Prisonin from Little Big writes quarantined paintings

The quarantine drove many citizens to forced quarantine or self-isolation. This also applies to musicians. The recent favorites of Eurovision, which was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, Little Big members also listened to the advice of doctors and practice self-isolation. The leader of the group, Ilya Prusikin, wrote on his Instagram that they had […]

Coronavirus in Mexico would last at least 12 weeks – Noticieros Televisa

The authorities of the Health sector in Mexico project that the pandemic of coronavirus it will last at least 12 weeks, as it happened in China. We recommend you: AMLO will commemorate the oil expropriation and the birth of Juárez ‘with few people’ During the president’s morning conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the undersecretary of […]

Ricky Martin cancels concerts in Mexico due to coronavirus – Noticieros Televisa

By coronavirus, Ricky Martin cancel the concerts programmed in different cities of Mexico during the month of March. We recommend you: Mexico plans to suspend non-essential services due to coronavirus The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter confirmed the news through a statement he released on his social networks. Based on information generated by the World Health Organization, […]

Trade in and consumption of wild animals is prohibited

China has announced an immediate and “global” ban on the trade and consumption of wild animals, a widespread practice believed to be linked to the deadly coronavirus epidemic. The Covid-19 epidemic has killed over 2,500 people, largely in China, and has infected some 77,000 people in 29 countries since December last year, sparking fear of […]

The Coronavirus epidemic is the form of things to come

Wuhan’s coronavirus, now officially called COVID-19, reveals how vulnerable humanity remains to virulent pathogens. A century after the devastating Spanish flu pandemic, public health officials are scrambling to prevent the latter plague – which has infected more than 79,000 people in at least 29 countries, most in China since February 24 – from becoming a […]