Marina Frenk’s debut novel “Forever ago and not true at all”

EReal Dionysians are rare, and probably that is a good thing. Our artists, especially the young wild ones, usually make a good pilgrimage to the Temple of Apollo. They receive their consecration in the sign of the “Gnothi seauton” – and there is nothing wrong with that either: “Know yourself” as the basis for all […]

Candied bodies # 3: self-hypnosis with Catherine Contour

Traumatized by a double fracture of the little finger after having recklessly clubbed on the mixes of Bob Sinclar between the click-clack and the changing table, you are looking today in hypnotic practice for a form of reconciliation, a trance at a time less standardized, more minimal in terms of spatial deployment and more economical […]

Julien Tiberi, black dreams – Culture / Next

If the pitch of Julien Tiberi’s exhibition seems a priori as crystal clear, the dark designs are much less so that this obscurity which engulfs them drools back on the initial idea. That’s it: drummer in the last show of the Zerep company, volcano bats, the artist has taken it into his head to transcribe […]