charlton Heston’s wonderful closing monologue perfectly captures what I and millions of others are […]

Best Graphics Card 2020: The best Nvidia and AMD GPUs for games

After the flurry of new GPU versions of AMD and Nvidia last year, our best list of graphics cards seems to have finally calmed down a bit, at least for now, however. With most of AMD’s next-generation Navi GPUs out the door, all we’re really waiting for are their large 4K GPUs. It’s a similar […]

Bernie blows up the casino doors in Nevada

Subscribe to Our free email newsletters Senator Bernie Sanders continued his methodical march to the Democratic nomination on Saturday with an extraordinary victory in Nevada over his main rivals. As in the case of Iowa and New Hampshire, none of its competitors have a clear path to nomination, although Sanders has only a subtle delegate […]