Let’s hope not to decide who lives or not: deputy director of preventive medicine

The most desolate panorama will be lived by Chihuahua in the intensive care areas, when medical personnel have to choose who to save their lives, said Dr. Irma Leticia Ruiz González, deputy director of Preventive medicine and Health Promotion.


“We have faith and hope that we will not be able to decide who will be given help, as we have exceeded services and do not have fans,” he said. 449 fans are available in the entity for the critical phase, the goal is to be able to reach 600.

The doctor explained that the Bioethics Guide has not yet been distributed by the federal health authority, but the concepts of bioethics will undoubtedly be applied in case the health services are exceeded, and although prevention measures have been taken in Chihuahua , the line is very thin between phase 2 of community dispersal and the epidemic phase.

He assured that in Chihuahua the health authorities are preparing so that the scenario does not get out of control and devastating scenarios are reached and beyond the capabilities of the health system.

The doctor said that Chihuahua is on the right track, however she said that the citizenship is a great help when staying at home and making good use of the face mask, “staying at home will help us not to have to decide as health personnel through the Council of Ethics, who should live or die, we want everyone to live, the best way is for you not to get infected ”.

Dr. Irma Leticia Ruiz González, deputy director of Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion, pointed out that we are just before entering the epidemic phase, so she asked the population to assess the use of mouth masks to leave their home.

He said home-made double cotton cloth mouth guards can be used so that saliva droplets don’t come out.

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Governor will begin informative exercise “Chihuahua Adelante”

The state governor, Javier Corral Jurado will start an informative exercise “Chihuahua Adelante” starting tomorrow at 7:00 am in order to keep citizens informed about the Emerging Plan for Support to Health, Employment and Family Income.

Javier Corral Jurado, in his participation in the informative press conference on the current situation of Covid-19, said that hard work is being done so that the citizens of Chihuahua receive support in the face of this health contingency, so this information exercise will allow provide citizens with guidelines so that they can receive guidance and support.

The state president said that the effort aims to save the largest number of lives, but also to care for the largest number of jobs, as well as to support the small and medium-sized companies that are the main source of job creation.

The “Chihuahua Adelante” program will be broadcast on the official networks of the state government, on Monday and Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00.

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Medicine interns could be removed from hospitals

They contemplate that medical interns can return home and not be exposed to Covid-19, however, given this, they can miss the opportunity to live this stage in their profession, said the medicine manager of the northern area


After patients and medical interns are withdrawn in other states of the republic, in Chihuahua it was highlighted that the possibility of giving the inmates the option of returning home and not being exposed to Covid-19 is being considered.

However, Dr. Arturo Valenzuela, in charge of the north area of ​​the health secretary, said that he does not know what the inmates think when they are going through this stage, but added that in particular he would not miss the opportunity to live this situation as a doctor.

He affirmed that he would be in those who stayed, since in particular he is part of the profession “and I am happy to have chosen this profession, I would stay to learn to live, to show solidarity with my colleagues who are doctors, to take care of mine, if a patient comes who is a doctor, a teacher ”.

However, he asserted that those who want to leave, they will know why they do it, they will have their reasons, but what a pity that they write in their biography, I was a doctor when people needed me, I was not there, I also add that they are going to get sick anyway, because a large percentage of our city will end up sick.


Doctors adopt medicine promoted by Trump to combat Covid-19

Faced with the numbers and in the absence of known effective treatments, front-line doctors said they started using hydroxychloroquine and related chloroquine in patients who are deteriorating, because some small studies suggest a possible benefit.

Some said they had been pressured by patients to use the therapies widely touted by Trump and some of his supporters.

“I could take it,” Trump said Saturday, referring to hydroxychloroquine, although it has tested negative for the coronavirus twice, according to the White House. “We only hear really positive things and continue to collect the data.”

Possible side effects of hydroxychloroquine include vision loss and heart problems.

However, doctors interviewed by Reuters said they were comfortable prescribing the drug for a short time for patients with coronavirus, because the risks are relatively low and the therapies are inexpensive and generally available.

However, the protocols that indicate how these drugs should be used vary from hospital to hospital, including when to prescribe them and whether to combine them with other medications.

In addition, some studies with promising results involved patients who used therapy for mild or early-stage disease, so many of those people are likely to have recovered on their own. Patients admitted to hospitals in the United States are generally much sicker than the mild cases cited in the studies. According to doctors, these factors have made it difficult for them to determine if medications are making a difference.

“I have seen hundreds of patients with severe COVID and most of these people take hydroxychloroquine,” Dr. Mangala Narasimhan, regional director of critical care for Northwell Health, a system of 23 hospitals in New York, said in an email.

“In my opinion, although it is very early, I don’t see a dramatic improvement in hydroxychloroquine in these patients.”

Dr Daniel McQuillen, an infectious disease specialist at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts, said he has so far prescribed a course of hydroxychloroquine for about 30 COVID-19 patients because the drug has shown “a little bit of antiviral activity ” But he has not seen “marked improvement in patients.”

“Anecdotally, it may have had a limited effect in patients with milder disease,” said McQuillen. The therapy “has had no effect in limiting or slowing the progression of our patients who were at or near the ICU level when they arrived.”



