The media briefing on “legal and regulatory compliance issues” will begin shortly

FM Nirmala Sitharaman on Coronavirus Outbreak LIVE Updates: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said he will turn to the media today at 2:00 PM during preparations to prepare an economic package that will likely help the country through the coronavirus blockade. He said in a tweet that the package would be announced soon as a priority and that he would give it to the media pressor via video conference. His speech will focus specifically on statutory and regulatory compliance issues.

Prior to Narendra Modi’s address, the entire Odisha will be locked from Tuesday to midnight due to the threat of the coronavirus, a senior state government official said. Fourteen of the state’s 30 districts are already blocked. The Madhya Pradesh government also imposed a curfew in the cities of Bhopal and Jabalpur, where coronavirus cases were found, immediately after Shivraj Singh Chouhan was sworn in as prime minister.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said he will turn to the media today at 2:00 PM during preparations to prepare an economic package that will likely help the country through the coronavirus blockade.

India reported its tenth death on Tuesday after a 64-year-old man hospitalized in Kasturba on March 23 died within hours of admission. He had returned from the United Arab Emirates and had gone to Ahmedabad on March 15, and had returned to Mumbai on March 20.

US lawyer Larry Klayman has filed a $ 20 trillion lawsuit against China for the creation and release of the new coronavirus that has infected over 334,000 people worldwide.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation at 20:00 on the vital aspects of the COVID-19 threat. Meanwhile, the March 26 elections in Rajya Sabha with 55 seats, scheduled for March 26, have been postponed.

Two new positive coronavirus cases have been registered in Gujarat, the total cases increasing to 33, said Gujarat (Health) chief secretary Jayanti Ravi. Meanwhile, a 54-year-old domestic passenger has been arrested at the airport for alleged refusal to follow doctors’ instructions for preventing the spread of new coronaviruses, police said Tuesday.

The number of states and territories in the Union (UT) that imposed a blockade increased to 32 compared to 30 last night. The number of districts under blockade has increased to 560 from 548. The number of coronavirus cases in Maharashtra has reached 101 on Tuesday. Four other patients tested positive for Pune and one tested positive for Satara.

So far, nearly 500 coronavirus cases have been reported in India, according to data from the Ministry of Health on Tuesday. According to data updated on Tuesday morning, the total number of COVID-19 cases was 492. Benchmarks have wiped out most of its initial earnings, but have been trading higher with Nifty above 7700. Sensex increased by 369.34 points or 1.42% to 26350.58, and the Nifty with 108.40 points or 1.42% at 7718.65.

The benchmark indices were opened in positive territory on March 24 with Sensex added over 1000 points. At 09:17 IST, Sensex rose by 1,212.60 points or 4.77 percent to 27,193.84 and Nifty by 353.85 points or 4.65 percent at 7964.10. Manipur reported the first case of COVID-19 in northeastern India, reports say. Northeast now reports that a 23-year-old from Imphal (west) was identified as the first confirmed case in the state.

Tihar Prison authorities said they are planning to release around 3,000 prisoners to alleviate congestion in prisons because of the coronavirus threat. However, it will not include hardened or dangerous criminals. While in the United Kingdom, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed the most severe obstacles to the movement of people for at least three weeks to try to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country, where the death toll has reached 335.

Security was reinforced at the Shaheen Bagh protest site on Tuesday after a prohibitive order under Section 144 CrPC was promulgated in Delhi, with police clearing the protest site. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the coronavirus disease pandemic is accelerating, with over 300,000 cases now registered and infections reported by almost every country in the world.

The death toll in India from the coronavirus novel rose to nine on Monday with 468 positive results as the Center announced a blockade in 22 states and Union territories across the country and the Indian Medical Research Council recommended l use of an antimalarial drug in case of high risk.

The ministry of health, in its daily press conference on Monday, said Chandigarh, Delhi, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, West Bengal, Ladakh, Jharkhand, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Tripura, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Punjab , Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are completely blocked.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the captains of the industry to ensure that the production of essential items does not suffer as a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic and that there are no accumulations and marketing activities. “The impact on the economy will be felt for some time to come,” Modi said while urging India Inc to take a humanitarian approach and not to reduce the workforce despite the negative impact of COVID-19 on their businesses .

