Nintendo Switch Online NES Games for dated November

By Robert Workman – November 6, 2018 It's November, which means that we will put our hands on some classic NES as part of the Nintendo Switch Online service. The online channel, which was launched in September, already has a handful of classics that players can enjoy if they are going for themselves or playing […]

Spyro the Dragon: Retail Reigned Trilogy & # 39; only requires partial downloads

By Robert Workman – October 29, 2018 When Spyro the Dragon: Reigned Trilogy began to be originally released on September 21, there was some controversy surrounding the commercial version, as it was reported that only Spyro's first game would be on the disk, while the other two, Rage de Ripto and Dragon Year, it would […]

& # 39; Anthem & # 39; Video Gameplay presents final abilities, the first mission

By Robert Workman – October 28, 2018 Given that the Paris Games Week is underway, we're probably going to see a new material of some highly-anticipated titles for 2018. Electronic Arts, along with BioWare, has already reached the ground with Hymn, as a recent video presented Some fresh new gameplay of the next adventure / […]

& # 39; Fallout 76 & # 39; The Nintendo change is not coming, but the next Wolfenstein & # 39;

By Robert Workman – October 28, 2018 Bethesda has been doing a great job on Nintendo Switch so far, including impressive game ports such as Wolfenstein II: The New Blood, Doom and Skyrim. Therefore, many users will probably suppose that a game like Fallout 76 would be a blockage for the system. Not so fast […]

Nintendo disables racing career & # 39; Mario Kart & # 39; of AppleWeblog

By Robert Workman – September 27, 2018 For a while there, the MariCar attraction in Tokyo prospered, allowing the inhabitants and tourists the opportunity to travel the city in the form of Mario Kart, even falling "weapons" from each other. But it seems that the race has ended, as Nintendo has thrown a huge legal […]

The team & # 39; Shadow of the Tomb Raider & # 39; They are great fans of the games “Uncharted & # 39;

By Robert Workman – September 20, 2018 With Shadow of the Tomb Raider now available, fans can experience the latest and perhaps the biggest adventure in the history of Lara Croft games. And you can say that many of them were inspired by other great adventure games, including Naughty Dog's own Uncharted saga. In fact, […]

New Kingdom Hearts 3 & # 39; Trailer, Box Art Revealed

By Robert Workman – September 18, 2018 Square Enix has made the promise that a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer would fall today and that's what we got. A new trailer appeared online, which includes an extended action in the world of Big Hero 6, including the entire group of characters fighting alongside the heroes […]

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced it will launch the new Super Mario Bros. And Deluxe for the Nintendo Switch in early next year. The new game will include all the courses of New Super Mario Bros. The New Super Luigi. U, Nintendo Wii U games originally launched in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Advertising Nobody likes advertisements. We already […]

Pokemon Let’s Go: & # 39; Pikachu E Eevee Get new moves

There are more details about the popular titles that are escaping. Recently, reports emerged that Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu and Let's Go, Eevee introduce new moves for each pokemon presented. The switching port of the Pokémon game is only a couple of months and the retail outlets have some fun preorder bonuses for fans interested […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Demo Flops at the GME 2018 Conference, but there is still hope

The demo for Red Dead Redemption 2 & # 39; left a lot to be desired. Recently, Rockstar presented a demonstration of Red Dead Redemption 2 at the GME 2018 Conference. Unfortunately, GameStop employees did not seem impressed with RDR2 demonstration. However, despite the opening of the prequel demo, it can be too early to […]