Chihuahua. Confrontation between armed groups leaves 19 dead

Wood.- A confrontation between armed groups in the Serrano municipality of Wood, Chihuahua, left 19 people dead, confirmed the State Attorney General’s Office, while informing that authorities from the three levels of government deployed a strong security operative in the zone.

According to the first investigations, the confrontation between groups of the organized crime occurred on Friday night in a gap that leads from Las Varas to Largo Maderal, a sector that has already been the scene of violent acts on multiple occasions.

The Prosecutor General’s Office reported that 18 civilians were found at the site known as Chuchuichupa, with injuries caused by firearmTwo grenades, two vehicles and 18 long weapons were also secured.

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Likewise, the official report detailed, two injured people were transferred to the city of Cuauhtémoc to receive medical attention, however, one of them died and another one remained in police custody to be placed at the disposal of the Attorney General of the Republic. for being linked to federal crimes.

The investigating authority reported this Saturday that the search for the rest of the participants in the confrontation continues, which could be related to other violent acts registered in the area, which is disputed by two criminal groups identified as The line and Los Jaguares.


Panic shopping leaves lupus patient without medicine

MEXICO.- Because the drug Hydroxychloroquine was mistakenly associated as a curative or preventive treatment against covid-19, the shortage was already present and those who really need it have not been able to buy it.

“There is a shortage of hydroxychloroquine and they don’t know when it will arrive. My mom is running out, Monday is the last pill to take and they give her a lot of pain and she stays crippled, she can’t even sleep from the pain that they give her, “said Patricia Gomar. Mrs. Eva was diagnosed with lupus in the elderly two years ago.

The medicine has allowed him to cope with the pain in his body. Due to the lack of hydroxychloroquine in pharmacies, her daughter had to look for it outside the country and did not obtain a favorable response. “In the whole country it is scarce and they don’t have a date, they don’t have when. They don’t give me a date to find it.

I spoke to a relative that I have in Tepatitlán and there they told him, as soon as he told them the name of the medicine, that they were selling it for covid-19, ”he added.

In past days, COPRISJAL restricted the sale of medicines to the public as long as they do not present a prescription, but now it is scarce.

Hydroxychloroquine is prescribed for diseases like lupus and rheumatism. In desperation to get treatment for her mother, Patricia asks for help on camera from Milenio Jalisco.

“If there is someone who please has bought enough boxes, they will sell them to me, it doesn’t matter, they will sell them to me,” he asked.

In the event that someone has mistakenly bought this medicine, a call is made to provide it to those who do need it.

Patricia Gomar 3331089296



Director of the Faculty of Medicine invited to stay at home

Through his social networks, the director of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Chihuahua, Luis Carlos Hinojos, issued a message inviting people to stay home and avoid the risks of contagion by Covid-19.

“It’s simple. We are going to enter phase 3, that is an epidemiological fact. This is means that we will have many positive cases. But if you stay at home, the health system will be able to take care of all these sick people ”.

Finally, the teacher closes his publication pointing out that if the recommendations are not followed, in the next three weeks, the health system will be saturated, despite all the measures being taken.

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Jenny Iglesias shares sensual workout routines at home

Jenny Iglesias was also affected by the arrival of the ‘Coronavirus’ and it is on her social networks that she shares different exercise routines that are easy and especially at home and safe.

The beautiful host of ‘Es Show’, having stopped work such as television, personal presentations and her ‘fit’ life, is through ‘Instagram’ that fills her faithful followers with joy.


They capture two involved in slaughter of the LeBarón family

Field and cabinet work was carried out, which resulted in the capture of two members of organized crime. Photo: special

Field and cabinet work was carried out, which resulted in the capture of two members of organized crime. Photo: special


Elements of the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico (Semar) and National Defense (Sedena) arrested this Saturday in two parallel actions to the same number of people involved with the homicide of 9 members of the LeBarón family in Bavispe, Sonora last November.

According to information from Federal officials, the two institutions of the Armed Forces had as their priority objectives the capture of two members of the criminal group of “The Line”. So far, it has only transcended the nickname “El Choluco” which is one of those who shot at the three women and six children of the LeBarón family.

It will be until next Tuesday, March 10 when the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) discloses the capture and names of the detainees, as well as the participation they had in the massacre in the limits of Chihuahua and Sonora, by provision of the Presidency of the Republic for the purpose to enhance research and not spot the so-called 9-M.

It should be noted that both the Sedena and Semar elements had the specific objectives, so field and cabinet work was developed which resulted in the capture of two members of organized crime.


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Fernando Palma, former PAN deputy murdered – Televisa News

Fernando Palma Gomez, local deputy of the BREAD in Chihuahua, he was killed this Saturday in the Ajusco area, in Tlalpan, Mexico City.

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Claudia Sheinbaum, head of Government of the Mexico City, confirmed and regretted the murder through his Twitter account.

“I deeply regret the murder of Fernando Palma. We are in contact with your family. The @SSP_CDMX, @FiscaliaCDMX and @ C5_CDMX are coordinated in the investigation until the culprits are arrested. We continue in our fight against impunity. ”

Palma was also national president of the Mexican Confederation of Sales and Marketing Executives, national secretary of elections and national coordinator of local deputies.

The national president of the PAN, Marko Cortes, condemned the murder of the PAN militant and called on the authorities to stop “the wave of violence that the country is experiencing”.

With information from the CDMX Government