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First it was the blades for big men, those of the shave in a hurry. Then the razors aimed at the female sector entered the market. In pink, of course. Since June 2019, there is a new reef: those of gender neutral. “They are neither for men nor for women, but for all anatomies: be as you are and you shave what you want to shave,” explains Pedro Domingos, general director of Bic Iberia, one of the brands that markets them. The question is: why have they taken so long to appear? How difficult were they to make?

Behind this release, more than technology, there is a commercial strategy: to adapt to a changing market that rejects corseting for gender reasons. “The millennials and, in particular, Generation Z, have overcome traditional stereotypes and opt for products that target them as individuals. A study from Ipsos to Bic reveals that 67% of adults between 18 and 24 years old are interested in personal care without gender “, Sundays continues. Nor do these new consumers want the manufacturer to tell them how and where they have to use each instrument. Until now, gender segregation prevailed. If you were male, your razor’s design was inspired by cars: flat, blue or black and with hard leaves, that the male’s beard is stout as oak. On the other hand, if you were a woman, as it was deduced that you were going to gently shave a princess’s armpits or delicate legs, his thing was a soft shaving device, in pastel tones and even with soap and aloe vera incorporated. A list of extras that, incidentally, make the product more expensive, giving rise to the controversial ‘pink rate’, the popular way with which reference is made that many toiletries for women are significantly more expensive (Facua denounced a few years ago, precisely, the case of the razors).

But … what if he wants to shave the intimate area? What if she shaves her face? The approach of blue for boys and pink for girls clashes with a new society that opens up to plurality, or, at least, refuses to identify, necessarily, with one of the two options. “72% of consumers between 18 and 34 years old believe that brands should lead the change when offering unisex goods,” says the director of Bic Iberia. Further, that these dispatch by Amazon – without rejecting the drugstore of a lifetime – is not accidental. “Assumes a line of marketing implicit Nothing despicable. First, because Amazon reaches millions of potential buyers worldwide. The profile allows to know the opinions of others, the characteristics of the product and even access a system of periodic acquisition that facilitates the user to disregard the purchase, something that, in practice, means leaving other competitors out of the spectrum, “Susana analyzes Garcia, digital content expert and teacher in EAE Business School.

Although, for doctors, it may be justified …

When asked if the razors have a gender from a medical point of view, the dermatologist Elia Roó answer back: “Although there are also women with beards, the man’s facial hair is usually harder than the female. I guess that’s why there are some: the women’s, for example, are conceived more gently, to shave areas with many curves, such as a knee, and avoid accidental cuts. But also, no doubt, there are marketing: to create items aesthetically associated with a consumer accustomed to more delicate lines or a man who feels safe with items in dark tones. If you look, almost all men’s cosmetics usually have blue, gray or black containers. “

From the department of marketing from Wilkinson, One of Bic’s competitors, they recognize that they are assessing the development of unisex shavers for the future. And they argue that their strategy until now was not a sexist act, but a commercial offer that contemplates differentiation for reasons of use. “The man focuses on the face while the woman does it in the area of ​​the bikini, legs and armpits. We talk about areas with completely different hair thickness and skin sensitivity. Therefore, those intended for consumers are designed with tilting and curvilinear heads, as well as ergonomic handles to make turns and reach the hair of all areas with ease. Attention is also paid to the hydration of that skin, with gel bands that facilitate shaving without damaging the epidermis. “Thus, there will be those who wonder: what if it were more effective to label the razors according to the part of the body whose hair is intended to be removed? Stay tuned for your supermarkets.

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Champions League: the other eighths of the week

It’s not just Dortmund-Paris-SG in life: a real entry into the competition for European behemoths – Paris-SG but also Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, English clubs – in the queen competition, the round of 16 the Champions League mark the gateway to matches of a stratospheric level, rich in adventures and reversals of situations. Overview of the other games of the week.

Atlético Madrid – Liverpool FC (Tuesday, 9 p.m.)

It would be nice if Atlético Madrid won because … Atlético Madrid is stuck in the simplest cliché: a team complicated to face and anti-good game in its most elaborate version. Namely, love-killing and pragmatism flirting with the accordion bus technique – defense first. The sworn enemy of football and gourmet mirettes. Diego Simeone, Madrid’s coach, single-handedly recounts the slide into this dark box. Five or six years ago, the Argentinian, who arrived on the Madrid bench in 2011, was still the genius of Europe. The one who turned lambs into wolves. Who made his players run 90 minutes, which gave the impression of being able to investigate 180 without problem and if necessary, 270 – with a smile to their ears. There, he is portrayed as good without more and disbelieving: if we trust the ambient rumor, he is the exact opposite of the religion of the moment, Liverpool, the model – his players also ride, but better.