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that companies’ spending on combating the coronavirus pandemic will be considered valid as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The coronavirus epidemic will be treated like a disaster, the finance minister said on Twitter.

Delhi police moved on Monday to seal all border pegs in the national capital and said curfew passes will be issued to people associated with essential services as they “execute” prohibitive orders in the city ” was not up to today. “

The media, however, will not need passes and their identity cards will be sufficient, they said.

Details such as the format of the application for the passes and when they will be requested, etc. They will likely be shared on Tuesday, police said.

Last Sunday, police imposed prohibitive orders under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in Delhi until March 31 in view of the coronavirus epidemic, the ban on protests and other meetings.

Section 144 of the CrPC prohibits the assembly of four or more people in one place.

The Nagaland government will enact prohibitive orders under Section 144 CrPC in Dimapur district on Tuesday to keep people indoors during the ongoing blockade declared in the state to contain the coronavirus epidemic, an official said.

The order, issued by police commissioner Dimapur Rothihu Tetseo on Monday, will take effect from 6 am on March 24, the official said.

Dimapur, a state-owned shopping mall, witnessed an “unprecedented” movement of vehicles during the blockade that started from Sunday to midnight, he said.

Police seized a number of road taxis, the official said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has imposed the most severe obstacles to the movement of people for at least three weeks to try to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country, where the death toll has reached 335.

On Monday evening, in a televised speech to the nation, he said that while no prime minister wants to make such demands to the population, the situation was such that he was forced to crack down on the movement of people and the crackdown on any meeting of more than two people. .

With his central message urging people to restrict their movement outside their homes just for the basic essentials, Johnson said, “From tonight I have to give the British a very simple education that you have to stay at home.” .

In the United States, President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to prevent the accumulation of essential medical supplies and personal protective equipment since the country registered more than 130 deaths in a day from coronavirus for the first time.

As of Monday, over 43,700 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in the United States. Of these, over 10,000 were added in one day, according to Worldometer, a website that compiles COVID-19 cases. With 139 deaths, the death toll crossed 550 by Monday evening.

By signing the executive order, Trump said his government will take action against hoarding and overpricing the basic medical and personal protection devices, as well as supplies such as hand sanitizers and face masks.

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The rupee falls below 76 below the US dollar due to the virus; Uber stops pooling services nationwide

Latest updates of Coronavirus Outbreak: In accordance with the directives of the central government and Delhi, Uber will likely suspend its services in the National Capital until March 31 to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Speaking of his pooling services, an Uber spokesman said: “We are determined to help reduce the spread of coronavirus in the cities where we operate. With this in mind, we are discontinuing Uber’s pooling service across India. In line with government advice, we urge people to stay safe and discourage non-essential travel. “

However, Uber has not made official statements about the closure of services in Delhi. but for the record, it was said, “services suspended in Delhi at the moment”.

Another 15 coronavirus cases have been reported in Maharashtra since Sunday evening, bringing the state count to 89, according to the new agency ANI.

While Maharashtra has continued to lead the number of active cases, health minister Rajesh Tope has again called on people to refrain from leaving their homes as “isolation” is the key to fighting the COVID-19 virus.

The curfew will remain imposed in Pune, Maharashtra, until March 31st. All establishments, excluding emergency services and essential items, will remain closed during this period. Any offender will be punished under section 188 of the Indian Criminal Code, Pune police told ANI.

India reported three new deaths from Sunday’s coronavirus, including the first casualties arriving from Bihar and Gujarat, bringing the toll to seven. While the number of COVID-19 cases has risen to 341 in the country, citizens, as requested by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have observed a “Janata curfew” from 7:00 to 21:00, with most people they stayed at home as a precaution against viruses.

The Center also decided to close 75 districts in 22 states and territories of the Union, which reported COVID-19 cases and asked their respective governments to implement a strict blockade, allowing only essential services. Lav Agarwal, joint secretary of the Union’s ministry of health, clarified that essential services include “ration, food, milk, medical services, transportation of essential needs, among others”.

