Coronavirus: Only six leagues are active in all of America

With the suspensions of Mexico, Brazil and Ecuador, there are fewer active soccer leagues in America, despite the coronavirus pandemic that killed more than 6,000 people worldwide.

This weekend, Liga MX, the Brazilian Soccer Confederation – the governing body of tournaments in Brazil – and Liga Pro in Ecuador decided to stop as a form of virus containment.

In all three cases, the pressure from soccer players took effect, especially in South American countries, annoyed at having to put their health at risk.

Although there are still six countries with active soccer on the continent, it is expected that more leagues will continue to close this week, given the advance of the deadly virus.

Here are the six countries that still have active tournaments on the continent.


Costa Rica: Deportivo Saprissa is leader with 33 points, after tying one with Pérez Zeledón on date 15.

Schedule 16 is scheduled for next week. The Costa Rican is a twelve club tournament.

Guatemala: Communications continues to command the National League by defeating Municipal 3-0 on Sunday on the 13th.

Matchday 14 would take place next weekend. The Guatemalan championship is twelve teams.

Nicaragua: Diriangén assumed the top of the Nicaraguan first division, after defeating Real Estelí 2-0: he reached 17 points, after Managua’s draw to one against Municipal Jalapa.

The tournament is ten teams and the date nine would be played this Wednesday.


Argentina: In the Argentine Soccer Association there is a debate on whether to play behind closed doors or to suspend the Super League Cup, the current competition in dispute.

The powerful River Plate did not want to play this weekend to prevent its footballers from suffering the effects of the coronavirus: the rest of the clubs did not support him.

The President of the Republic, Alberto Fernández, suggested that the teams take action behind closed doors and that the channels open their broadcasts to the public.

Bolivia: The Strongest is the leader of the Bolivian championship, after beating Aurora 2-1 on matchday 12.

The Tigers have 21 points, with the same amount as Always Ready but with a better goal difference.

Date 13 is scheduled for next weekend. The league has 14 teams.

Chile: Everything continues in the Chilean first division, with Universidad Católica at the head.

The Crusaders defeated Cobresal 1-0 on Saturday, reaching 19 points. This Monday follows date eight, and the ninth begins on Thursday.

The austral tournament has 18 clubs.

Recall that the parties that were suspended over the weekend –Palestino vs. Universidad de Chile and Colo Colo vs. Santiago Wanderers- were motivated by the social protests that still shake the nation.

Tournaments suspended by the coronavirus in America

Until now, in the Concacaf: Panama, El Salvador, United States, Canada, Mexico.

In the Conmebol: Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador.


COVID-19: Pharmaceutical company announces that medicine for the disease is ready

The Spanish pharmaceutical company PharmaMar has reported that all the results obtained through in vitro examinations for its clinical study of the drug Aplidin (possible drug for the coronavirus) have been positive.

According to the research group, the potency that Aplidin has shown in its effectiveness is a nanomolar order. So it is possible that this will help reverse the symptoms that the coronavirus.

Medication use

This type of medication is frequently used for the treatment of Hematological Cancer, being approved in several countries, such as Australia, Taiwan, New Zealand and South Korea.

Most of the studies carried out for this medicine have been carried out at the National Center for Biotechnology of the Superior Center for Scientific Research. There, several experts have devoted themselves to seeing the effectiveness of the medicine against the disease.

Among the results obtained, it has been possible to verify a hypothesis in which it is proposed that the therapeutic target of this antitumor drug called Aplidin. This has had a key response for the multiplication and spread of the virus itself.

The protein that causes this situation is known as EF1A, essential for the virus to expand within the human body.


This process is known as nucleoprotein, where the virus manages to become visible and also manages to reproduce, finally spreading through the cells of the body. The role it would fulfill Aplidin it would be to hijack the virus, forming a resistance (stable complex) that would cause the virus to be unable to spread and be viable in the body.

Human testing?

Thanks to these results, the PharmaMar pharmacist will carry out all the subsequent steps in order to contact the health authorities. Thus begin to carry out tests on human patients infected with the disease, to check how they behave.

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