7 anti-Covid vaccines expect to carry out their Phase 3 in Mexico

Mexico adds more than 700 thousand infections by Covid-19; however, it is already eight weeks in which the record is going down. File photo: Cuartoscuro


The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported that there are seven vaccines against Covid-19, from different nations, seeking to extend their tests to our country.

In a conference, the foreign minister explained that due to the work with governments and companies of other nations, there are drugs that are in the process of carrying out Phase 3 tests in Mexico, so they await the approval of Cofepris and the Ministry of Health.

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The vaccines that seek to carry out their tests in Mexican territory are: Janssen and Novavax, from the United States; Sputnik V, from Russia; Cansino, from China; Curevac, from Germany; Sanofi Pasteur, from France; and Reithera, from Italy.

“There are already seven vaccines from different countries that have expressed interest or are in the process, before Cofepris and Ssa, to carry out phase 3 in Mexico or its equivalent,” he said.

According to the information presented, the tentative period for the start of Phase 3 of the Janssen, Novavax, Sputnik V, Cansino and Curevac vaccines is next October; while for Sanofi-Pasteur, it is for January 2021 and for Reithera there is still no fixed date.

The Foreign Minister also indicated that this week Mexico will formalize the agreement to participate in the multilateral mechanism around the world on coronavirus vaccines, which is led by the UN and is called COVAX.

“It would be the first binding contract in Mexico for access to vaccines against Covid-19,” he said.

He also commented that this Tuesday President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will participate in the UN General Assembly, in which he will address the issue of the effort to guarantee universal access to vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

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Coronavirus in Great Britain, new lockdowns from Thursday: “Measures in force for six months”

The Great Britain slip into a new one lockdown. On Tuesday evening, in a televised speech, the prime minister Boris Johnson will announce the curfew for pubs and restaurants, which will have to close at 10pm from Thursday.

Also backtrack on trying to encourage employees to return to the office: who can, preferably work from home. The new restrictions, Johnson told the House of Commons, are expected to last six months.

the first response to the surge in infections, which now sees over 4,000 new cases a day: the government fears that the country is starting in the same wake as Spain and France and therefore has decided to pull the emergency brake. And stricter measures are not excluded, should this first squeeze not give the desired effects: there is talk of a two-week lockdown between the end of October and the beginning of November, coinciding with the school holidays.

Contagion risks

The public was prepared for the worst on Monday by a dramatic press conference given by the medical adviser and the scientific adviser of the government: at this rate, they explained, Great Britain risks reaching 50,000 infections and 200 deaths a day (even if these are levels still far from the peak of the epidemic in April, when there were almost a thousand deaths per day: and in fact the number of hospitalizations and deaths still remains very low). Johnson does not want to take any risks and has put into reverse: only the intervention of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, who fears for the stability of the economy, has dissuaded him from imposing the immediate closure of pubs and restaurants. Indeed, the government finds itself on a very narrow path: how to prevent the epidemic from spreading again without strangling the incipient economic recovery. The people are now confused, so many contradictory messages have arrived from the authorities that it is difficult to understand. But Johnson must also guard against the increasingly loud rumblings coming from the belly of the conservative party, hostile to new restrictive measures. Whatever happens, it will be a warm autumn in London.

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Coronavirus, Ippolito (Cts): «The increase in infections does not depend on the school. It is the queue of returns from the summer “

«How to cut the way to the virus? Only by carefully applying the recommended measures ». For Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director of the Lazzaro Spallanzani Institute for Diseases and member of Scientific technical committee, the CTS, there are no shortcuts. The ability to control the epidemic also depends on each of us.

I almost positives in the last week have increased yet. Is it alarm?
«It is evident that the data must at least lead to an increase in the level of attention and interpretation of the phenomenon. The circulation of the virus is widespread throughout the national territory, with outbreaks of varying sizes, in many cases associated with social activities and gatherings ».

Is it still the tail of summer infections?
«The trips for playful and recreational activities are not finished yet, even if very limited. We will have to wait a few weeks. But this does not mean that with the end of the holidays and the return to the city the risk automatically decreases, especially if the civic and social commitment to keep alive the respect of distance measures and the scrupulous use of masks avoiding urban gatherings, with the effect of local transmission ».

Yesterday the deaths were 24 and even in intensive care hospitalizations are increasing. What signal is it?
“It is too early to draw conclusions. Fortunately, the numbers are small and there may be daily variations ».

