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The Colombian singer, Shakira, asked this Friday the political leaders to implement in their countries the “extreme social distancing ” for 15 days to prevent the coronavirus expand in regions where there are still few cases, unlike what has happened in Europe.

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“In countries where they currently have few cases, they must learn from the mistakes we are paying in European countries where the measures came too late. Let us urge our leaders to implement 15 days of extreme social distancing, ”said the Colombian in a video published on her social networks.

The artist -who has sold more than 60 million records and he has won numerous awards, including three Grammy and 11 Latin Grammy – he criticized countries that “are not listening to the recommendations of the health authorities, are acting late or are prioritizing the economy over the health and well-being of citizens.”

“In my experience, having been in Europe for the past few weeks, we have found that the virus is very fast and our leaders too slow. All countries must collaborate together with the World Health Organization in a coordinated and international plan ”, he warned.

For this reason, he appreciated that there are governments that have decided to close “schools and public places where people gather” with the aim of “flattening the curve and preventing the spread of the virus, especially in countries that are not prepared to offer medical care such as Latin Americans and Africans ”.

“Please, let’s stay home for 15 days, for the sake of the neediest, sick, elderly and most vulnerable people in the world,” added the artist, born in Barranquilla 43 years ago.

Shakira is the only South American artist to have managed to place a song at No. 1 in the US, and four of her singles have ranked among the top 20 best-selling hits of the past decade.

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Coronavirus cases imported from China jump again as students, expatriates gather at home – National

China reported a new record of imported coronavirus cases on Friday, when expats returned home from the United States and Europe, sparking fear of a second wave of infections just as the country recovers from the initial outbreak.

All 41 of the new confirmed cases in China were imported from abroad, the country’s National Health Commission said on Saturday, bringing the total number of such cases to 269.

Beijing and Shanghai were the main entry points for returnees, many of whom are students studying abroad, according to official reports. They returned after many campuses in the United States and Europe closed to contain rapidly rising infection rates there.

Coronavirus deaths are among the top 10,000 worldwide while blockade measures are further tightened

Expatriates based in China have also returned to safety, while companies begin to reopen.

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The pivot for eliminating imported cases has led to a tightening of quarantine restrictions in the country.

The Guangdong Health Commission said that travelers entering Guangdong province from overseas on Saturday will be subject to a 14-day quarantine on arrival either in personal residences or in a centralized quarantine center at the expense of the traveler.

Coronavirus outbreak: a timeline of how COVID-19 spread worldwide

Coronavirus outbreak: a timeline of how COVID-19 spread worldwide

The total number of confirmed cases in mainland China was 81,008 at the end of Friday, the health authority said. The death toll was 3,255, an increase of seven, a much slower rate than at the height of the crisis.

The lack of cases transmitted locally for the third consecutive day highlighted a recovery that prompted officials to ease restrictions, including in the epicenter of the Wuhan virus, responsible for all seven new deaths.

City officials said last week that residents could walk around their compounds, easing the restrictions that had kept them in their personal living areas.

“Is this so?”: Chinese report on the death of the doctor who raised the alarm for coronavirus criticized

On Saturday, the official news agency Xinhua said that commercial outlets in residential communities and villages without existing virus cases can resume activity, citing the municipal commercial office.

In addition to Beijing and Shanghai, Shenzhen’s main transportation hub near Hong Kong has facilitated infected returnees. The southern provinces of Guangdong, Fujian and the eastern provinces of Shandong and Zhejiang as well as Shaanxi and Sichuan also reported all cases.

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(Reporting by Engen Tham in Shanghai and Yilei Sun in Beijing; Editing by Daniel Wallis, Leslie Adler and Jane Wardell)


Coronavirus Melbourne: Ringwood police officer tests positive for viruses

This coronavirus article is unlocked and free to read in the interest of community health and safety. For full access to Herald Sun / Leader journalism, sign up here.

LAST: Another 28 new cases of coronavirus have been identified today in Victoria.

The state-confirmed case count now stands at 178, with new cases including one student and five parents exclusively Geelong Grammar.

A Victoria police officer was also hit by the virus.

The officer, based at Ringwood Police Station, was placed in solitary confinement on Tuesday after contacting someone with COVID-19. Since then they have been positive. The station is cleaned and temporarily closed as a precaution.

In other key developments today:

– The new rules for social removal will mean that fewer people can gather in restaurants and other places;

– Additional limits that could have an impact on travel and school holiday reservations could be considered;

– Victorian prisons to close doors to visitors indefinitely;

– A funding package will be delivered to help older people;

– Retailers like Smiggle and Just Jeans fear they will have to close if rents are not reduced;

Banks will help small businesses by freezing loan repayments.

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Flinders Street train station is quieter than usual
media_cameraFlinders Street train station is quieter than usual


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced new rigid rules of social removal and has not ruled out doing more as the Easter holidays approach.

Morrison said the increase in cases means more needs to be done.

The new medical advice limits the indoor spaces to one person per 4 m2. A 60 sq m coffee shop would only allow 15 customers at a time.

Places will need to know exactly how many customers they can have in their space at any one time.

He said people shouldn’t be “around” when told to stay home and that “self-isolation means self-isolation.”

Morrison warned that stricter measures may be introduced in areas where epidemics have become more severe. “There will be parts of cities or places that will be most sensitive to localized outbreaks,” he said.

“There will be more advanced measures that could be put in place.”

Victoria’s school term ends next week, with students on Easter break for two weeks.

Morrison said that all unnecessary travel should be reconsidered, but he is unable to say whether those who have already booked school vacation accommodation should now cancel.

He added that further measures have been developed with a meeting schedule for Tuesday next week to discuss what it would mean for families planning school holidays.

Further information will be provided before the school holidays on the impact that the new spatial requirements could have. But the Prime Minister has confirmed that the schools will remain open.

He said the federal budget would also be postponed until October 6th.

Morrison also announced a new $ 444 million package to support aged care facilities.

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy said that there are still many “import” cases.

He said it was a “civic duty” to stay home if you recently returned to Australia.