During a joint press conference with the Ministry of Health of the Union, the Director General of the Indian Council for Medical Research Balram Bhargava stressed that “isolation, isolation, isolation” is the only way to stop the march of infection. He said the country has the ability to perform 50,000 to 70,000 tests for coronavirus per week and that 16 to 17,000 tests have so far been conducted.

Bhargava added that up to 60 private laboratories have been registered to conduct COVID-19 tests.

Speaking to the media, Bhargava said: “Understanding the disorder is essential. Eighty percent of people will suffer from cold fever and recover. Some may have to be hospitalized.”

Concerning the restrictions imposed in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19, Agarwal said: “All rail services, including subway and suburban services, interstate passenger transport is suspended until March 31st. These are efforts to break the drive chain. “

The joint secretary also claimed that the Center provided additional N95 masks and personal protective equipment to states according to their requirements. However, he noted that states were asked to procure equipment through a letter dated January 17.

Janata’s curfew has been observed nationwide

Meanwhile, citizens of all cities and states have observed “curfew” in “letter and spirit” as requested by the prime minister, while some have misunderstood the whole point and have taken it one step further. Modi had urged citizens to go out on their balconies and “applaud” to show appreciation for the health workers and doctors who are working to combat the pandemic that has made the whole world go round with dizziness. Italy and France have shown how, earlier this month. Modi’s main message during his speech to the nation earlier this week was “social distance” and “self-isolation”.

Visual elements widely shared on social media and news agencies, however, showed that while some stayed in their homes and applauded and pounded tools, many others considered it a community activity. Several people from across the country ignored the prime minister’s appeal to stay home and participated in large processions in the evening.

A Twitter user has posted several videos of “celebrations” in different cities. In Jaipur is Mysurucrowds of people have been seen on the street clapping tools and clapping. Crowds of people singing slogans and dancing Punjab. To Indore, people have been seen taking part in large processions bearing the national flag.

Some senior journalists he strongly condemned these processions and claimed that meeting in public during such an outbreak amounted to “obscurantism” and charlatan “.

    LIVE updates on the coronavirus epidemic: the rupee falls below the 76 mark against the US dollar due to the virus; Uber stops pooling services nationwide

A deserted railway station in New Delhi on Sunday. Similar scenes were observed nationwide while the “janata curfew” was observed. Image courtesy: Twitter / @ DG_PIB

Just before 17:00, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted:

In the national capital, the streets were deserted with hardly any private vehicles and buses in service. The vendors were out of the way in the morning hours with people confined to their homes.

In Calcutta, the usually explosive areas of Esplanade and Dalhousie, in addition to the airports and railway stations, looked deserted while people stayed indoors to support the prime minister’s call.

The commercial capital Mumbai observed the restrictions on Sunday with the usually busy western and eastern express highways and other arterial roads wearing an empty look and people staying indoors to support the curfew.

However, at 5:00 p.m., people rang the bells and rang the shells, acknowledging the services of thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel who guide India’s response to the deadly virus and ensuring that essential services remain without obstacles.

Prime Minister Modi thanked the people for expressing gratitude and solidarity.

Follow the LIVE updates on the OUTBREAK CORONAVIRUS here

Crossing the party lines, key ministers and other leaders urged people to follow the self-imposed curfew, noting that “social distancing” was the key to breaking the chain of transmission, as the number of coronavirus cases rose to 324 Sunday.

DG ICMR Balram Bhargava addresses the media. ANI

DG ICMR Balram Bhargava addresses the media. ANI

States such as Maharashtra, Odisha, Rajasthan and Bihar have announced a complete or partial blockade until the end of the month.

No passenger train from any railway station in the country was born on Saturday night and the restriction will continue until 22:00 on Sunday, while all suburban train services will be reduced to the bare minimum. Metro services, including in Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai, were suspended for the day.

Air carriers such as GoAir, IndiGo and Vistara reduced domestic operations on Sunday.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) of traders has announced that they will keep their factories closed across the country for the “Janata curfew”.

Italy records the highest daily increase

Italy has announced its largest daily increase in infections, which has increased by 6,600 with nearly 800 new deaths from the virus causing COVID-19. The country’s total death toll of over 4,825 exceeded the death toll in China, where the first cases emerged late last year.