How can we reverse the course, return to degrowth?
“Only with the careful application of the recommended measures. That is, avoiding giving the virus the opportunity to be transmitted effectively from person to person “.

Domestic infections and the average age of positives increase. A threat to the elderly especially as there are now grandchildren returning from school?
“In fact, we have been witnessing a significant increase in the median age at diagnosis for some weeks. The hypothesis is that a transmission model involving i family contacts between different age groups. To manage this problem it is necessary to build a relationship model between generations based on respect for the rules. This is the only way to reduce the risks without giving up an interaction between young and old. It is a new pact between generations: young people must be prudent at school by respecting the rules and keeping the measures and returning home when adequate distancing is not possible ».

And the elderly?
«The elderly, especially if frail for age and other pathologies, must protect themselves with the constant use of masks and facilitate compliance with the measures by younger family members. It is necessary to get out of logic: this doesn’t happen anyway, we are all healthy “

Will there be the school effect, when it should be seen, what order of magnitude is it estimated?
“It’s too early to assess the effect of the school. It has only been open a few days and not even in all regions. We will have to wait to evaluate it ».

What is the function and validity of rapid antigenic tests that many Regions are using in various contexts?
«Antigenic tests look for, as the name implies, viral proteins (antigens) starting from nasopharyngeal swabs; they have short or short response times (about 15 minutes), and a sensitivity lower than that of the molecular buffer. For this reason, the positivity must be confirmed with a classic molecular buffer ».

Because the time has not come shorten the quarantine 14 days to speed up the return of many people to working life?
“Knowledge is still not enough. Both the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control suggest not to change the measures in place “

There will be no more lockdowns premier Conte announced. But what is the tool to be implemented to cut the way to the virus? Limited red areas?
«In Worldwide are taking place lockdown limited to limited areas in the presence of warning signals that indicate a significant increase in local transmission “.

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it is in a separate department from previous cases

PORCIA – There is a new infected with Coronavirus at the Electrolux of Porcia. The attendant had accused the symptoms of Covid-19 and tested positive for the diagnostic swab. He works in a different ward than the one occupied by the first two positive patients, and therefore his case would not be linked to a previous outbreak. The company, in agreement with the prevention department of the health company, placed eight other workers in solitary confinement pending the results of the test. Production does not stop. Last updated: 12:40


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Coronavirus: new record in Israel, over 5 thousand cases – World

The number of deaths in the world related to the coronavirus has exceeded 930,000, according to data from the American University Johns Hopkins. Total infections are over 29.4 million. The most affected country in the world in absolute terms remains the United States, with 195,500 deaths and nearly 6.6 million cases. India and Brazil follow. 4000 cases in the UK, Johnson v. Lockdown bis.

New record of infections in Israel: in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health, 5,523 have been compared to an increase in swabs which have reached 55,734 tests. The infection rate stands at 9.9%. There are currently 42,862 active cases with 535 serious patients and 138 of these on ventilation. The victims remain at 1,147. Today is the last day of school, as the government has established, while the 3-week national lockdown will start from 2 pm on Friday.

India has passed the threshold of five million cases of coronavirus, with the pandemic spreading at an ever faster rate across the Asian country. The second most populous nation on the planet, which registered one million new infections in just eleven days, now has 5.02 million cases, just behind the United States which has 6.6 million.

The Robert Koch Institut in Berlin has included the Austrian capital Vienna among the coronavirus risk areas. The same institute announced it on its web page tonight. The criterion for inserting a locality among the areas at risk is the exceeding of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants. In Vienna, there were 113 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, reports Faz. This is the reason for the listing, which also includes Budapest.

Coronavirus infections surge to almost 4,000 more in the last 24 hours in the UK, a record since early May against the backdrop of a daily test level over 220,000. This is certified by the data released today by the government, also reporting an increase in daily deaths (20) and a slight but constant increase in hospitalizations in the ward or in intensive care (900 and 115 total patients, at the moment, in the entire country). Data in front of which Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a hearing before the coordination of parliamentary committees in Westminster, assures however that “everything in our power” will be done to avoid a second national lockdown potentially “disastrous for the economy. “.

The surge of coronavirus infections in Malta appears unabated. The superintendent for public health, Charmaine Gauci, for the first time spoke of a “serious situation” as reported by the Times of Malta because the virus has entered some homes for the elderly, but above all there are more and more ‘isolated cases’ , a sign that containment is not working. In the last 24 hours a new all-time record has been reached, with 106 positives out of 2,470 tests in a population of just half a million inhabitants (1/120 of Italy). The two main teachers’ unions (MTU and Upe) have asked for the postponement of the physical reopening of schools scheduled for 28 September and are threatening strikes.