“We have to make sure people are very clear. You should distance yourself from any other Australian where possible. “

Murphy said the tests would be intensified for healthcare professionals, including the symptoms that occur, regardless of whether they may have been abroad or have had contact with a known case.


The retail giant behind brands like Just Jeans, Smiggle and Peter Alexander has warned that he will be forced to close stores if owners don’t cut rents in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Premiers’ fashion label team also includes Jay Jays, Portmans, Jacquie-E and Dotti.

The Melbourne-based fashion giant operates nearly 900 stores across Australia and over 1250 worldwide.

Chief executive Mark McInnes said that major mall owners and other landlords must work with retailers to define a survival plan for the sector.

This meant that rents had to be reduced to keep retailers active, McInnes said.

“Owners have an important role to play in ensuring that retailers can operate in the short term for the long-term benefit of all stakeholders,” he said.

“It’s not us and them. In many ways we should be aligned on this. We’re not talking about making a profit here. Historic rents are just that: they are history.”

More ominously, McInnes pointed out that leases of 70% of the Premier store network in Australia and New Zealand have expired this year or could be terminated within 30 days.


Two police officers are self-isolating after contacting another infected officer.

Ringwood Police Station was closed Tuesday for professional cleaning due to infection problems.

A Victoria police spokesman said it would be closed again for cleaning today.

“As a precaution, the station will be closed for several hours and cleaned up thoroughly today,” he said.

The police officer returned to work on Tuesday after an annual vacation period.

That day he was told that a person he had had contact with on leave had tested positive for coronavirus.

“The agent had returned from leave only that day and was performing tasks that involved minimal contact with members of the public,” said the police spokeswoman.

“They were put in solitary confinement that day and have since tested positive for COVID-19.”

He is the first Victoria police officer known to have contracted coronavirus.


Melbourne’s main strip clubs have been arrested by the coronavirus.

Operators from Goldfingers, Centrefold Lounge, Men’s Gallery and Spearmint Rhino have decided to close their doors due to the threat to health.

A message from Goldfingers’ management to staff said that the companies have decided to stop trading from 16:00 today.

“All four locations agree that the new changes to social distancing laws announced by Govt this morning make trade impractical,” the message says.

“And most importantly, our biggest concern is for the safety and well-being of all staff, dancers and patrons.”

He went on to say that the clubs’ position would be reviewed on Monday.


Banks will freeze small business customer loan repayments for up to six months in response to the tightening of the cash flow caused by the coronavirus crisis.

The package, announced in Sydney this morning, applies to existing $ 100 billion in loans.

Australian Banking Association chief Anna Bligh said the move could put $ 8 billion back in the pockets of small businesses.

“This is a billion dollar blow to the arm for small businesses when they need it most,” said Bligh.

Quick trials have been put in place and referrals may be available as soon as Monday.

“Companies, I know, are doing it very hard,” he said. “They can rest assured that banks have their backs.”

Mortgage customers will also be supported, he said. Currently that need was not so pressing, but the situation was evolving.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg told al Herald Sun the freeze was “unprecedented and a turning point”.

“Many small businesses use their home as collateral and these payments will also be deferred,” said Frydenberg after the announcement.

The government was preparing more economic support, he said.

This should include increasing the jobless payment.

Meanwhile, NAB will cut two percent from new corporate loan rates and overdrafts on its main QuickBiz product.

It will also reduce floating loan rates to existing small businesses by 100 basis points.

Rates on new fixed property loans will become 0.6 percent cheaper.

But there are no changes to variable home loan rates.

Depositors are offered a 10-month deadline of 1.75 percent.

Ross McEwan, CEO of NAB, said: “These measures will provide significant relief to businesses and homebuyers.”


The federal government is developing an oversized and simplified cash payment to support tens of thousands of Australians who expect to lose their jobs during the crisis.

The fortnightly payment of $ 574.50 will be significantly increased in an unprecedented cash to help families survive the next six months.

Other developments, when Victoria reached 150 coronavirus cases, included:

Further measures have been considered to strengthen the blocking of non-essential meetings, probably forcing cafes and bars to reject customers in order to avoid them becoming too crowded; is

The federal government is considering extraordinary rationing measures to stop the accumulation of food and supplies.

Morrison said yesterday that the government was planning to “build a bridge” to get workers and businesses through.

“The government is stepping up where it can try to cushion that impact as responsibly as possible,” he said.

The Herald Sun understands that existing subsidy requirements, such as job application and relevant training, could be removed for laid-off workers.

Morrison said the Newstart payment – known as the JobSeeker payment from today – has currently been calculated to encourage people to return to work.

“We understand that surely in the next six months, this will be a very different looking economy, and when facts change and circumstances change, packages need to be modified to reflect this,” he said.

“We are examining issues related to income support, we are examining issues related to people’s obligations.”

It arrives as the National Emergency Cabinet meets today to strengthen the rules of social distance, taking into consideration medical advice to limit indoor spaces to one person per 4 sq m. A 60 sq m coffee shop would only allow 15 customers at a time.


Queen Victoria Market merchants were offered a three-month support package, including rent subsidy, from Melbourne City Council.

Mayor Sally Capp and market CEO Stan Liacos have announced an agreement for the site’s 600 traders to help cope with the fall in trade during the coronavirus crisis.

“The vast majority of these businesses are small family businesses with few employees, so it’s critical to support the market in these difficult times,” said Cr Capp.

The package includes 50% of rent relief for specialist traders and 25% of rental relief for food and food merchants.

Specialized dealers located in C Shed to M Shed may have the option to temporarily close.

“Queen Victoria Market is now open for business and this rental aid and support package will help market players stay open,” Cr Capp

Other health and safety measures have been introduced in recent weeks, including increased cleaning and more hand sanitizers.


An 81-year-old New South Wales woman died after contracting the coronavirus, bringing the death toll of the state to six and seven across Australia.

The woman died Thursday night after close contact with a confirmed case related to Ryde hospital, according to NSW Health.

An 86-year-old man previously confirmed COVID-19’s death in a Sydney hospital on Tuesday night.


A prisoners’ rights agency wants criminals to be sentenced to less than two years and older prisoners to walk free amid the coronavirus crisis.

