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Coronavirus News: Coronavirus cases in India exceeded 300 on Saturday, with several people testing positive for the infection. In Kerala, 12 new cases have been reported bringing the state numbers to 49, while in Punjab it has reached 13. The death toll from a highly contagious disease remains four 22 patients healed so far. Central and state governments are struggling to stop the transmission of the community as they move to close all places where a possible meeting could take place. Prime Minister Modi, in a series of tweets, urged migrants not to go to their cities, warning them that this move could spread the highly contagious infection further. Meanwhile, the Rajasthani government has announced the blockade in the state from March 21 to 31. The Gujarat government has decided to block four cities: Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara until March 25th. CM Arvind Kejriwal of Delhi said that a similar step deemed necessary in the coming days could be taken. Kejriwal has ordered the closure of all stores, malls and other places that are prone to contagion with exceptions given to pharmacies and grocery stores. Delhi Metro services will not be available on Monday 23 March from 10 to 16. Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray has also requested similar measures and a virtual blockade has been called in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Pimpri-Chinchwad.

The Indian railways have announced that no passenger trains will depart from their home station from midnight to 10pm on March 22 during Janata’s curfew. Airlines also announced their reduced or complete interruption of their operations during Janata’s curfew. Indigo said it will only operate on 60% of its routes, while Vistara and GoAir have also announced the reduction of their service to help the government control the spread of highly contagious coronavirus.

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How countries are facing the coronavirus epidemic

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi |

Updated: March 13, 2020 9:46:18 PM

brazilian unemployment rate, brazilian president jair bolsonaro, brazilian work program, world news, indian espresso Local media reports have surfaced that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has also proven positive for Coronavirus. (File)

While the global death toll from Coronavirus has crossed 5,000 people and has infected as many as 1.34.530, countries around the world are on guard and are taking severe precautionary measures to combat the contagious virus. While Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, has seen a decline in new cases, the country confirmed eight deaths on Friday, bringing the toll to 3,176.

Local media reported Friday evening that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also gave positive results. U.S. President Donald Trump, however, said he was not worried about the 64-year-old Bolsonaro being monitored after they both met at a Florida resort last weekend. Brazil’s President of Communications director Fabio Wajngarten, who has tested positive for Covid-19 recently, also traveled with Bolsonaro to meet Trump.

Italy, the European epicenter of the virus epidemic and the most affected country outside Wuhan, has recorded over 1,000 deaths with over 15,000 positive tests. Iran, which is the nth worst hit country in the world, again recorded the one-day toll higher today with 85 deaths, bringing the total to 514.

In this photo published by the Chinese news agency Xinhua, members of a Chinese rescue team arrive at Fiumicino airport in Rome at the end of Thursday. (AP)

In addition to these, over 120 countries have reported the infection. Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana reported their first cases, while Algeria, Azerbaijan, Greece, India, Norway and Poland recorded their first deaths.

Asian equities plummeted, then recovered slightly as markets continued to falter from uncertainty about the coronavirus crisis. Benchmarks in Japan, Thailand and India plummeted 10% after the biggest drop on Wall Street after the 1987 Black Monday crash. Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 dropped nearly 6%.

As the climbing season approaches, Nepal has closed all of its Himalayan peaks, including Everest due to the growing fears of the Coronavirus, a government minister reported: Reuters. Nepal is home to eight of the 14 highest peaks in the world and earns over $ 4.4 million a year with climbers’ licensing fees.

A commuter looks through a water-stained window wearing a mask and gloves to protect himself from the Coronavirus, on a public bus in central Tehran, Iran, on February 23, 2020. (AP Photo / Ebrahim Noroozi)

The number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 80 after a Google employee and another employee of a Noida-based company tested positive on Friday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed that the leadership of the SAARC nations could develop a common strategy to combat coronavirus and set an example for the world.

“I would like to propose that the leadership of SAARC nations develop a strong strategy to combat coronavirus. We could discuss, through videoconferencing, how to keep our citizens healthy,” he wrote on Twitter.

In India, the reference stock indices on BSE and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) posted a sharp recovery after trade resumed after a 45-minute break, however, they continued to remain volatile with both indices fluctuating sharply between positive and negative territories.

Iran reports 85 new deaths, counts 514

In Iran, which exceeds 11,000 cases and 500 deaths, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif urged the Trump administration to immediately lift sanctions on the country’s nuclear program. As the virus continues to spread rapidly throughout the region, religious authorities have moved to cancel or limit the weekly collection of prayers in the Middle East on Friday to ensure social distancing and encouraged the faithful to pray for people affected by the pandemic.

China Wuhan photos, coronavirus China wuhan photos, coronavirus latest photos, Wuhan China Coronavirus, COVID-19 Wuhan China In a residential complex in Wuhan, a man looks out the window while eating spaghetti. To date, the total accumulated number of coronavirus cases in mainland China is 80,813. (Reuters)

Iran has already canceled Friday prayers in major cities when Covid-19 reached top Iranian officials, including its senior vice president, cabinet ministers, members of parliament, members of the revolutionary guard and ministry officials. della Salute, the news agency AP reported.

China says it wants to offer antivirus assistance

Chinese President Xi Jinping told the United Nations that his country wants to conduct joint research on drugs and vaccines and offer “as much assistance as possible” to countries where the new coronavirus is spreading. State media reported on Friday that Xi told United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres by telephone that economic and daily life is gradually returning to normal in China thanks to “arduous efforts” of prevention and control.

“The Chinese people will surely prevail over the COVID-19 epidemic and will surely also achieve its intended objectives for economic and social development,” said Xi.

Sophie, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, tests positive for coronavirus

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for coronovirus, a prime minister spokesman said.

The prime minister is healthy with no symptoms, the spokesman said in a statement on Twitter.