Strong increase in infections in Slovenia, where in the last 24 hours there have been 123 coronavirus cases, a new daily record since the beginning of the epidemic. Evidently contributing to this is the progressive increase in the number of tests carried out, which since yesterday were 3,123. The total number of positive cases has so far stood at 3,945, while the number of deaths has stood at 135, and there have been no victims for covid-19 for a couple of weeks. There are 61 patients in hospital to date, 11 of whom are in intensive care.

There are 2,981 coronavirus cases recorded in the last 24 hours in Iran, the highest since the beginning of June. The figure brings the total of confirmed infections in the country to 410,334. There are 179 new victims, for a total of 23,632 confirmed deaths. The patients admitted to intensive care amounted to 3,827, while those recovered grew to 352,019. The total tests carried out are 3,641,581. The spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health Sima Lari reported this in her daily bulletin, specifying that 13 out of 31 provinces remain classified as “red”, ie at high risk of infection, including Tehran.

Imperial College London reported coronavirus contagiousness rate dropped to 0.9 in Brazil, which today confirms General Eduardo Pazuello as Minister of Health, who had held the interim position since May. According to the renowned British university, in the South American country, 90 people are now infected with Covid-19, which means that the Rt index has dropped to its lowest level since April, when it was 1.81. According to the latest bulletin released yesterday by the state health secretariats, there are currently 4,382,683 confirmed cases and 113,119 deaths in Brazil. Meanwhile, the government of Jair Bolsonaro has decided to increase the number of volunteers who will test with the vaccine of the University of Oxford from five thousand to ten thousand.

In the US, at least seven people have died in connection with a coronavirus epidemic erupted after a wedding reception in Maine. This was reported by the Associated Press agency. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported that over 175 infections are linked to the party, which took place in August, and six of the deceased did not even attend the wedding. The state authorities, which have registered less than 5,000 cases of coronavirus since March, have drawn the line of infections and concluded that the virus has traveled hundreds of kilometers from the reception at the Big Moose Inn in Millinocke.

The coronavirus vaccine could be ready within three to four weeks: US President Donald Trump said in a town hall in Philadelphia. If so, the vaccine would arrive before the US elections on November 3.


Noel Gallagher against the mask: “If I take Covid it’s my business”

“The mask? It is not a law. Too many fucking freedoms are denied us, I choose not to wear it. If I catch the virus, it concerns me and no one else … No need … ». Noel Gallagher, 53, has no intention of wearing masks and to comply with the anti-Covid rule. The musician, former frontman of Oasis (the group with his brother Liam), told Matt Morgan’s podcast on “Radio X” that he did not use the protection on the train and in shops. “I was on my way to Manchester last week and a guy started ‘Put on your mask, the controllers will come and they’ll give you a £ 1000 fine. You shouldn’t wear it if you are eating “… I replied:” Well, this killer virus that moves on the train will come and attack me. But will he see that I am eating a sandwich and will he leave if I eat? ”». Gallagher’s statement outraged the British, considering the difficult moment the UK is going through, where infections increase by 3,000 in 24 hours and the government has imposed the “rule of 6” (the ban on gathering more than 6 people, even at home, so as not to create a crowd) and invited the neighbors to report the “transgressors”.

Coronavirus, when the “denier” is famous abroad. The wildest played in Rome and Verona
Thomas Berthold, Germania
Miguel Bosé

The singer is not the first star who declares himself against the mask: already other celebrities prefer not to wear the device, like Miguel Bosé (the mother died of the virus) who does not wear it because of his asthma: «When I see that I am about to enter places where people might be annoyed that I am not wearing a mask, I put it on. But I have an exemption, a medical document that allows me not to wear it. I have asthma, the mask can make my respiratory problems worse ».

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Coronavirus: Government of Ireland in isolation – Last Hour

(ANSA) – LONDON, SEPTEMBER 15 – The entire Irish government is now in precautionary isolation due to the suspected coronavirus infection of the Minister of Health, Stephen Donnelly, who felt unwell after a cabinet meeting. The minister has turned to his doctor and is awaiting the test results. In the meantime, the single-chamber Parliament of Dublin has first updated the work until further notice, only to be reconvened. According to the BBC, the undersecretaries will for the time being respond to a planned interpellation session of deputies. (HANDLE).