Justice Action asked Australian attorneys general to “take immediate action” to prevent the condition from getting stuck behind prison walls.

The body wants the number of prisoners in the nation’s prisons to be cut and cells not to be shared anymore to keep social distances.

There have been widespread riots in Italian prisons and action coordinator for justice Brett Collins said there is a risk of chaos here when detainees start to panic and despair.


Fuel has fallen at surprising prices at servants in western Melbourne as motorists take advantage of the drop in the price of crude oil caused by the coronavirus. But some stations charge $ 1.60 per liter.

See the cheapest points here.


International flights into and out of Avalon airport have been suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

AirAsia has announced that its four daily flights between Avalon and Kuala Lumpur will be stopped until the end of the month and it is not known when flights will resume.

It comes after Jetstar has also announced major possibilities for its Avalon flight program this week, suspending flights to Adelaide and the Gold Coast and drastically reducing flights to Sydney.

An AirAsia spokesman said the move was made due to travel restrictions imposed by the Malaysian and Australian governments.


Victorian farmers have assured the community that there is a lot of meat, dairy products, eggs and cereals to resist this crisis.

Victorian Farmers Federation President David Jochinke urged consumers not to panic to run out of food.

“We understand that there is panic and fear. Victorian farmers are well positioned to meet demand. We feed you and will continue to feed you, “said Jochinke.

Jochinke said that Australia has produced more food than it has consumed and urged people not to panic to buy and simply to buy their regular store.

“At the moment, we are experiencing an unrealistic need for requests. This means that if Victorians continue to buy in bulk, it may take a few days to transfer things from the paddock to the plate. “

The coronavirus epidemic has still had challenges for the sector, including the movement and availability of seasonal, occasional and permanent farm workers.

Victorian farmers were world famous for the quality of the food and that there was a lot going on around it, said Jochinke.

“This is a demand problem, not a supply problem.

“All we ask is, to fix your farm, take a moment and think about what you really need.

“The last one we want to see is food waste, the last one we want is to see people lose.”

The VFF urged the Victorians not to buy panic
media_cameraThe VFF urged the Victorians not to buy panic


Sovereign Hill in Ballarat will close indefinitely from 5pm today in response to the viral pandemic.

The Open Air Mining Attraction Museum, Gold Museum and Narmbool will close and all events and programs, such as lamp tours, will be canceled.

The restaurant is the last tourist attraction to close its doors after Parks Victoria closed five sites yesterday: the visitor center and the lookouts of the Twelve Apostles; the penguin viewing platform of the pier of St Kilda; the 1000 steps in the Dandenong Ranges; the Dandenong Ranges botanical garden in Olinda; and the William Ricketts Sanctuary on Mount Dandenong.

Sovereign Hill staff will be cut 80% of the list for two weeks and volunteer programs will stop.

Some staff members will remain to take care of the animals and maintain the site.

Sara Quon, CEO of the Sovereign Hill Museums Association, said that staff and visitors should be protected.

“The resilience of people in difficult times is at the heart of the history of the Sovereign Hill gold rush. We will have a fundamental role in driving the recovery of our region and our sector after this crisis.”



The disputed commission hearings will be postponed for at least two months as Victorian courts attempt to switch to an almost completely digital model.

Supreme Judge Anne Ferguson, as President of the Council of Courts, said today that Victorian courts and civil and administrative courts were “actively changing the way they operate in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“In both criminal and civil courts, we are rapidly moving into a position where appearances will be managed through the electronic and digital environment,” he said.

“Not all courts still have the technical capabilities, but significant work is underway to build it soon.”

The pilots will start in all fields to test the technology.

“We are not there yet. Nor do we have all the answers, “he said.

“The situation is fluid and moving rapidly and while we cannot predict what could happen with COVID-19 in the near future we will continue to move into a more agile and flexible environment.”

The supreme judge asked state appointed coroner John Cain to serve as a coordinating point between all Victorian criminal courts, the legal profession and criminal justice stakeholders.

Judge Ferguson will coordinate the work of the civil courts.

He said the disputed commission hearings listed for the next eight weeks would be suspended.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented delays in the justice system.

All new jury trials have already been postponed until further notice.

Judicial sources say that the effects of such significant delays could be felt for years.

Delays are also expected to trigger a huge amount of bail applications.

An alleged drug dealer has already obtained bail.

The Supreme Court judge, Judge Lex Lasry, who granted the bail, said that if it weren’t for the current health crisis, the bail may not have been granted.

“Since submitting this question, the entire community has been overwhelmed by the emergence of the coronavirus,” he said.

“Dramatic steps have been taken to flatten the curve, but in the end no one can say when it will end and how the courts will be affected.

“There can be no doubt … once the virus is discovered in Victorian prisons, there will be significant blockages and will result in a large number of prisoners who become seriously ill. Applications such as this must continue, people cannot be left to languish. in custody. “


Health services are engaged in a four-week run to equip old and new hospitals before a wave of over 50,000 coronavirus cases flood the state.

Premier Daniel Andrews outlined a $ 437 million plan on Thursday that would add 269 additional beds to Victoria’s health system in time for the 12-week pandemic spike.

Extraordinary efforts include the rehabilitation of patient wards at the old Peter MacCallum hospital in East Melbourne. That space for 84 new beds had been created since June 2016.

The empty space in the new Bendigo hospital will also be equipped with 45 beds while the Department of Health is preparing for the delivery of new fans, oxygen and dialysis machines that will triple the state’s intensive care capacity.

Efforts are already underway to accelerate the opening of 140 beds at the Casey Hospital redeveloped in time for the peak expected by the pandemic between late April and early May.

It is hoped that the new beds and equipment will accommodate 45,000 extra first aid presentations, 5000 hospitalizations and 2000 ICU patients during the expected 3-month increase in COVID-19.

Premier Daniel Andrews outlined a $ 437 million plan on Thursday that would add 269 additional beds to Victoria's healthcare system in time for the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.
media_cameraPremier Daniel Andrews outlined a $ 437 million plan on Thursday that would add 269 additional beds to Victoria’s healthcare system in time for the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus test labs established over the past two weeks are working around the clock to meet an unprecedented demand for disease, despite having limited availability of test kits.