Emirates Airlines, in a Sunday statement, he said: “Today we made the decision to temporarily suspend most passenger flights by March 25, 2020. SkyCargo’s operations will continue. This painful but pragmatic move will help the Emirates Group maintain business viability and secure jobs. work around the world, avoiding cuts. Having received requests from governments and customers to support the repatriation of travelers, Emirates will continue to operate passenger and freight flights in a few countries until further notice, as long as the borders remain open and you are requested “.

In the United States, where several states have ordered residents to stay indoors, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the government is literally scouring the world for medical supplies.

Health workers from Oklahoma City to Minneapolis have asked for donations of protective equipment. Detroit hospital staff began making homemade masks for workers. Even rural hospitals were tense as people increasingly felt the pandemic.

Behind China and Italy, Spain now has the third highest number of infections worldwide, followed by the United States.

Spanish health authorities have recognized that some intensive care units in the most affected areas are close to their limit. The army was building a 5,500-bed field hospital in a congress center in Madrid, where hotels were also transformed into wards for patients with viruses without serious respiratory problems.

With input from agencies

Updated Date: Mar 23, 2020 10:39:23 AM TSI


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COVID-19 cases in India rise to 107; Maharashtra reports 12 new cases, says the Union health ministry

Last updates of Coronavirus Outbreak: Sanjeeva Kumar, special secretary of the Ministry of Health, said: “23 new cases have been detected since the last update – 17 from Maharashtra, 2 from Telangana, 1 from Rajasthan and 3 from Kerala. There are now 107 confirmed cases of COVID- 19 in the country, including 9 discharged cases and 2 deaths. “

Uncertainty looms over upcoming civic polls in West Bengal, as political parties and the State Electoral Commission have yet to decide whether to go ahead with the elections according to the program or to postpone it for a few weeks amid the fear of coronavirus.

The number of confirmed cases worldwide has risen beyond the 1.5 lakh mark. Over 73,000 people recovered, while more than 5,800 people succumbed to COVID-19, according to John Hopkins University. The institution operates a live tracker of coronavirus cases.

There are over 74,000 active cases, with over 68,000 mild cases, while nearly 6,000 people are in critical condition.

To date, India has reported two deaths from the fast spreading virus.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Maharashtra increased to 32 after a 59-year-old woman tested positive for COVID-19, ANI reported. The woman had recently traveled to Russia and Kazakhstan.

The total number of confirmed cases in India has risen to 107, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. On Saturday, five more patients tested positive in Maharashtra, bringing the total number of confirmed cases of infection to 31.

New cases have been reported in Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur and Yavatmal. As of now, India has reported two deaths from the rapidly spreading virus – one in Karnataka and the other in Delhi.

Electoral commissioner Andhra Pradesh, N Ramesh Kumar, ordered that local body surveys be postponed for six weeks following the coronavirus epidemic. All 289 passengers on an Emirates flight to Dubai were boarded at Kerala’s Cochin airport after a positive British citizen was identified as a passenger.

The Ministry of the Interior has suspended travel and registration along the Kartarpur corridor until further orders.

In India, the total number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the country has risen to 93, with two deaths reported so far. The Union Ministry of Family Health and Well-being has launched a helpline: + 91-11-23978046 for coronavirus investigation and support. There are also separate helpline numbers for different union states and territories.

A total of 234 Indians stranded in Iran arrived in India – 131 students and 103 pilgrims tweeted Foreign Minister S Jaishankar on Sunday. He thanked the Indian ambassador to Iran and his team for their efforts.

Iran is the worst country affected by the coronavirus with over 600 reported deaths and almost 13,000 confirmed infections. The Indian government said it was collaborating with the Iranian government to facilitate the return of some 2000 citizens, mostly pilgrims, stranded there after the suspension of commercial flights between the two countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead India in a videoconference of all SAARC nations on Sunday at 5:00 pm to develop a common strategy to combat the new coronavirus in the region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Inviting the nations of the South Asian Regional Cooperation Association (SAARC) to set an example for the world, Modi joined the eight-member regional group on Friday and launched a video conference among its leaders to develop a ” strong strategy “‘to reduce the outbreak.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country rose to 84 on Saturday, according to the Union’s health ministry, prompting the Center to declare a “notified disaster” outbreak and issuing directives to states that specify a list of articles and standards. of assistance for the containment of COVID-19 under their disaster funds.

