F1 is canceled, so drivers will race each other in the official video game

Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty) The F1 season, like most major international sports, is currently pending. And like a growing number of international sports, athletes have found that one of the best ways to keep busy is to challenge others online in the video game version of what they normally do for a living. So when […]

Ori’s art and the will of the tufts

Fine ArtsFine ArtsFine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, which showcases the best of their professional and personal portfolios. If you are in the business and have works of art that you would like to share, get in touch! prevThe nextShow all Ori and the will of the tufts, the […]

The Silent Hill VR demo gets a big thank you from me

As has been established multiple times on this record website, I’m a coward, and therefore maybe this made by fans Silent Hill 2 the virtual reality demo is not for me. Maybe it is for you, though. This is just a concept trailer, not something you’re actually working on, and it might be terrible news […]

FIFA 20 Pro Play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the winner after server problems

Last week, EA’s servers had some pretty serious problems. This has had an impact on regular players, of course, but also on professionals who have tried playing international tournaments, and at some point things have gone so badly. FIFA players who used Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide the winners. Like Polygon report, when the other […]

GOG’s new refund policy is extremely generous

Good Old Games PC market announced a new refund policy todayand uh, it’s very kind. Maybe also mashed potato kind. Here is the new policy, directly from GOG: “As of now, you can get a full refund up to 30 days after purchasing a product, even if you have downloaded, launched and played it. That’s […]

The Concept Stores of GameStop’s future are very sad

GameStop, once the center of the video game retail universe, is in serious trouble. As sales of physical games decline (and with them the company’s trade-ins, bread and butter), they are desperate for new ways to bring people together and spend money. A little too desperate, perhaps. While the company’s efforts over the past few […]

Almost nobody played a villain in Mass Effect

One of the main references of the reproduction of Mass effect the series at the time of its release was the right way, like the old BioWare games, your decisions and actions in the game would have pushed you towards the ends of a binary ladder of good / evil, potentially changing the history of […]