The scenario would like that the Simeone cycle, coach as smooth as brilliant, who spent a life of player to be vomited before the games to maintain his grinta, ends as the stereotype adores: an exit in eighth and an end of championship d ‘Spain (Atlético is at the foot of the podium) is struggling. Then a resignation or a dismissal. Then a debate on a talk show to imply that the guy and his philosophy are dead and buried. May the picture go to hell! The Matelassiers disrupted and broke the alternation (Barça and Real Madrid) so exhausting in Spain (a title in 2014) and failed to sit on the roof of Europe twice (2014 and 2016). The Atlético has ten years of sabotage of big, medium and small clubs in the legs. We are right in what makes this striped jersey team dangerous: the habit of big battles, patience and mischief.

Except that Liverpool will qualify because … The club of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané is European champion. The mojo is lost, it’s true. But rarely in eighth final.

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Atalanta Bergamo – FC Valencia (Wednesday, 9 p.m.)

It would be nice if Bergamo won because … Ephemeral coach of Inter Milan in 2011 (five competitive games, four defeats), Gian Piero Gasperini is the man of a revolution in Italy since 2013 that he coaches Atalanta Bergamo: it matters what the Transalpine call with a touch of distrust the “continental game”, that is to say a different rhythm, superior to the ordinary of Calcio. This is the story of the biggest dwarf in the world (a normal type, therefore) of the Monthy Pythons: Luis Muriel and others do not play at the supersonic speed of a Liverpool or a Manchester City, but on a scale Italian, Bergamo is a textbook case, which earned Gasperini to be elected best coach of Calcio at the end of the 2018-2019 season. Who says rhythm says risk-taking, loss of balls, defenders having to manage in one against one against opposing attackers: in the realm of placed play and defensive systems belts and suspenders, it is not nothing.

Except that Valencia will qualify because … The force of habit, the superior technical skill (Rodrigo, Daniel Parejo), this hardness in the effort that inhabits the top Spanish player – Valencia is 6e de Liga – and a slow rise that saw them destroy FC Barcelona (2-0) three weeks ago, playing three times faster than the Catalans that day. The wind blew at the start of the season when the Singaporean owner dismissed coach Marcelino Garcia Toral, fresh winner of the King’s Cup, for sporting differences: he had the full support of both players and supporters. Former international player who passed through Bordeaux and coach in the Spanish youth teams (-16 years old, -17, Hopes), Albert Celades took the time to slip into his shoes and things got back to normal, with victories at Chelsea or Amsterdam during the round of pool. It’s as if the deep quality of the team speaks no matter who the coach is.

Tottenham Hotspur – RB Leipzig (Wednesday, 9 p.m.)

It would be nice if Leipzig wins because … Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann is both a fool and a symbol. Bad because his teams attack like beatniks, in flip flops, in all weathers and on all terrains, whatever the balance of power, and too bad if striker Timo Werner (supposedly the star) is what the English commonly called a “rabbit killer”, unable to score against strong teams. A symbol because German football has the wind in its back, embodying a kind of daring modernity that flourished until Paris-SG (Thomas Tuchel, ex from Dortmund) and Liverpool (Jürgen Klopp, ex from Dortmund too). This winter, Nagelsmann admitted to having been approached by Real Madrid… two years ago. To succeed Zinedine Zidane. At 32 years old. It’s very simple: at its best (or worst), Leipzig seems to be playing to play, forgetting to make it happen on the scoreboard as if by distraction. “It’s starting to be enough”, thundered Nagelsmann after a 2-2 victory in Lyon in December when his team should have won 5-0. In the meantime: it’s funny.

Tottenham Hotspur's Portuguese head coach Jose Mourinho reacts ahead of the English Premier League football match between Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur at Villa Park in Birmingham, central England on February 16, 2020. (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP) / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE. No use with unauthorized audio, video, data, fixture lists, club / league logos or 'live' services. Online in-match use limited to 120 images. An additional 40 images may be used in extra time. No video emulation. Social media inTottenham Hotspur’s Portuguese coach José Mourinho before the match against Aston Villa in Birmingham on February 16. Photo Justin Tallis. AFP

Except that Tottenham will qualify because … The last finalists in the Champions League are indestructible and there is a vague feeling that they did not finish their work, which consisted last spring of leaving the formations (Ajax, Manchester City) much better armed. Hugo Lloris is back for these knockout stages, it’s good and it’s time to remember that the captain of the world champions had been the best player of his formation in the Champions League last season, the striker Harry Kane (injured last year) having the stature of the one who will permanently mark the competition. Trained by Mauro Pochettino yesterday or by José Mourinho today, we feel the Spurs harder, more winning than their opponents in these eighths. Mourinho knows the Champions League like the mouse behind a Swiss cheese. Leipzig has time. Not the Soft. If we talk about football, it is clear that Tottenham will suffer. But if we talk about sport, that is to say mental, we bet on them.

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