Some travel companies and airlines refuse to issue refunds – Which ones? | World news

Some airlines and tour companies refuse to issue refunds despite their legal obligations, according to consumer group Which ?, with vacationers they have left thousands of pounds out of their pocket. Which? he warned that there was a breakdown in the travel protection system, with vacationers mistakenly saying that they must accept a voucher or […]

What does coronavirus mean for holidays, travel insurance and concerts? | Money

If I buy travel insurance for a holiday that I have just booked, will it cover me in the future? Yes. The British Insurers Association confirmed this week that someone who books a holiday in Spain, say, in June, and buys travel insurance would be covered for cancellation, but only if the Foreign & Commonwealth […]

Storm clouds hanging over my storm damage claim with the Council Money

During the recent Storm Ciara, the wind blew on a tree, which crashed on my car parked in my driveway in south east London. The vehicle is a cancellation. I don’t have building insurance, just a car (from third parties, fire and theft), but luckily my house has not been damaged. The tree is on […]

Cruel lottery while banks play the blame for push-payment fraud Money

ISlena Rossi * was sued £ 2,400 by her plumber for repairs to her boiler. The bill was duly sent by email and Rossi transferred the sum. Only when the plumber chased her for payment did she find out that the money had been paid to a scammer. “We found out that the scammer had […]