Cynicism, another virus

We can, like you and me, want to kill this damn crowned virus that eats our lives and grieve all of the thousands of deaths it does on its way, without refraining from recalling – and think about it further since, our race stopped, the lack of time can no longer be an excuse – […]

P&R: Investor lawyers attack auditors

P&R headquarters in Grünwald According to insolvency administrator Michael Jaffé from Munich, P&R has sold more containers to investors since 2007 than the group actually bought. (Photo: Thorsten Jochim for Handelsblatt) Dusseldorf Investor lawyers attack the auditor in search of culprits for the P&R group from Grünwald’s bankruptcy. Regensburg Werner Wagner-Gruber has been checking the […]

Nursing homes face unique challenges with Coronavirus – NBC Los Angeles

From Miami to Seattle, nursing homes and other facilities for the elderly host stocks of masks and thermometers, preparing staff shortages and checking visitors to protect a particularly vulnerable population from the coronavirus. In China, where the epidemic started, the disease was basically deadly for the elderly. In Italy, the epicenter of the virus epidemic […]

Logistics in crisis: Corona virus affects the transport routes

Dusseldorf The shipping companies operating worldwide are running out of containers because of the corona epidemic. Because 77 scheduled trips from Asia to Europe and North America failed due to the viral disease by the beginning of this week, the steel boxes are currently stacking in China’s ports. In Ningbo, the port of Shanghai alone, […]

Schöneck in the Vogtland becomes a stylish winter sports resort

Min the dark come curious glances. Then they see, thickly packed people behind their ski goggles, down from the chairlift directly into the illuminated window front and watch the residents as they sit at the table and talk, eat, read, write. The residents pretend they don’t notice, as if they don’t deserve attention. You just […]