Professor Deborah Williamson, director of microbiology at Royal Melbourne Hospital, said that her staff have been “heroic” in conducting more than 1,500 tests in just 11 days, although more challenges await us.

“It’s unprecedented … we are in an uncharted territory in our laboratory, but the fundamental thing is that the workforce has more than accepted the challenge,” he said.

“It is fair to say that there is endurance in our workforce and people are very proud of the work they do. People go above and beyond. “

The Department of Health unit studying contacts for confirmed COVID-19 cases will jump from 57 to 230 workers in the coming weeks, with doctors and medical students called to strengthen strength.

The Andrews government plan also includes $ 97 million to call casual and part-time medical personnel to cover hospital workers when they need to isolate themselves during the crisis.

Hospitals are examining the qualifications and experience of their workforce to identify those who are able to take a leading role during the peak.

The move is expected to see surgeons, anesthesiologists and others with appropriate qualifications transferred to basic wards or roles to free doctors.

Susan Shedda, president of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons Victoria, said that specialists with appropriate qualifications could be used in new roles.

Hospitals are examining the qualifications and experience of their workforce to identify those who are able to take a leading role during the peak. Image: Jason Edwards
media_cameraHospitals are examining the qualifications and experience of their workforce to identify those who are able to take a leading role during the peak. Image: Jason Edwards

“Whenever possible, surgeons will provide their skills and competences to other parts of the health system, however this must be done safely and appropriately,” he said.

“The college is confident that in these uncertain times, all medical professionals will provide the highest level of care to patients and their colleagues and provide support to the healthcare system wherever they feel it is safe and appropriate to do so.”


Australian seniors aboard a cruise ship that moor in Italy fear that he will be refused treatment if they test positive for coronavirus in the country devastated by the disease.

It is understood that there are many older Australians aboard the Costa Victoria, which the operator Costa Cruises has confirmed that he is ready to sail to the port of Venice on March 28, when passengers will be “advised” to leave the ship.

The development comes when Italy has overtaken China for the highest number of COVID-19 related deaths.


Scott Morrison has announced that a travel ban will be placed on all non-Australian residents to prevent him from traveling here from 9pm on Friday.

The prime minister said that traffic from abroad has already reduced significantly, but that further blocking the country was essential.

Australian citizens will still be able to return home and will be subject to a 14-day isolation period upon arrival.

Morrison said Qantas is working with the federal government to ensure that flights are available to Australians who needed to get home “as soon as possible”.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also closed the borders of his country.

The travel ban in New Zealand will take effect Thursday at 11.59pm (local time).


A key adviser to Prime Minister Scott Morrison credited travel restrictions and social distances as a key to controlling coronavirus – and added that the bans are here to stay at least until October.

Australia has slowed its epidemic through isolation and finding contacts, but it is unclear whether success will succeed or not and Professor Jodie McVernon said that we may have to live with longer restrictions than other countries.

With the number of cases and deaths rising in Europe, Australia has so far avoided a European-style blockade from COVID-19 as we try to control the spread of the virus using travel restrictions, quarantine, case tracking and social distance.


Butchers were inundated with frantic customers as people flocked to independent stores due to the panic buying crisis.

While the meat on supermarket shelves is stripped of the coronavirus epidemic, Gary White, the owner of BJ’s meat from Ringwood, said he simply couldn’t employ enough people to keep up with the demand.

He said that the shortage of experienced butchers, who had left the sector when consumers turned to buying products from major supermarkets, meant that they could not cut enough meat to satisfy the recent increase in customers.

“The challenge is that people have left the butchers and now they are back suddenly and there are no merchants,” said White.

“We can’t meet the demand, physically, we can’t do it quickly enough.

“We can’t call anyone. We are only four here, I couldn’t find four more people because they left all the exchanges because it was decreasing.

“Suddenly it’s overwhelming, he’s just come back ten times.”

It was a dismal start to the AFL season at MCG.
media_cameraIt was a dismal start to the AFL season at MCG.


The AFL season will close for a minimum of 30 days if a player from one of the 18 teams tests positive for coronavirus, according to league chief executive Gillon McLachlan.

The day after the season opened before the empty MCG stadiums, McLachlan said he knew a number of players who were in quarantine at the time, but pointed out that no player in tonight’s Marvel Stadium Collingwood-Western Bulldogs game was under a cloud.

McLachlan also said he spoke with Steve Hocking, chief of football operations, to get better field protocols than they were for the clash between Richmond and Carlton on Thursday night.

“I know quarantined players. I don’t have the latest (information), but I don’t know any players or game officials tonight who are awaiting testing, “McLachlan said on 3AW.

Asked what the consequences would be if a player tested positive, McLachlan said: “We would definitely stop for a minimum of 30 days.”

“We need to make sure that our protocols are completely rigid.

“It is a problem that is not going away … we understand that it will be rough and we must all remain united.”


Commuters forced to work from home are reimbursed for myki passes that they can no longer use.

The Department of Transportation has revealed that if a passenger wants a refund for their myki pass, they will be refunded the balance of the remaining days and the pass will be rendered unusable for travel on the network.

And while a myki pass cannot be paused, passengers can choose to issue a new card loaded with their existing balance, which will be activated the next tap on the network.

Commuters can also convert the balance of the myki pass into myki money, to be used as required.

“Il Dipartimento dei trasporti sta prendendo in considerazione tutte le richieste di rimborso dei passeggeri che non utilizzano più il pass myki”, ha affermato un portavoce.

“Abbiamo riscontrato un aumento del numero di richieste di rimborso del pass myki e apprezziamo la pazienza di tutti mentre elaboriamo questo numero più elevato di richieste.

Il portavoce ha affermato che il trasporto pubblico è un servizio essenziale e che treni, tram e autobus continueranno a funzionare normalmente.

Per i rimborsi vai a:


I cambiamenti bancari per evitare che le nuove case senza lavoro perdano le loro case saranno introdotti dopo che il governo federale si è unito alla Reserve Bank per sparare un “bazooka da $ 105 miliardi” nel mercato dei prestiti alle imprese.