Justin Trudeau’s wife will be isolated for the time being, while the prime minister will remain in solitary confinement for 14 days, according to the statement.

Highest recovery cases in South Korea

South Korea reported more recoveries than new infections on Friday for the first time since its outbreak emerged in January. The country recorded 110 new cases, compared to 114 the previous day, bringing the national tally to 7,979.

A South Korean worker cleans a door with disinfectant in a math school that teaches mathematics amid the increase in confirmed coronavirus cases (COVID-19) in Daegu, South Korea. (Reuters)

Thai minister warns against “dirty” Europeans

Lighting a controversy, the Thai health minister warned people of the possible spread of coronavirus by Europeans on vacation “who wear dirty clothes and do not take a shower”, news agency AP reported. Anutin Charnvirakul, the minister on his Twitter timeline, had lashed out at Western visitors for not wearing masks to protect himself from the virus and warned his Thai comrades that they should have been more careful in dealing with Westerners than with Asians.

The Thai government has been criticized for the confused and inconsistent management of the health crisis.

coronavirus, coronavirus update, coronavirus news, coronavirus news update, coronavirus in india, coronavirus in india update, coronavirus update india, coronavirus in china, coronavirus in iran, coronavirus in italy, coronavirus in iran, coronavirus in us, coronavirus today update news, coronavirus coronavirus today news, coronavirus epidemic, coronavirus epidemic update People wear protective masks in an MTR train, following the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Hong Kong, China in March. (Reuters)

The travel industry under siege as coronavirus contagion grows

The fallout from the virus spread Friday in the Pacific, with Australian travel companies issuing profit notices and Japanese airlines cutting back on capacity as U.S. airlines hurriedly cut flights to Europe in the wake. of the new travel restrictions. U.S. sidewalks across much of continental Europe announced by President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening deepened the industry’s misery that started after the virus surfaced in China late last year and cut traffic.

coronavirus, kasturba hospital, coronavirus news, coronavirus update, coronavirus update in india, coronavirus in india, coronavirus india, coronavirus cases in india, coronavirus in india delhi, coronavirus in delhi, coronavirus in hyderabad, coronavirus latest news, coronavirus latest update news, coronavirus symptoms, coronavirus death toll, corona virus, corona virus in india, corona virus news update The number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 76 after a Google employee and another employee of a Noida-based company tested positive on Friday. (File)

United Airlines Holdings Inc warned of travel disruption in the United States as the virus spreads nationwide and major tourist attractions such as the theme parks of Walt Disney Co in California and Florida have said they would close. American Airlines Group Inc and United said they would continue normal flights to and from Europe for the following week, but that they would reduce capacity in Europe by around 50% in April.

Cleaning through Indonesian mosques

The Indonesian government is overseeing a campaign to clean 10,000 mosques across the country as part of its bid to contain the virus. The cleaning campaign began on Friday at the Istiqlal mosque in Jakarta and was witnessed by President Joko Widodo and other officials.

Indonesian minister for religious affairs Fachrul Razi invited mosque officers nationwide to roll up carpets and spray disinfectant. The minister also invited the faithful to the mosques to avoid any form of physical contact. Razi said: “We temporarily recommend not to make handshakes, cheek kisses or other body contacts as it is the medium of transmission.”

Employees wearing protective masks clean and disinfect a bus, as part of measures to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus in Moscow, Russia. (Reuters)

Singapore intensifies measures

Singapore has strengthened preventive measures, including expanding border controls, banning cruise ships and limiting mass meetings. From Sunday, travelers from Italy, Spain, France and Germany will not be able to enter the city-state of Southeast Asia. Singapore previously banned those from South Korea, Iran and China.

The ministry of health said Friday that travelers who experienced symptoms but tested negative for COVID-19 will now need to quarantine their home for 14 days. With immediate effect, he said that Singapore will also cease port calls for all cruise ships.

Australia PM announces crowd ban

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison today announced a ban on all non-essential meetings of more than 500 people starting Monday and urged citizens to reconsider overseas travel to limit the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed nearly 5,000 people.

Morrison said the ban will not be extended to schools, universities, public transportation or airports.

“It is a precaution (measure). This is being anticipated to ensure that we can minimize the impact on your health and (thus) we can confidently guarantee the ability of people to access the health services they and their families will need, “he said.

The prime minister also advised citizens not to travel abroad unless essential. “We now advise all Australians to reconsider the need to travel overseas right now, regardless of destination, age or health,” said Morrison.

The limited Australian tour of Australian women in South Africa, starting March 22, has been suspended today due to the feared coronavirus novel, said Cricket Australia. Australia was to play six games, including three ODI and as many T20s starting in Durban. “The Australian tour of three One-Day International matches and three Twenty20 International Qantas matches in South Africa has been suspended until further notice,” CA said in a press release.

Japan approves emergency powers for PM to tackle the coronavirus epidemic

Today the Japanese parliament approved a bill that gives Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emergency powers that will allow him to declare a state of emergency if the coronavirus epidemic worsens in the country. However, the law is controversial as it severely restricts civil rights.

Minor Sawa, 8-year-old second grader in elementary school, with her mother Junko and her younger brother Kota, listens to a new live radio program on FM Sagami for children who are stuck at home, as schools across Japan remain closed at due to coronavirus, in their home in Sagamihara, Japan. (Reuters)

The bill, which amends a 2012 law drafted after an influenza epidemic in 2009, was approved by upper house lawmakers after the lower house passed legislation on Thursday. Abe would have had to declare a state of emergency in order to use the new powers.

Japan has nearly 1,400 coronavirus cases, including around 697 from a cruise ship, according to the public broadcaster NHK. Twenty-six people died, including seven from the cruise ship.

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