The Cass Confinacurts brings together 105 participants

A story of revenge during confinement, The last supper by Ariadna Pastor, won the first prize of the Confinacurts, the quarantine version of the popular Correcurts in Cassà de la Selva. The appointment organized by the Vuitimig film club, which had the same mechanics as the Contest of Animation and Short Films of Maca, the […]

The protagonist of the most watched movie on Netflix, confined to Girona

The actor Iván Massaguer, protagonist of the film The hole, winner of the last edition of Sitges festival and that has become a worldwide phenomenon on the Netflix platform, is confined to the city of Girona. The interpreter explained, in an interview in the program The world at RAC1, the alarm state alarm surprised him […]

Confined in France, doubly isolated foreign students

“I’m getting used to it!” This is my third confinement in a row! ” Originally from China, Ran Yan has lived in a room at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris for over two years. In January, she went home to celebrate the Chinese New Year and was “Confined for the first time”. Then was […]

The Black Music Big Band, confined, per playing

Confined, but united by music. The Black Music Big Band released a new video today with the song Suck my kiss performed by each of the musicians from home. Thus, the members of the lineup, without skipping the confinement, relate the theme of Red Hoot Chili Peppers to what they have already dubbed Live Covid19. […]

Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, Moscow confines itself

The head of the Kremlin had declared a “free week” nationally. The mayor of the capital has taken the lead. From this Monday, March 30, the Muscovites can no longer go out. The mayor of the Russian capital Sergei Sobianin, who as early as Saturday had sent an email to the inhabitants imploring them to […]

The confined walker, Celestina of the streets

Few know of the secret life on the streets; There are somber and sunny, sad and flowery, complexed and widened. Neither more nor less than if they were people. Celia Tacón lives in the corners and knows more about the feeling of the sidewalks than the sordid heart of man. His humid and weather-beaten life […]

Confined, New Delhi breathes better

One morning, the tumultuous and teeming capital woke up in silence assailed by the shrill song of birds. “Were they there before?” Asked the inhabitants, amazed by the wonder. Because following other capitals of the planet, it is the turn of New Delhi, a megalopolis with 20 million souls, to be wallowed in the motionless […]

“Alexander the blessed”, the happy confined

The extract went viral on the Internet. The young Philippe Noiret, in the shoes of Alexandre Gartempe, a farmer, snacks in his bed. Using a system of pulleys installed above his “featherboard”, he brings down sausage, fresh onions and a bottle of red at will hanging from the ceiling of his room. It was there […]