Il primo ministro Scott Morrison ha dichiarato che il governo sta lavorando con le banche per prevenire pignoramenti sui clienti che hanno perso il lavoro a causa della crisi del coronavirus.

COVID-19: In che modo aiuta l'autoisolamento?

Chiediamo al professor Damian Purcell del Doherty Institute in che modo l’autoisolamento aiuta tra le altre domande. Video: Australian Academy of Science


La stretta comunità ebraica ortodossa di Melbourne è stata colpita da un altro caso di coronavirus.

Un insegnante e uno studente della scuola esclusiva Yeshiva-Beth Rivkah College hanno già dato risultati positivi al COVID-19.

Ora un membro della comunità si è rivelato positivo dopo aver viaggiato in Australia su un volo delle compagnie aeree Etihad martedì.

La persona è il terzo membro della comunità Yeshiva confermato a essere positivo, con molti altri in attesa di test.

Shimon Waronked, preside dei college Yeshiva-Beth Rivkah, ha dichiarato che la persona è andata direttamente in isolamento dopo il volo.

“Ciò comporterà la capacità di contenere la sua diffusione il più possibile”, ha detto.

“Tutti i membri della comunità che sono arrivati ​​martedì sera sulle compagnie aeree Etihad, per quanto ne sappiamo, sono stati informati, così come DHHS.”

In una lettera ai membri della comunità, il signor Waronker ha rafforzato la necessità di vigilanza.

“Lodiamo la comunità per il suo stato di calma e chiediamo a tutti di rimanere vigili e continuare a rispettare le regole di allontanamento sociale”, ha affermato.

“Di fondamentale importanza è la nostra reiterazione, nei termini più forti possibili, che tutti coloro che stanno tornando dall’estero devono aderire al loro isolamento, secondo le leggi australiane.

“Questo è il modo migliore in cui possiamo aiutare a ridurre la diffusione del virus e proteggere i nostri anziani, i nostri più vulnerabili e la comunità più ampia.

“Lavorando insieme e continuando ad essere responsabili delle nostre azioni, faremo la nostra parte per aiutare a proteggere la sicurezza e il benessere della nostra comunità”.

La scuola di St Kilda East è stata chiusa la scorsa settimana dopo che è stato scoperto che l’insegnante era stato infettato.

Da allora il bagno rituale della comunità è stato prosciugato perché è stato utilizzato più volte da uno di quelli che sono risultati positivi.


Altre due scuole pubbliche hanno chiuso ieri per casi confermati di COVID-19.

Kensington Primary non aprirà agli studenti venerdì dopo che due genitori hanno contratto il virus.

Ieri sera è stato detto alle famiglie in un messaggio in ritardo, con il campus chiuso per almeno 24 ore.

Gli studenti della Middle Park Primary non potranno tornare fino a mercoledì, dopo che uno staff sarà risultato positivo, mentre gli insegnanti sarebbero tornati martedì.

L’Università di Melbourne e Newport Gardens Primary avevano rispettivamente casi di staff e genitori confermati, ma sarebbero rimasti aperti.








Fonte: Organizzazione mondiale della sanità, Johns Hopkins, altri media


The cases of Coronavirus in Massachusetts see the biggest peak ever, jumping from 256 to 328 – NBC Boston

There are now 328 coronavirus cases in total in Massachusetts, an increase of 72 over the previous day.

It is the biggest spike since the number of cases went from 41 to 92 on March 10, the same day Governor Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency.

Massachusetts is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country so far. While nobody died of the virus locally, more than 150 people died nationwide, two of them in Connecticut.

We are focusing on the state of the catering industry in this week’s Restaurant Recap episode. What you need to know, the options for takeaway / delivery and how you can help.

In Massachusetts, severe restrictions on daily life have been ordered, including school cancellations, restaurant closures and group limits, while the state struggles to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, health officials said earlier this week.

Baker said Wednesday that Massachusetts expects a “huge increase” in its coronavirus testing capabilities in the coming days and weeks.

Crowds of spring breakers and partygoers continue to crowd the beaches in parts of Florida, despite the increase in coronavirus infections in the United States. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has refused to close the beaches despite the doubts of residents and some local governments.

For days, most Massachusetts cases represented in the Department of Public Health numbers were related to an employee meeting held by the local biotechnology company Biogen at a hotel in downtown Boston. But it is no longer so: Thursday’s figures show 97 people linked to the meeting directly or through members of their family.

Forty-six cases were found to be transmitted locally and 34 related to travel, according to the numbers. Another 151 remain under investigation.

Someone now has coronavirus in at least 12 of the state’s 14 counties.

We shouldn’t be close to each other, so people in Framingham, Massachusetts are finding interesting ways to be there for each other.

One hundred nineteen state cases are located in County Middlesex, 72 in Suffolk, 52 in Norfolk, 18 in Berkshire, 19 in Essex, 14 in Worcester, six in Bristol, five in Barnstable and Plymouth, three in Hampden and one each in Franklin and Hampshire. Thirteen other cases have not yet been traced to a specific location.

Forty-three cases requiring hospitalization have so far been confirmed, while 125 remain under investigation and 160 people have absolutely not had to go to hospital.


Cases around the world are over 218,800 while the global death toll exceeds 8,800

More than 218,000 people worldwide are infected or recovering from the new coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, and the number of deaths from the epidemic continues to rise. Officials are attempting to contain the outbreak in the United States as schools, businesses and public events are closed or canceled.

The real-time updates of Thursday 19 March continue below:

Singapore has the largest one-day increase in coronavirus cases

5:25 EDT update of March 19: Singapore confirmed 47 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, marking the nation’s largest one-day peak in cases to date.

According to the Singapore Ministry of Health, the country has confirmed a total of 313 new coronavirus cases and zero deaths, although 15 patients are currently listed in critical condition.

Meantime, fiji he reported his first case Thursday morning.

Russia, Mexico report deaths from the first coronavirus

5:10 EDT update of March 19: Russian health authorities confirmed Thursday the first novel about the death of the nation’s coronavirus.