According to the directives, the Center has foreseen the costs of the measures for the quarantine, the collection and the screening of the samples, as well as the supply of laboratories and equipment to contain the disease.

The Center also claimed to have started work on guidelines for defining the bodies of those who die from a controversy over the cremation of the 68-year-old woman who died in Delhi after becoming infected with the new coronavirus.

Two people – a 76-year-old man from Karnataka and a 68-year-old woman in Delhi – died of coronavirus, which was declared a global pandemic by WHO and caused over 5,000 victims worldwide.

The largest number of cases reported in Maharashtra

    LIVE updates on the coronavirus epidemic: COVID-19 cases in India rise to 107; Maharashtra reports 12 new cases, says the Union health ministry

Health officials disinfect a road as part of the measure to contain the coronavirus pandemic in Jammu. PTI

According to the Ministry of Health of the Union, Kerala has reported 19 positive cases, Maharashtra 14, Uttar Pradesh 11, Delhi seven, Karnataka six, Ladakh three, Jammu and Kashmir two and Rajasthan, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab one each. The total number of 84 confirmed cases also includes 17 foreigners – 16 Italian tourists and one Canadian, he said. Of them, seven people who tested positive, including five from Uttar Pradesh and one each from Rajasthan and Delhi, were discharged after treatment, a senior health ministry official said.

However, Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope set the number of positive cases in the state to 26 on Saturday, with four new cases reported in Mumbai and its adjacent areas and two in the Yavatmal district.

A 71-year-old man returned from Saudi Arabia and suspected of having coronavirus infection died during treatment in the Buldhana district on Saturday afternoon. He suffered from diabetes and hypertension. Minister Tope said it has not yet been confirmed whether the deceased has been infected with the coronavirus.

Of the newly confirmed patients in Mumbai, one is resident in the city, while others are from Kamothe, Vashi and Kalyan, all peripheral cities. Everyone is admitted to the Kasturba hospital in Mumbai and their conditions are stable, PTI cited the deputy director of the Brihanmincoln Municipal Corporation (BMC), health, as Daksha Shah says.

Earlier in the day, two people who had recently returned from Dubai confirmed that they had contracted coronavirus in the city of Yavatmal del Maharashtra.

Thus, so far across the state, ten coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Pune, eight in Mumbai, four in Nagpur, two in Yavatmal and one each in Thane and Ahmednagar, bringing the total to 26, the highest number of confirmed cases reported from any state. Sixteen confirmed Covid-19 patients had returned from Dubai, four from the United States, one from France and the Philippines while four had no history of traveling abroad but had made contact with other infected people, the health minister said.

In Rajasthan, a 24-year-old man who had recently returned from Spain tested positive for coronavirus in Jaipur, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the western state to four, including an Italian couple.

“The 24 year old male who returned from Spain on March 14 tested positive today. He flew to Delhi from Madrid and then from Delhi to Jaipur on an Air India flight,” said PTI, Chief Chief Medical, Health and Health, Rohit Kumar Singh said.

“We are getting the manifest of both flights and we have started a large track of local contacts,” he added.

Meanwhile, Delhi has registered its seventh case, with the woman’s son who passed away Friday, testing positive for the coronavirus novel, said the city government’s health department. The 46-year-old resident of Rajasthan tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday and was held in isolation at Safdarjung hospital after being quarantined in a military camp in Manesar, he added, adding that he was an evacuated Italy.

Some states close schools, colleges, ban public meetings

In light of the spread of the disease, several states have ordered the closure of schools, colleges, public institutions and cinemas. The administration of Jammu and Kashmir issued prohibitive orders in the districts of Kishtwar and Ramban, limiting the assembly of more than five people to any public place. The Goa government has also announced the closure of casinos, swimming pools and pubs from Sunday to midnight. Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has suspended all lessons, including session tests, until March 22 as a precautionary measure. All lectures, seminars, educational tours and sports programs have also been postponed to March 31, although university and school exams will be held according to the schedule.

