Spending in markets even outside of common residence – Sardinia

Solinas announces explanatory ordinance and from 18 new openings

The explanatory circular of the Phase 2 ordinance will be adopted on Saturday. This was announced by the president of the Christian Solinas Region during the press point. “In these days we have collected a series of interpretative questions that have been elaborated by the offices – he explained – and the circular will concern the qualification of sport fishing which extends to amateur fishing and the possibility of shopping in the first discount store beyond the borders of the municipality of residence “.

Also on Saturday, the governor will adopt “a series of ordinances that take note of the proposals of the scientific committee on the correct use of dpi and the correct practices to be kept within Phase 2 relating to the health and hygiene standards to be followed to protect citizens’ safety”. Solinas finally announced a tiered reopening plan starting next week for the next week.