According to a statement released by the country’s coronavirus response team, the 79-year-old woman was hospitalized on March 13 but had a long medical history, including type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Russia reported a total of 147 coronavirus cases.

Meantime, MexicoThe health minister confirmed the nation’s first coronavirus death on Wednesday. The patient also reportedly suffered from diabetes.

To date, Mexico has recorded a total of 93 cases.

South Africa bans the spread of coronavirus disinformation

5:02 EDT Update March 19: Spreading false information about the coronavirus novel in South Africa is now a crime, punishable by up to six months in prison, a fine or both, according to CNN reports.

Other measures announced by government officials at the end of Wednesday to reduce the spread of both the virus and misleading information about it include the legal application of tests, treatment and quarantine or isolation of suspect cases, according to reports from the network.

To date, South Africa confirmed 116 coronavirus cases and zero deaths.

Growing in new South Korean coronavirus cases, clusters concern health officials

Update 4:49 am, March 19 EDTFollowing a decline in days in the number of new coronavirus cases diagnosed in South Korea, health officials confirmed 152 new cases yesterday, according to CNN reports.

Although hopes have increased in recent days that the nation’s epidemic was winding down with less than 100 new cases confirmed for several consecutive days, more recent data indicate that vigilance will be needed to prevent clusters of recovering infections such as the new one that is developing in the city of Daegu, Yoon Tae-ho of the disaster relief headquarters on Thursday morning said. About two thirds of Wednesday’s new cases have been confirmed in Daegu.

To date, South Korea confirmed 8,565 new cases of coronavirus, causing 91 deaths.

Australia, New Zealand close the borders to foreign visitors

4:40 EDT update of March 19: Leader in Australia is New Zeland On Thursday, nations are closing their borders to foreign visitors in an attempt to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

Under the new restrictions, all citizens except permanent residents and their foreign employees are prohibited from entering the two countries, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The London Underground to close numerous stations to slow down the spread of the coronavirus

03:06 EDT Update March 19: As many as 40 of London Underground stations begin closing today in an attempt to contain the coronavirus pandemic, Transport for London said in a statement.

“Up to 40 London Underground stations that do not interchange with other lines will be closed until further notice. Anyone who needs to make essential trips should consult for real-time travel updates before traveling, “says the note, adding,” The Mayor of London and Transport for London are urging all other customers to follow government advice. and do nothing but essential travel. “

Meanwhile, the New York City subway system has confirmed that Tuesday’s traffic was almost a third of what it was on the same day a year ago: 1.79 million versus 5.57 million.

4 out of 5 coronavirus deaths in the United States aged 65 and over

Update 2:38 EDT on March 19: Citing a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Wednesday,

about 80% of new coronavirus-related deaths in the United States occur among adults aged 65 and over, according to CNN

The report looked at the patient deaths that occurred between February 12 and March 16.

According to the results:

• Adults aged 85 and over have had experience with the highest mortality rate, ranging from 10 percent to 27 percent.

• The mortality rate for adults aged 65 to 84 ranged from 3 to 11 percent.

• No deaths were reported in the United States between anyone aged 19 or youngerr.

36 percent of virus-related hospital admissions occurred among adults aged 65 to 84 years.

• The same age group composed 46 percent of coronavirus ICU admissions.

However, according to the New York Times, 38 percent of the 508 hospitalized coronavirus patients were adults aged 20 to 54. In addition, nearly half of the 121 most ill patients admitted to ICU were adults under the age of 65.

“I think everyone should pay attention to this,” Columbia University professor of epidemiology Stephen S. Morse told the Times, adding: “It won’t be just the elderly. There will be people aged 20 and over.”

New coronavirus cases worldwide close to 219,000

02:15 EDT update of March 19: The number of new coronavirus cases confirmed worldwide exceeded 218,800 and resulted in a total of 8,810 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

China Wednesday confirmed only 34 new cases and claimed that all of them were imported from abroad. Since December, the virus has affected a total of 80,928 in China, resulting in 3,245 deaths. Health officials said 70,420 patients have recovered.

Italy announced its biggest one-day jump in new coronavirus cases on Wednesday with 4,207 diagnoses confirmed in 24 hours. To date, 35,713 have been ill, causing 2,978 deaths.

I came across confirmed 147 new coronavirus deaths on Wednesday, bringing the nation’s total death toll to 1,135. To date, 17,361 cases have been confirmed.

State by state breakdown of 8,736 coronavirus cases in the United States, 149 deaths

Update 1:00 EDT on March 19th: The number of new coronavirus cases in the United States has approached 9,000 in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands late Wednesday night.

According to state and local health agencies, as well as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are at least 8,736 confirmed cases of the virus, which have led to a total of at least 149 deaths to date, according to CNN reports.

The New York Times database that monitored infection activity made the figures slightly less than 8,281 total cases, resulting in 147 deaths.

Of the confirmed deaths, 67 occurred in Washington been, 21 inches New York and 17 inches California. In terms of diagnosed cases, New York it is now the hardest hit with over 2,900 confirmed cases, followed by Washington with 1.187 e California with 690.

The figures include 21 people on board the Grand Princess cruise ship and 49 returnees. Returns include 46 sick on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship and three more recovered from the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan, China.

The suit breakdown state by state – including alleged cases – of the 8,666 cases found on US soil is as follows:

Alaska, North Dakota: 6 each

Arizona, Nebraska: 27 each

Arkansas, Rhode Island: 33 each

California: 690, including 17 dead

Colorado: 183, including 2 dead

Connecticut: 96, including 1 death

District of Columbia, New Hampshire: 39 each

Florida: 322, including 7 dead

Georgia: 197, including 4 dead

Illinois: 288, including 1 death

Indiana: 39, including 2 dead

Kansas: 21, including 1 death

Kentucky: 35, including 1 death

Louisiana: 280, including 7 dead

Missouri: 24, including 1 death

Nevada: 84, including 1 death

New Jersey: 427, including 5 deaths

New York: 2,914, including 21 dead

Oregon: 75, including 3 dead

Pennsylvania: 133, including 1 death

South Carolina: 60, including 1 death

South Dakota: 11, including 1 death

Texas: 108, including 2 dead

Virginia: 77, including 2 deaths

Washington: 1,187, of which 67 died


COVID-19 cases in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, ACT, NT

Australian coronavirus cases are approaching 600 after NSW reported 59 new cases, Victoria another 26 and Queensland another 16 on Wednesday.