The Punjab government has ordered theaters closed and banned public meetings, including cultural events, until further notice to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The Maharashtra government ordered all educational institutions in urban areas to remain close until March 31. The state health minister also said that exams in classes one through nine will be postponed if they are currently taking place, only class 10 and class 12 board exams will take place according to the schedule. In the evening, Tope also announced the closure of shopping centers across the state until the end of the month. Grocery stores that sell products that daily need will remain open, he said.

West Bengal has sealed off its border with Bhutan, limiting the movement of goods and travelers. The move came after Bhutan sent a notification to the administration of the nearby Alipurduar district informing it of a suspension of tourism and commercial activities following the coronavirus epidemic.

Four journalists from two news channels were quarantined at home in Kalaburagi, Karnataka, after contacting relatives of the recently deceased coronavirus victim, said Karnataka minister, Dr K Sudhakar.

The center declares a disaster reported, provides SDRF funds

The Center also initiated a series of measures to combat the virus. The special secretary of the Ministry of Health, Sanjeeva Kumar, said that over 4,000 people who came in contact with the positive tests were identified through contact search and are under surveillance. He also said there have been cases where people were unwilling to be quarantined even though they came in contact with people who tested positive.

He informed that a Mahan Air flight that will bring back Indian passengers from Iran will land in Mumbai on Saturday midnight. A special Air India flight was also sent to Milan in Italy on Saturday to bring Indian students back, he added.

Kumar said that all essential structures such as community surveillance, quarantine, isolation wards, trained workforce, rapid response teams are further strengthened in all states and territories of the Union.

The government reported that 12,29,363 passengers were screened from 11,406 flights at the 30 designated airports. In addition, instructions to implement quarantine for all arriving passengers were implemented according to the guidelines, Kumar said.

The ministry of the interior declared the epidemic as a “notified disaster” and said that funds allocated under the State Disaster Response Fund (DSPR) can be used to purchase essential equipment and measures taken to quarantine people. It issued a two-page directive for all states that specified “a list of items and rules of assistance for the containment of the COVID-19 virus in India, admissible by the SDRF”.

According to the directive, SDRF funds will also be used to pay for additional testing centers and the cost of protective equipment for the police, healthcare and municipal authorities, as well as that of thermal scanners and other equipment needed for government hospitals, reportedly NDTV.

India suspended most of the land border crossings with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar from March 15 at midnight and with Pakistan indefinitely from March 16 at midnight, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

The government has also postponed the Padma Award ceremonies scheduled for March 26 and April 3, an Interior Ministry official said.

The latest rituals of the woman who died in New Delhi were performed at the GNC crematorium in Nigambodh Ghat under the supervision of the medical authorities. Doctors from Ram Manohar Lohia (RML) hospital in Delhi and the MCD supervised the funeral after crematorium staff contacted authorities for directions to make sure the infection did not spread from the body. The ministry of health said it had started working on guidelines for defining the bodies of those who die from the disease.

Many states have closed schools, shopping malls, movie theaters and banned public meetings. PTI

Many states have closed schools, shopping malls, movie theaters and banned public meetings. PTI

Although coronavirus infection is unlikely to spread by manipulating a body, the guidelines have been drawn up to dispel any misconceptions and raise public awareness of the spread of the disease by a deceased.

Civil aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri, during an event in Hyderabad, said that domestic passenger traffic decreased by 10-15% due to the new coronavirus.

The U.S. embassy and consulates in India have canceled all visa appointments since March 16 following the coronavirus epidemic.

The RSS suspended a three-day annual meeting of its highest decision-making body which is expected to begin Saturday in Bangalore. Infosys evacuated one of its satellite offices in Bangalore after the Karnataka government advised IT and other professionals working in air-conditioned places to work from home for a period, for about a week, to prevent the spread of the virus.

Bats ways for the SAARC joint strategy to fight viruses

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead India in a videoconference of all SAARC nations on Sunday at 5pm to define a common strategy to combat coronavirus in the region. The prime minister said that the meeting of SAARC leaders will lead to effective results and will benefit citizens in the fight against coronavirus.

