Oil: OPEC + gives itself time to negotiate production cuts

Published on : 04/06/2020 – 00:11 The special OPEC + meeting scheduled for Monday is postponed to Thursday, the time for Saudi Arabia and Russia to negotiate lower production and revise their prices. The United States is lobbying by threatening to tax oil imports. Donald Trump is getting impatient after announcing Thursday a drop in […]

Dairy industry shaken by global containment

Published on : 04/02/2020 – 00:29 The world dairy industry is struggling to adapt to the sudden change in consumption habits caused by the confinement of populations. Extremely rare in France, dairy farmers are invited to produce less milk when we are in the peak of collection. Produce 2 to 5% less, in exchange for […]

The coronavirus terraces the world cotton market

Published on : 04/01/2020 – 00:24 As a result of confinement against the advance of the coronavirus, the world textile industry is almost at a standstill and cotton is no longer sold. Fiber prices are at their lowest since the 2008 crisis. Coronavirus is wiping out the world cotton market even more than other raw […]

Oil: global stocks stifle US production

Published on : 03/31/2020 – 00:20 Coronavirus destroys demand for oil. However, Saudi Arabia has just announced that it would open the gates even wider than planned in May. Oil production in the United States is likely to suffocate under the abundance of stocks. World oil storage capacity is already three-quarters full and it might […]

The ethanol sector in crisis despite the consumption of hydroalcoholic gel

Published on : 03/30/2020 – 00:22 Ethanol manufacturers around the world are suffering the brunt of the collapse in oil demand, linked to containment, in the face of the coronavirus. The increased consumption of hydroalcoholic gel is far from compensating for the losses in the sector. Manufacturers of ethanol based on sugar or cereals have […]

Coronavirus Kneels the Queen of Flowers Market

Published on : 03/27/2020 – 09:48 At the time of containment in most countries affected by coronavirus, there are few opportunities to offer flowers. And the ban on social events like weddings and funerals further contributed to the drop in demand. Horticulture is therefore hit hard, starting with the queen of flowers. Rose exports from […]

The rice market suspended from Vietnam’s export decision

Published on : 03/26/2020 – 00:12Modified : 03/26/2020 – 11:21 Vietnam is considering suspending its rice exports, to ensure a good supply at the national level, in the context of the spread of the coronavirus in the country. A decision that could have a major impact on the international market. Will Vietnam suspend rice exports […]

Majors announce economic plans in the face of falling oil prices

Published on : 03/24/2020 – 00:10 After Shell, Total has just announced an economic plan to deal with the plunge in prices, accelerated by the extension of the coronavirus. The French oil giant will, like its competitors, cut into its investments. For the big oil companies, it is not only a question of organizing work […]

FAO warns of global food inflation risk

Published on : 03/23/2020 – 00:22 The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, is concerned. The coronavirus is likely to lead to global food inflation if panic purchases of commodities increase. ” The last thing we need are panic purchases from large importers, millers or governments. They would create a food crisis […]

The fresh fish market is collapsing in Europe

Published on : 03/20/2020 – 00:14 As a result of the containment imposed by the authorities to limit the progression of the coronavirus, fish consumption is collapsing in European countries. Fishermen are asking for support from states, the European Union … and consumers. French fishermen are very worried, particularly in Brittany in the north-west of […]