The total number of confirmed cases, based on a count of the numbers provided by the health authorities in each state and territory, is now 568. At least 43 have fully recovered.

There are 267 in New South Wales, 121 inches Victory, 94 inches Queensland, 37 inches south of Australia, 35 inches Western Australia, 10 inches Tasmania, three in Australian capital territory and one in Northern Territories

Six people died – one in Western Australia and five in New South Wales.


The first fatality in Australia for coronavirus was Sunday March 1st.

He was a 78 year old man from Perth who was among the 163 Australians evacuated since Diamond Princess cruise ship to Japan and quarantined in Howard Springs in the Northern Territory.

The second death occurred on Tuesday March 3rd. The 95-year-old woman was a resident of Dorothy Henderson Lodge in Macquarie Park in northern Sydney.

Two other residents in the same nursing home died later: an 82-year-old man on Sunday March 8, followed by a 90-year-old woman on Saturday March 14.

On Friday March 13, a 77-year-old woman died in a Sydney hospital after recently arriving from Brisbane. She had developed symptoms on the plane, was taken to the hospital and died on the same day.

An 86-year-old man died in a Sydney hospital on Tuesday March 17, making him the fifth and sixth death in the state.


People in their 50s account for most confirmed cases, followed by those in their 30s, 40s, 20s and 60s.

Far fewer people over the age of 70 or under 20 have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Where authorities have been able to determine the source of the infection, three times as many cases come from trips abroad compared to the local broadcast. The United States and Italy have now passed China as the most common country of origin.

The first case of COVID-19 was detected on January 25 in Victoria.

The patient was a man from Wuhan, Hubei province – where the Chinese virus emerged late last year – who flew to Melbourne from Guandong on January 19.

Three more cases were reported on the same day in New South Wales.

All three were men who had recently returned from China – two had been to Wuhan and one had had direct contact with a case confirmed by the epicenter of the virus.

Since then, the number of cases has increased exponentially.

New South Wales quickly became zero due to the Australian epidemic and now makes up almost half of all cases in the country.

Experts fear that if Australia follows the same trend as similar countries where infections have doubled every six days, there may be as many as 6000 in early April. covers the latest updates and the latest news on the coronavirus pandemic. Stay up to date on all government announcements, health warnings, quarantine zones and travel bans here.


Census field work in Puerto Rico stopped by coronavirus

At the request of the Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and in compliance with its Executive Order establishing a general curfew, as of March 16, the operations of the United States Census Bureau in Puerto Rico were suspended. Rico for the next fourteen (14) days.

“The two main Census Bureau operations scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico are data collection for the Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS) and the Update and Leave Census 2020 operation ( “Update Leave Operation.”) The latter is the operation whereby field staff from the Census Bureau deliver a census questionnaire to all households, update the office’s address list, and ask people to send by email the completed questionnaire, “the agency said in a written communication.


The Census Bureau will count all people living in Puerto Rico using the Update and Leave operation. Puerto Rico represents 1.7 million homes out of the total 6.8 million homes in the Update and Leave operation in the United States of America.

“For the health and safety of our employees and the public in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Census Bureau has already adjusted its original instructions for employees performing the Update and Leave operation, to instruct them to simply drop off the package. at the door without knocking or attempting to deliver it to a resident when operations resume. These updated instructions remain in effect for continental US operations and will be implemented when the Update and Leave operation is resumed in Puerto Rico. ” added the Census Bureau.


Mass. Child Care Centers Closing Monday for all workers, except those critical of Coronavirus – NBC Boston

Massachusetts child care centers will close on Monday amid the coronavirus epidemic, but some exempt centers will open to take care of the children of critical workers, Governor Charlie Baker said Wednesday during a briefing.

Over 2,000 Massachusetts residents have been quarantined because of the coronavirus, according to the latest numbers released on Wednesday by state health officials.

The new figures show that 2,054 residents have been quarantined, with 1,168 still in quarantine and 886 that are no longer in quarantine. This is almost double the 1,083 total of a week ago.

As the number of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts rises steadily, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – who reported 45 cases in Boston on Wednesday afternoon – exposed his thought process about what would be needed to issue a shelter order. on site.

Baker said Tuesday that he had no intention of ordering residents to take refuge on the spot. However, more than a dozen state and local Democrats are urging the Republican to reconsider in an open letter.

Governor Charlie Baker says Massachusetts has no plans for its residents to take refuge on the spot, but said “difficult days are coming.”

In the letter, released Tuesday afternoon, the 17 Democrats asked Baker to seek shelter by Tuesday after other cities such as San Francisco.

“Doctors tell us that COVID-19 is about 10 times more contagious than the flu and that 1 in 5 infected people will contract severe pneumonia that will require hospitalization,” they said.

“Suppressing the spread of the virus is essential to protect the ability of healthcare professionals to manage the influx of new patients and to safeguard public health and safety. Epidemiologists have suggested that Massachusetts could see up to 10,000 cases by the end of this month.”

As of Tuesday, the total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts has risen to 218, according to public health officials.

The Motor Vehicle Registry was reopened on Wednesday, which attracted large crowds of people lined up, despite Governor Baker and Mayor Walsh’s call for social expulsion in Massachusetts.

Baker said Tuesday that while there were “difficult days ahead”, there were no plans to implement an ongoing refuge.

“We will probably have some very difficult days ahead of us, as we are still at the start of the battle against this virus,” said Baker. “Faith and trust. We will succeed by putting together, taking care of each other.”

Baker plans to provide an update on the coronavirus pandemic at 15:00. at the State House with Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito, sect. of health and human services Marylou Sudders and DPH Commissioner Dr. Monica Bharel.