Earlier in the day, Modi visited Twitter to share home quarantine guidelines issued by the ministry of health. “Some important information here. Read it,” he said sharing the guidelines. The health ministry said the home quarantine is meant to “protect you and your loved ones”.

Suspected flea hospital patients

In Kerala, an American couple who allegedly gave the policy to the police after being admitted to a coronavirus isolation ward following reports of fever and cough, were tracked down at Kochi airport and placed under observation.

They had come to Kochi from London via Doha on March 9, had seen a Kathakali show in the port city, had gone for a houseboat ride the next day in Alapzuha, had been to a resort in Fort Kochi, before going to Varkala near Thiruvananthapuram and return to Alapuzha, police said.

In Maharashtra, four people, who were held in an isolation ward in a government-run hospital in Nagpur for suspected coronavirus infection, also returned home when hospital staff asked them not to do so pending the results. of tests. However, they came back later and the tests were also negative for coronavirus.

After Italy, Spain starts the blockade

According to the news agency AFP, the number of new coronavirus cases in the world crossed Saturday 1.50.0 00, with over 5,700 deaths.

Spanish health authorities said coronavirus infections reached 5,753 people, half of which in the capital Madrid, which represents a national increase of over 1,500 in 24 hours. AP he reported that the Spanish government had decided to impose a blockade similar to the Italian one. The report says the government is expected to announce that it is placing severe restrictions on the movement and closure of restaurants and other establishments.

According to a draft government order, people will be allowed to leave their homes only to buy food and medicine, go to work, go to medical centers and banks, or make trips related to treatment for young and old. These restrictions will be held on Monday at 8:00 am

Meanwhile, in the United States, President Donald Trump has announced that the United States will expand its European travel ban, adding the United Kingdom and Ireland to its list and was considering imposing travel restrictions within the United States. United States in areas affected by the spread of coronavirus.

The move came hours after the House passed legislation to provide direct relief to Americans who suffer physically, financially and emotionally from the coronavirus pandemic. This followed Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, freeing up money and resources to fight it, and threw his support behind Congress’s aid package.

With input from agencies

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Check if you are at risk based on your symptoms

New York: Researchers including one of Indian descent are developing a coronavirus app that would soon allow people to get a risk assessment at home based on how they feel and where they have been in about a minute, and target those deemed at risk to closer final testing facility.

Researchers believe the app should be available within a few weeks and will be free of charge because it solves a public health problem.

It will also help provide public and local health officials with real-time information on emerging demographics of people most at risk of coronavirus so they can better target prevention and treatment initiatives, according to a study published in the journal Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. .

“We wanted to help identify people at high risk of coronavirus, help speed up their access to screening and medical treatment and reduce the spread of this infectious disease,” said one of the authors of the Arni S.R. Srinivasa Rao of the Medical College of Georgia of the University of Augusta in the United States.

The app will ask people where they live; other demographics such as gender, age and race; and recent contacts with an individual known to have coronavirus or who has traveled to areas, such as Italy and China, with a relatively high incidence of viral infection in the past 14 days.

It will also ask for the most common symptoms of infection and their duration including fever, cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, sputum production, headache, diarrhea and pneumonia.

It will also allow the collection of similar information for those who live with the person but who cannot complete their survey.

Artificial intelligence will then use an algorithm developed by Rao to quickly evaluate the individual’s information, send them a risk assessment – no risk, minimal risk, moderate or high risk – and alert the nearest facility with test capability that is health check is probably needed.

If the patient is unable to travel, the nearest facility will be informed of the need for a mobile health check and any remote tests.

Collective information from many people will help the rapid and accurate identification of geographic regions, including cities, counties, cities and villages, where the virus circulates, and the relative risk in that region, so that healthcare facilities and suppliers can prepare better resources than they can need, said Rao.

It will also help investigators learn more about how the virus is spreading, investigators from the Medical College of Georgia said.

Once the app is ready, it will live on the domain and likely in the app stores on the iOS and Android platforms, according to the Medical College of Georgia.

Investigators hope that this readily available method of assessing an individual’s risk may actually help allay any developing panic or undue concern about coronavirus or COVID-19.

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