China gives green light to bear bile medicine against Covid-19

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in China, work has been done to find a cure against this virus. Stock Photo: AFP BEIJING China gave the green light to a bear-based bile drug to treat patient victims of Covid-19, fueling controversy over plantigrades bred for this purpose. For a long time, environmental associations have […]

López Obrador calls ‘conservatives’ to unity

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a conference in the National Palace. Image: Video Capture MEXICO CITY. In the face of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called his “adversaries” and “conservatives” to unity, as well as “to lower the hairline” of the campaign against the federal government. At […]

The President warned that there will be “an acceleration process of contagion”

Although he warned that there will be “an acceleration process of contagion” of the coronavirus in Argentina, President Alberto Fernández avoided last night defining whether the Government will extend the general quarantine that governs until March 31. However, he affirmed that the suspension of the school year will continue beyond that date. “That can wait,” […]

Coronavirus in Mexico. Federal government to suspend activities

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 03/25/2020 19:45:51 Hugo López Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, informed that starting tomorrow, all non-essential activities of the federal government will be suspended as a preventive measure before the coronavirus. “This measure, from the government, is relatively easier to implement, because the government decides to suspend its activities […]

Why was there such a big jump in the number of coronavirus infections?

Related news In spite of the total quarantine in force since last Friday, the positive cases of coronavirus gave an important jump this Tuesday, March 24, compared to the previous days. While on Monday there were only 36 infected, on Tuesday the number climbed to 86. It is the highest number so far, beating the […]

This is what you should always do before and after wearing disposable gloves

ABC Health Updated:03/23/2020 12: 24h save Related news The General Nursing Council and its Collegiate Organization have warned of the risk of contagion from coronavirus that involves the incorrect use of disposable gloves. Especially at the time of their removal, when the risk of clean hands touching the contaminated surface is greater and, therefore, they […]

Getting infected to become immune to Covid-19 “is not an option” or a “good idea”

Madrid Updated:03/19/2020 13: 09h save Related news Allowing the Covid-19 coronavirus to circulate so that a large part of the population is contagious and achieves immunity, as has been suggested in countries such as the United Kingdom, “is not an option” or a “good idea”. According to World Health Organization (WHO), the only strategy that […]

China records no local spread of coronavirus for the first time

The Chinese Ministry of Health has confirmed on Thursday thatno case of contagion has been recordedby coronavirus in the city ofWuhan, capital of Hubei province and epicenter of the pandemic, and has not been confirmed eitherno case of local contagionfor the first time in the country. However, China has recorded a total of34 cases of […]

Cynicism, another virus

We can, like you and me, want to kill this damn crowned virus that eats our lives and grieve all of the thousands of deaths it does on its way, without refraining from recalling – and think about it further since, our race stopped, the lack of time can no longer be an excuse – […]