The new love for the old drive-in cinema

Mthe shutdown now lasts more than two weeks. Hardly anything works. No pub, no cinema, no department store. Everything is closed. Really everything? No. There are three drive-in cinemas in Essen, Cologne and Stuttgart that are defying the crisis. They are open and give ideas, while others like the one in Gravenbruch near Frankfurt or […]

English soccer player invites two prostitutes to his home

Dem English soccer player Kyle Walker faces a severe penalty from his Manchester City club after a savage violation of exit restrictions. According to a report by the tabloid Sun, the defender is said to have invited two prostitutes to her home with a friend last Tuesday evening. The football professional has therefore tried in […]

Flanders in Belgium: Bruges and Ghent honor Jan van Eyck

EIt’s like time travel. You can have the best tourist guide, the best weather and the best attractions, but all too often the feeling of coming closer to the past does not want to arise. The magical moment when you think you can catch a glimpse of the past cannot be forced. A lot has […]

Vapiano applies to open bankruptcy proceedings

Vapiano The management board of Vapiano SE has decided to file an application to open insolvency proceedings at the Cologne Local Court. (Photo: dpa) Cologne Because of the coronavirus crisis, the already battered restaurant chain Vapiano is filing an application to open insolvency proceedings at the Cologne District Court. That was decided by the board […]

12-member committee: Armin Laschet founds “Corona Expert Council”

Germany Board of twelve Armin Laschet founds “Corona Expert Council” As of March 31, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes Spahn and Laschet against mask requirement in Germany In a press conference, NRW Prime Minister Laschet and Minister of Health Spahn spoke out against the obligation to wear protective masks. The priority now is to […]

Beat the Star: Elton Outraged – “Wouldn’t Have Anything to Do With It”

Beat the star: Moderator Elton outraged – “I don’t want to have anything to do with it” on 03/26/2020 at 06:31 a.m. Presenter Elton presents “Beat the Star”. Photo: Imago Images / Hartenfelser What a show on Saturday night! This has never happened before beat the celebrity (ProSieben). Because there were several unfamiliar situations. First, […]

Arrested after act of sabotage on ICE route Frankfurt-Cologne

I.In the event of an act of sabotage on the ICE route between Frankfurt and Cologne, the police arrested a suspect. It is a 51-year-old German, as the Hessian police confirmed corresponding information from the news magazine “Der Spiegel”. The man is said to have been caught on the night of Saturday near Cologne by […]

Corona victim Ersan Mondtag: “Shakespeare is only paper with ink on it”

“I’m through with theater, now comes opera.” Sounds like a plan. Ersan Mondtag, the 33-year-old drama director, actually Ersan Aygün, a genuine Neuköllner, with blue glasses and artist name, but actually not an artificial figure, has flirted with performance, installation and music. Now he wants to change the genre again. In Ghent and Antwerp (both […]

Ridesharing: Clevershuttle starts in the Rhineland

Berlin In the autumn of last year, Clevershuttle was looking for a retreat: The ridesharing service announced that it would withdraw its vehicles from Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart and discontinue the driver service. The reason given was ruinous competition and problems with the local authorities. A lack of money was suspected in the mobility industry. […]

Fifa working group deals with corona effects

FIFA is examining how it can help: President Gianni Infantino. Picture: AFP The FIFA Council also formally approves EM postponement. But more important for world football: A working group deals with short-term adjustments of the transfer system in times of the corona virus ’. DFifa has now officially given the green light to postpone the […]