In a Tuesday night television speech, Walsh called on the audience to distance social to flatten the coronavirus curve.

“We simply need everyone’s help, and that’s how we will get past this,” said Walsh. “This is not the time for home parties, dating or visiting friends. We need everyone to limit their contacts right now.”


Massachusetts Coronavirus cases rise to 218 – NBC Boston

The total number of coronavirus cases in Massachusetts is up to 218, public health officials said Tuesday after it had arrived at 197 the day before.

Massachusetts is one of the states in the United States with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country so far. While nobody died from the virus locally, more than 70 people died nationwide.

Severe restrictions on daily life have been ordered, including the canceled school, the limits on gathering in groups and eating in restaurants, while the state struggles to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

Earlier Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker said Massachusetts faces “tough days ahead” and has torn down rumors that residents have been ordered to take refuge on the spot.

President Donald Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force gave updates on the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday, urging people to follow the CDC guidelines for at least 15 days and to act very cautiously. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin later announced a tax deferral of the IRS for those who are liable to pay taxes.

For days, most Massachusetts cases represented in the Department of Public Health numbers were related to an employee meeting held by the local biotechnology company Biogen at a hotel in downtown Boston. But it is no longer so: Tuesday’s data show 102 people linked to the meeting directly or through members of their family.

Thirty-three cases were found to be transmitted locally and 24 related to travel, according to the numbers. Another 59 remain under investigation.

Someone has coronavirus in at least 10 of the state’s 14 counties.

Eighty-nine cases were in County Middlesex, 43 in Norfolk, 42 ​​in Suffolk, 14 in Berkshire, eight in Worcester and Essex, five in Bristol and Plymouth, two in Barnstable and one in Hampden. Another case has not yet been traced to a location.

Twenty-one cases have so far been confirmed as in need of hospitalization, while 52 remain under investigation and 145 people have not needed to go to hospital.

Many officials cited the phrase “flatten the curve” while seriously reducing public events. An infectious disease expert explained what it means and why it is crucial for the public health system.

The haste to limit social activity across the nation is an attempt to prevent the virus from spreading so quickly that it overwhelms hospital intensive care units, which places like Wuhan, China and Italy have seen.


NHL pushes back the chronology on the potential recovery of the season – NBC Los Angeles

Don’t count on hockey being played early.

NHL has significantly scaled back its timeline to when it can potentially resume playing for several weeks, if not a month or more, following the new coronavirus pandemic.

The league and the NHL Players’ Association told players on Monday that they can return home – even outside of North America – and must self-isolate until March 27 while the season is pending. But the NHL also warned that it will not be able to give indications of the potential reopening of team practices for another 45 days, which could push any potential return to play in May.

The new directives follow the CDC’s recommendation for gatherings of 50 or more people in the United States for the next eight weeks. NHL said that “depending on world developments”, consideration will be given to reopening facilities after the end of the self-quarantine period in late March, but practices for the 31 teams would not occur at the end of April – soon.

“I think in light of the CDC’s recommendations, it’s hard to predict that we’re looking at many events here in March or even April, in my opinion,” said NHL player agent Jay Grossman.

This is a big move from Friday, when the league gave players the opportunity to return to the team’s facilities and train and skate in small groups.

The latest decision leaves open questions about whether NHL can complete its regular season, which was suspended Thursday with 189 games left, and whether it might be necessary to change its playoff format to prevent the postseason from going into the summer months. .

Last week, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he remained optimistic about the resumption of the game and the concession of the Stanley Cup, which has been delivered every year since 1893 except for 1919 due to the Spanish flu epidemic and the 2005 when a blockade canceled the whole season.

Although NHL followed the NHB’s lead in suspending its season, Bettman declined to set a time frame on how long the “break” would last. Last week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said his league break will likely last at least a month.

“The pause will be until it is appropriate, prudent and safe to start the backup,” said Bettman. “Nobody knows how long the break can be. Nobody, not even the medical community, can predict it with certainty.”

Bettman, the executive director of NHL and NHLPA, Don Fehr, each stated that they were not aware of positive results for the coronavirus.

Arizona defender Coyotes Aaron Ness became the first publicly known NHL player to be tested for COVID-19 on Monday. Ness’s agent, Neil Sheehy, said the results turned negative after his client followed NHL guidelines to look for tests for flu-like symptoms.

The NBA released a statement on Wednesday saying it would suspend the season until further notice after a Utah Jazz player has tested positive for coronavirus.

“He never thought he would have it initially, to be honest,” said Sheehy. “What happened was that the championship was saying if you have a sore throat, if you have a runny nose, if you have a cough, call the coach and don’t come on the track, and so he did.”

The new NHL directive to allow players to return home has led players and coaches to make plans to travel.

In Buffalo, New York, Sabers striker Marcus Johansson initially hoped to return home to Sweden on a flight from nearby Toronto. These plans changed when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the country was closing its borders except for Canadians and Americans, also imposing a 14-day self-quarantine on those entering the country.

Johansson was attempting to book a return flight to New York City.

The organization said Thursday that it is canceling tournaments due to the “evolution of the COVID-19 threat to public health”.

In an email to The AP, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said there was little that the league could do with travel restrictions.

“It’s a consequence of where we are. Nobody is to blame,” Daly wrote.

The U.S. government has imposed a travel ban on non-citizens from Europe that runs until mid-April. There are currently 233 European players on the NHL lists, including scorer Leon Draisaitl from Germany, and there are under contract for minors. How many could go home is unknown.

“I’ve talked to some players who are doing their best to climb obviously to return to the safest and most comfortable environment they can reach at this point,” said Grossman.

Map: look at Coronavirus cases around the world

Meanwhile, the American Hockey League has followed NHL in a decision taken on Monday by its executive committee. The 31-team league has announced that the indefinite suspension of its regular season will not be lifted before May and also recommended that its teams work to return the players to their main homes.

Abroad, the Russia-based Kontinental Hockey League paused for a week during its playoffs to determine a new format and schedule for the six remaining teams. The decision came after the Finnish Jokerit and Barys Nur-Sultan, based in Kazakhstan, withdrew from the playoffs amid the pandemic.